Miracle greenhouse as big as three football fields is helping to feed city residents

Living in a concrete jungle, it can often seem like there is little space to grow the foods that nurture us mentally, physically, and spiritually.

However, one city has taken a unique approach by using their rooftops.

Leading the way in growing their own food rather than relying on imports, Montréal have created the world’s biggest rooftop greenhouse.

The largest city in Canada’s Québec province now boasts a rooftop as big as three football fields that is flourishing with food to feed 2% of the city’s residents.


With a whopping 160,000 square feet of space, there is room for 100 different varieties of fruits and vegetables to work their magic and flourish all year round.

Lufa Farms are the brains behind the operation, having launched back in 2009 on a quest to reconnect people with where their food comes from.

Their mission is to grow vegetables in the city on rooftops by partnering up with farmers and food-makers, before providing it all to customers via their online market.

Speaking about the record-breaking greenhouse, the company spokesperson told science and tech site Phys.org that they aim to produce food next to where people live, and in a sustainable way which some experts believe is the future of agriculture.

The spokesperson also explained how they save a significant amount on heating during the cold Quebec winters as “the advantage of being on a roof is that you recover a lot of energy from the bottom of the building”.

Rooftop gardening is soaring in popularity as it not only connects locals with high-quality produce, but it also cuts back on emissions that come from the transportation of food.

Lufa Farms also save vast sums of water waste with their rainwater collection system that reduces time spent running taps by 90%.

Let us not forget the humble ladybugs, wasps, and bumblebees who earn their keep by working simultaneously as both pollinators and pest control.

Every day, Lufa Farms then deliver directly to customers thousands of food baskets filled with their rooftop-grown veggies to create a better food system.

For non-Canadians, we may have to wait a little longer for the initiative to hit our shores, though if you’re a Montréal resident then just click here: Lufa Farms.

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