How kids are learning to treasure memories and be creative with inspiring party packs

Struggling to tie the recycling bag filled with a mountain of plastic, cardboard and paper while tidying the mess after a kid’s party, sound familiar?

Two ladies were so taken aback by the amount of waste involved in bringing up children, that they decided to join forces to do something about it.

Lottie Burnett and Louise Wilkinson channelled their inner eco warriors to create an environmentally-friendly business to reduce the impact of how our little ones live.

Cutely named Little Eco Eats, the entrepreneurs now run the children’s party business for maximum entertainment and minimum waste.

Speaking exclusively to Uspire, Louise spoke about how their idea came to fruition and just what Little Eco Eats offers to our mini-mes.


Louise explained: “Lottie and I worked together in the past, and we always just ‘clicked’ when it came to ideas.

“We help spark ideas for each other, but also each other’s energy to get projects done.

“Both of us have always been very eco, and as a mother I saw so much plastic waste in our children’s lives and at parties.

“Lottie found the same running her previous company, Crate a Party. Over coffee one grey February 2019 morning with my two-month-old, we hatched a plan.”

The two businesswomen now run their company with one primary objective, to create parties with zero waste.

Little Eco Eats mastermind packed lunches for parties or school trips, working hard to select packaging that is fully recyclable, compostable and biodegradable.

Treats include sandwiches, yoghurts, jellies, and popcorn, as well as a nod to our five-a-day with carrots and cucumber in an ‘eco eats keep cup’.

There are parent packages too, with grazing boards to satisfy the palette including cheese with grapes, chutney and crackers or a charcuterie option with olives and bread.

Additional items are also available to make parties go as smoothly as possible, with ice and buckets hire, glass hire, and even the option to have staff help to serve.

And let’s not forget the Prosecco available to give the afternoon a little fizz.

Louise explained the company provides the best hospitality service possible by listening to and prioritising clients’ wishes.

She said: “Between us, we truly believe there is a way to cater and decorate parties so that nothing in the end goes into the landfill.

“With our activity boxes, we embrace teaching children that experiences often provide a richer memory than just another toy or throwaway item.

“Our boxes allow the child, parents and siblings to spend time together.”

Louise continued: “Nothing in the box is superfluous, everything has an intended purpose – even the twine that we tie items with can be used as part of something i.e. a bird feeder – and hopefully we can shift the paradigm of our throwaway attitudes.”

While the response has been incredibly positive so far, the global pandemic put significant pressure on Louise and Lottie to adapt their business model.

They are now doing party parcels for five kids and one adult so that they can support parents still wanting to host a party while also respecting social distancing.

Louise hopes that however Little Eco Eats evolves, their festive friends will feel ‘wholesome’ after one of their parties.

She said: “We want to make people feel like nothing is too much effort, like in a bygone era. We hope to encourage people to take steps to become more eco-conscious, and to remind them that they are loved and important.”

Louise concluded: “Our message is that treasured time together is one of the most important things in this world.”

They had us at Prosecco!

For more info, click here: Little Eco Eats.

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