Unblock tension with free online yoga that targets stress relief

‘Unblocking tension’ might not sound like the sexiest of phrases, but when those shoulder knots start to come undone, who really cares?

And now you can begin relaxing your muscles from the comfort of your own home, thanks to the Sydney Yoga Collective who are offering free sessions during lockdown.

In particular, they are focusing their attentions on Kundalini, which is known as the yoga of awareness.

If that all sounds a bit gobbledygook, in other words it’s about releasing areas where there are blocks and moving through them to create space in body, mind and energy.

The Sydney Yoga Collective team warn that the first time you try it, it can be a little intimidating – taking into account the different breathing and the chanting required – but they assure people by the end of the first class that you “will have felt a shift”.

While Kundalini is believed to have originated in India, it was first introduced to the West by Yogi Bhajan after he moved to America in the 1970s.

Comedian turned spiritual guru Russell Brand is a fan of the practice and recorded a tutorial back in 2018 of himself carrying out the ‘ego eradicator’ prayer, which aims to tune the participant into limitless consciousness.

He can be seen on camera demonstrating how to open up the body with arms extended at a 60° angle, before practicing ‘the breath of fire’ breathwork and engaging his ‘bandas’ – otherwise known as his areas of tension.

Russell explains “it’s a bit like trying to hold in a wee”, as he guides viewers to tighten their lower abdomen, sex organs and anus while repeating the mantra “Sat Nam”.

The former Big Brother’s Big Mouth presenter added: “I had it explained to me [Sat Nam] as the buddy name for God, so it’s like saying, ‘Alright, God?’

“It’s talking to the limitless power behind the universe in a way that is familiar and loving, not fearful because your consciousness is that consciousness.

“It’s ‘Sat’ on the inhale. ‘Nam’ on the exhale… A couple of minutes of that and you will feel slightly different about reality.

“As Shakespeare says, ‘words are breath, breath is life’. Sound, vibration, breath, consciousness, they are all interconnected. Give it a try.”

There are a host of videos on the Sydney Yoga Collective website to trial, as well as paid packages where you can receive unlimited exercises.

They also offer yoga for kids and teens, prenatal classes, sessions for mum and baby, and sound baths for you to get lost in the power of the gong.

For more info, click here: Sydney Yoga Collective.

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