‘It’s not black vs white, we’re all human’ Black hero who saved far-right protestor speaks out on viral photo

Incredible scenes from London’s Black Lives Matter protest on Saturday show there is still hope for humanity.

Despite hundreds of far-right activists descending on Parliament Square, threatening to ruin the peaceful demonstrations, it was an act of love and respect from one stranger to another that will forever go down in history now that Patrick Hutchinson has gone viral.

Martial arts expert Hutchinson had been attending the protest in London over the weekend with four friends, on a mission to keep the peace.

However, on their way home, far-right groups began to clash with black youths.

As both groups became more impulsive, it was clear that violence was escalating.

This prompted Patrick to step in and rescue a white man who was caught up in the chaos alone and whose life was evidently in danger as he was abandoned by friends.

What happened next has since captured the public’s heart as Patrick put the man on his shoulder in a fireman’s lift to take him away from trouble and towards safety.

Speaking to Channel 4 News, Patrick said: “If the other three police officers that were standing around when George Floyd was murdered [on May 25 in Minneapolis] had thought about intervening and stopping their colleague from doing what he was doing, like what we did, George would be alive today.

“I just want equality, at the moment, the scales are unfairly balanced.

“I just want things to be fair, for my children, and my grandchildren.”

Patrick also told ITV News: “It’s not black versus white, we’re a human race.

“You can’t just stand there and watch someone die. You have to step in and do something.”

Following the incident, Patrick posted on his Instagram page saying: “We saved a life today @arkprotection. It’s not black v white it everyone v the racists!

“We had each others’ back and protected those who needed us. Shout out to the mandem @gogopierre @mrpain @chin82 @leesonstuff.”

It is not yet clear if Ark Protection will continue to do vigilante work, although the new profile seems to suggest they are a team who hope to focus on creating change.

Meanwhile, Patrick’s friend and fellow eyewitness, Pierre Noah, told Channel 4 News: “It would have turned out really bad because someone’s life would have been taken.

“You know what would’ve happened, straight away, ‘black boys have killed a white man’, it’s going to be worse. We had to go out there.”

Another member of the group, Chris Otokito, added: “We saw it escalating. Myself, Jay, Lee and Pierre were trying to get around the guy to stop it happening.

“Patrick picked him up and tried to do what we could to hand him back to the safest place he could go.”

Over 100 arrests were made over the weekend, as far-right activists threatened the peace by throwing missiles at riot police.

Looks like there’s no better time for a super group like Ark Protection to become heroes.

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