Boy, 15, gets surprise of his life as he discovers idol Stormzy decorating his bedroom

It’s not every day you get to meet your idol.

Let alone arrive home to discover them painting your bedroom!

But that’s exactly what happened to one 15-year-old.

As student Ishae got back from school, he was stunned to see Stormzy open the door.

It turns out the UK artist teamed up with his pals at the Good Guys Initiative, a decorating company which transforms the rooms of young people for free, to help surprise Ishae.

Young Ishae – who was selected by his school because of the positive attitude he shows – was left speechless, saying he was “shocked” to find the star at his Croydon home.

Chatting to the BBC about why he swapped rapping for rolling, Stormzy explained that the Good Guys team should be getting the credit, not him.

Stormzy said: “Say if I go to the shop now, and I get you a water, it’s a kind thing that I did but it’s not mind-blowing.

“What this company do is way more giving, way more thoughtful, than me coming for 30 minutes and to be a part of it.”

He continued: “If I weren’t doing this, I’d be playing some FIFA, so instead of that I’m taking a bit of time as my friend is doing something great.”

The chart-topper admitted that the last time he painted was 15 years ago, saying he’s not particularly skilled at DIY and that he can barely change a lightbulb.

Stormzy – real name Michael Ebenazer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Jr – was quizzed about the Black Lives Matter movement after he pledged to donate £10m to help its momentum.

He said: “As humans, we should do whatever we can in whatever capacity we can.

“For some people that’s a tweet saying, ‘black lives matter’. Or it might be a letter to their MP. Or them protesting. Do whatever you can.”

The Londoner, who grew up near Ishae, also spoke about his decision to quit social media, saying he realises he didn’t need to “consume” so much in a toxic environment.

Stormzy added: “Everyone’s thoughts, what everyone’s doing, that’s a lot of information, I just don’t want that information, in this day and age everyone forgets you can delete it.

“If everyone’s talking about one thing, you just absorb all of that, maybe on that day you’re not meant to absorb that much stuff. You’ve got to protect mental health.

“Moderation, you can’t be glued to your phone. That’s not healthy for the brain.”

Think Stormzy might just be our new life guru.

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