Boy gifted race track after stranger chalks it on driveway – then see what happens next

It can be tricky keeping up financially when kids demand the latest gadgets or trainers.

Though one man has nailed it when it comes to giving them hours of entertainment – all for the costly sum of about 20p.

Thanks to Dave Phoxe and a piece of chalk, the Utah native drew a race track outside his house on the driveway after noticing a local boy cycling on it while out with his mum.

Sneaking out during the night, Dave sketched the track while it was dark so he wouldn’t be spotted by any of the neighbours and it would be a surprise the next day.

The Salt Lake City resident, 47, tapped into his inner creative by not only chalking lines of the track but designing an entire course.


Dave’s sequence included ‘the back straight’ (the part of a race track in which competitors must travel in a straight line for a significant time, as opposed to a bend), a ‘slow’ sign, an ‘eyes up’ warning, and finally a ‘for the win’ trophy at the end.

The following day, the young boy was captured on Dave’s home security camera using the track after his mother spotted it first and encouraged him to use it.

Posting the video on his YouTube channel CanyonChasers, Dave revealed he would get annoyed every day with each new alert from his driveway security camera.

Though, together with his wife, he concocted the plan which he coined “the best part of an otherwise dreary pandemic summer”.

Dave explained: “I’m a little embarrassed to admit how excited I was to see how he reacted, the video is just so cute I think he did five laps that first night.

“You can see that mum notices the track outline first and you can tell she’s explaining it to him, and even at the distance you can totally see when it clicks, and he goes for it.”

Dave added: “A little bit of joy goes a long way. We’re all quarantined, we’re all frustrated and tired, wouldn’t we all be just a little bit better off if we just went for a bike ride and remembered what it was like to be a kid, even if just for a few minutes?”

That little bit of joy he mentioned is indeed going a long way, as it wasn’t only the young boy who Dave drew the track for that began cycling on the driveway.

It wasn’t long before all of the neighbourhood children were inspired as they cycled by, as Dave began spotting an army of little people riding along his racecourse.

The local hero is now dedicated to keeping the track there permanently and is re-chalking a new sequence every time wind or rainfall washes an old one away.

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