Bullied girl, 8, gives hope to every ‘weird’ kid as she scores IQ higher than Einstein

Even though we should never have to dignify ourselves to bullies, it is a little bittersweet when we can prove them wrong.

And one girl, aged just eight, is having the last laugh after being labelled ‘weird’ at school.

Little Adhara Pérez has been having a tough time in her native Mexico, with classmates bullying her and even the teachers assuming she would not succeed at the academy.

However, the girl they branded an ‘oddball’ is actually a child genius with an IQ of 162 – that’s higher than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking who both measured at 160.

For context, the average IQ [Intelligence Quotient] is between 90 and 110; high scorers come in at 111 to 120; and superior abilities are said to be in the 121 to 130 range.

Tapping into her impressive wisdom, Adhara has already finished high school and is now in the process of earning not one but two online degrees in the engineering field.

And she’s not stopping there!

Adhara’s star continues to shine bright with the release of her new book, Do Not Give Up, which encourages other young people who are experiencing bullying.

She was also featured in Forbes’ 100 Most Powerful Women in Mexico list, and is now developing a smart bracelet that can monitor the emotions of differently-abled children.

Think that’s impressive? There’s more…

Adhara is currently mastering English with hopes of applying to the University of Arizona in America to study astrophysics to follow her dreams of becoming an astronaut.

Speaking about her gifted daughter, Adhara’s mother Nallely Sanchez said: “I saw that she was playing in a little house [at school] and they locked her up.

“They started to chant: ‘Oddball, weirdo!’ And then they started hitting the little house.”

Due to her treatment by the other children, Adhara fell into a deep depression and didn’t want to attend school anymore.

Yet mum Nallely recognised the potential in her daughter – who was demonstrating an advanced knowledge of algebra and the periodic table for her age – so took her for therapy. She was then referred to the Talent Care Center, who confirmed her as a genius.

Ms Sanchez told the Yucatan Times that Adhara was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome when she was three-years-old.

Asperger’s is a developmental disorder included in the autism spectrum, characterised by significant difficulties in social interaction and nonverbal communication.

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