Girl, 8, having epileptic fit is saved by hero biker as her dad’s car gets stuck in traffic

We see medals around the necks of Olympians, footballers or celebs collecting their OBEs, but what about everyday heroes?

For one biker is in need of a trophy of his own.

Thanks to the quick thinking of Itthiphon Petchphibunpong, 28, he turned real-life Superman after saving a girl having an epileptic fit by rushing her to hospital.

Kaimook Sadudee, just eight-years-old, began fitting in her dad’s car on the way home from school.

Despite his attempts to reach the emergency department as quickly as possible, they got stuck in a traffic jam and were not only unable to move forward but also could not turn around to go a different route.

With the hot sun shining down on Phitsanulok, central Thailand, the window was rolled down, meaning that when Itthiphon drove by he could see into the car.

Little Kaimook had fallen sick and was lying on the front passenger seat, which had been reclined to the maximum position to act as a bed, with her sister trying to comfort her.

[Credit: CGTN]

She began to foam at the mouth before passing-out from a potentially deadly seizure, and it was then that Itthiphon swooped in to get her to A&E immediately.

Speaking about the inicident, Kaimook’s father Sorachat Sadudee said: “At that moment, she was in a very terrible condition.

“Her hands were jerking, her mouth had turned green, and her body was so pale with a high temperature too.”

He added: “I couldn’t thank him enough for his kindness. He saved my daughter’s life.”

[Credit: CGTN]

But motorcyclist Itthiphon said he was only doing what any other passer-by would do.

He explained: “At first, I was surprised to see her having a seizure. I didn’t know how to treat her, but I knew that I could take her to the hospital with my motorcycle.

“As I am also a father, I know what it feels like to see our children collapsed and in pain in front of us. So, I didn’t even hesitate to help her.”

[Credit: CGTN]

Spurred on by adrenaline, Itthiphon began knocking on other cars stuck in the jam, asking for drivers to move out the way as much as possible to make room for the bike.

The incredible rescue was captured on Itthiphon’s helmet-camera, with footage showing the cyclist weaving through rows of cars and arriving at the hospital within four minutes.

To pay their respects, Kaimook’s father added that he will take her to visit Itthiphon as soon as she is recovered so they can “thank him again in person”.

Looks like Clark Kent might have to up his game.

[Credit: CGTN]

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