Learn to ‘own your wellness’: Woman reveals how she is healing the nation

If you’ve ever wondered how therapists and healers relieve their stresses after advising and guiding people all day, then meet their fairy godmother.

Jo Permaul is on a quest to heal the nation by helping those who help others, so that they can avoid burnout and continue their incredible work with their clients.

Taking advantage of time during lockdown, Jo trained as a holistic life coach and launched her new venture Resilient Therapists.

With a background in homeopathy, tarot-reading, and healing, Jo now uses her expertise in these areas along with intuitive guidance and homeobotanicals [a blend of organic herbs in liquid form chosen to target specific organs and cleanse the body of toxins].

[Credit: Nicky Bamber]

Speaking exclusively to Uspire, Jo revealed she came up with the idea to launch her new business after seeing how access to wellbeing practices were denied over the pandemic.


Jo said: “How could it be that wellbeing was disregarded at a time when wellbeing was a national priority? It became glaringly obvious that the values of myself and other therapists are not the same as those in the Department of Health.

“I could see the impact of not working taking a toll on healers and therapists’ own health, so they became frustrated as they have the tools to heal but were not permitted to.

“Of course, any therapy that could be done online was, but is it the same? Why are we taking human connection out of wellbeing? I knew I had to say something about this.”

It’s then that Jo – who has used homeopathy for 32 years since she was just 13-years-old – qualified as a life coach and kickstarted Resilient Therapists in September.

Jo now hopes to raise awareness of the preventative ways that people can stay well and improve health, rather than take the “reactive approach that is the government’s way”.

Her ultimate goals are to empower people to understand the whole spectrum of ways they can maintain wellbeing, and for therapists to continue striving to heal and help.

Jo said: “Many therapists find the self-employed aspect the biggest struggle and it stops them from using their talents and gifts to heal. If we want to make the world a healthier place, we have to look after those who do the caring.”

In particular, Jo focuses on nutrition, meditation, and psychology, with her mission statement, “own your wellness”.

She explained: “I asked 30 different therapists to do a short video each day and then supply two wellbeing tips so that over 30 days there would be 90 posts about wellbeing.

“The therapists are enjoying the reboot to their work, and people have commented that they didn’t know various things, for example a personal trainer didn’t know about homeopathy, which is so exciting that now they feel they can access this.”

Jo now plans to create a reflective workbook and hopes to launch a new campaign involving every therapy out there to raise awareness of different healing methods.

She concluded: “Therapists are a wonderful tribe, really giving, caring and loving people.

“Often, they come to a therapy as it has helped them out of a crisis, so to support them to support others is a real privilege.”

For more info, click here: Resilient Therapists.

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