Does your body know the difference between an experience and a thought?

Whether you believe in fate, God, or Mother Nature, the real higher power may lie within.

The science of neuroplasticity – where the brain can reorganise itself by forming new neural connections throughout life – happens as a result of psychological experiences.

Now, it is said that we can manipulate this plasticity ourselves.

Dr Joe Dispenza, who studies neuroscience and brain function, claims that if we consciously tap into our thoughts to rehearse the dream outcome of a future event, then we can influence our real-life experiences to take place as we wish.

He believes the more knowledge people have wired in their brain about the reality they desire, the more resources they have to create a better model of it in their minds.

In a new Instagram post, Dispenza said that by reminding ourselves of what our life could look like in the future, will help us achieve that feeling we pine for.

The New York Times best-selling author explained: “When you are putting an intention behind your attention, then you consciously marry thoughts and intentions with a heightened state of emotion, such as joy or gratitude.

“Once you can embrace that new emotion and you get more excited, you’re bathing your body in the neurochemistry that would be present if that future event actually happened.”

He continued: “It could be suggested that you’re giving your body a taste of the future experience. Your brain and body don’t know the difference between an actual experience in your life and just thinking about the experience – neurochemically, it’s the same.

“So, your brain and body begin to believe they’re actually living in the new experience in the present moment.”

Dispenza believes that as we couple new thoughts and mental images with strong, positive emotion, then our mind and body work together towards a new state of being.

He added: “By keeping your focus on this future event and not letting any other thoughts distract you, in a matter of moments, you turn down the volume on the neural circuits connected to the old self, which begins to turn off the old genes, and you fire and wire new neural circuits, which initiates the right signals to activate new genes in new ways.”

Whether through meditation or yoga, however the individual can achieve this status, Dispenza says the ultimate goal is for the brain and body to no longer be a record of the past but instead be a map to the future that has been pre-created in the mind.

While this may seem a leap for those who are unsure about the mind-body connection, Dispenza says this is because as humans we are so conditioned to be materialists.

He explained that once we reject reality as something that exists solely with the senses triggered from the products we buy, we can move towards a future that we can’t see yet but that we’ve thought about enough times in our mind that the brain can influence it.

Dispenza added: “Think about this, installing the circuitry.

“Every day, conditioning the body into the emotion of the future that your body begins to change to look like it’s already happened.

“You become the vortex or the magnet to your destiny.”

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