‘Catch someone you love before they fall’: Powerful new film tackles mental health

In honour of World Suicide Prevention Day today, a new film has launched to tackle issues around mental health and the taboo subject of taking one’s own life.

I Made This For You hopes to explore depression, isolation and suicide head on, with the film being made available to watch for free on YouTube for a full month until October 10.

The film follows a man, played by British actor Gary Grant, who cuts himself off from friends and family and has recently attempted suicide.

He is pulled back from the edge after a friend makes a documentary about his life.

I Made This For You is described as “a film within a film” that mixes reality and fiction in a unique and ground-breaking way.


In the UK, there are 6,507 suicides annually with three-quarters of those being men – that equates to 18 deaths every single day.

Despite the subject matter, the film offers brilliant moments of humour and beauty with a deeply cathartic message that provokes action and conversation.

Brett Allen, who stars in the flick, said: “It doesn’t sound like the recipe for a fun evening, but it is funny and warm too. I promise I’m not just saying that as I’m one of the actors!

“This film will move you; it might even make you cry, but it will also make you laugh, and it will make you think. And, ultimately, I hope it will leave you feeling uplifted.”

Meanwhile, fellow actor Sam Keeley added: “A film like this makes you realise the rat-race of life isn’t important. It’s the loved ones and the people in your life who are the colour in life, and if we lose one of those people, that space never really gets filled ever again.”

In honour of the storyline and the title, director Cristian Solimeno has also created the #imadethisforyou social campaign.

The campaign is hoping to spread random acts of kindness as it invites people to make something for someone who is going through a hard time, with the aim to create an “explosion of love, kindness and creativity”.

If you are stuck for ideas on how to get involved, suggestions include cooking, knitting, writing, designing, photographing, baking or making a gift for a loved one.

To watch the film, click here: I Made This For You.

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