Teenage boy sparks incredible acts of kindness for couple grieving baby girl

A couple whose daughter was tragically stillborn triggered a wave of positivity while celebrating what would have been her third birthday.

Sarah and Chris Urry, both 34, decided to embark on a random acts of kindness campaign by leaving gifts dotted around Hull. 

Their hope was that these flowers and chocolates laid on benches, cars and bus stops would be found by strangers in honour of their little girl Willow. 

What they didn’t count on, was that a local boy would find one of these gifts and take it into school to spark a discussion with his classmates during their PSHE lesson.

The teenager from Beverley Grammar School had come across some chocolates along with a note on a sticker which read: “This random act of kindness was left in memory of Willow Amelia Urry who would have been three today. Born sleeping 30.09.2016.”

Along with his peers, Harry Stott, 14, wrote a note back to the couple, saying: “I can’t say how much sympathy and love I felt when I picked up your very thoughtful gift. Our school is sending lots of love to you and your family, and it’s just heart-breaking to hear.

“We have been thinking about you and especially me, who I have been thinking about so dearly since I found it. Thank you. Lots of love.”

Mrs Urry was touched by the gesture, telling her local paper Hull Live: “We wanted to do something special in her memory in the hope that we could make somebody’s day a little brighter, especially when there is so much sadness in the world.

“The parents of these children should be really proud.

“His mum tracked us down via Facebook. Each and every message is simply beautiful.

“It is very emotional that there is so much love and kindness out there and it sometimes comes from unlikely sources.

“The teacher had said that it was a very deep, meaningful and thought-provoking lesson. This had really touched us because this is not a subject people generally discuss.”

The story also caught the attention of This Morning, with the ITV show inviting Harry onto their set to discuss his mission. 

Holly Willoughby said: “This story is a truly inspirational one. It’s unimaginable what happened, and every parent’s worst nightmare.”

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