Trendy new fashion line launches – created by young adults with learning difficulties

The bright lights of Fashion Weeks around the globe have been outshone by new inclusive clothing brand TheTh3rdLevel.

Not only have they launched a fashion line of new season must-haves, including quirky slogan T-shirts and festive Christmas jumpers, but they also have an important message.

Their mission is to prove that learning difficulties don’t have to hold you back in life, as the items have all been created by young adults with disabilities.

It all began nearly a decade ago, when Post19 – a day service for young adults with disabilities based in Surrey – launched. Rob Power, who previously taught in special educational needs schools, witnessed first-hand the problems families faced once their children reached adulthood.

Post19 was formed to fill a much-needed gap in services for young people who had come to the end of their formal education years and still needed somewhere fulfilling, nurturing, and empowering to go to continue with their life skills and independence learning.

The organisation initially offered a range of activities to stimulate and encourage the young people who attended, before they evolved to offer further vocational training.

Consequently, enterprise19 was born to support this training in new skills so it could enable people to live more independent lives by preparing them for work with bespoke workshops taught by local professionals; from carpentry and furniture upcycling, textiles and crafts, graphic design and printing products to be sold in shops and online.

Then baby number three, following Post19 and enterprise19, came along – TheTh3rdLevel.

This project now aims to create unique, ethical, clothing that customers will want to wear because they look great and don’t cost the earth.

Young adults with learning difficulties are encouraged to get involved, from creating the designs in the enterprise19 graphics workshops to learning valuable management skills, as well as mastering the ropes of retail such as stock control, packaging and deliveries, and even modelling garments or helping with lighting, make-up and photography on shoots.

Boasting an eclectic range of hoodies, T-shirts, beanies, socks, caps and even accessories such as water bottles, the young people are proud to offer a little something for everyone.

Speaking in their Christmas photoshoot video, founder Rob said they aim to give the young people an opportunity that most of them would never otherwise have.

Rob explained: “It gives them confidence, a belief in themselves that they can actually do something, that they are worthwhile.”

TheTh3rdLevel heroes also strive to be as environmentally-friendly as possible, by pledging to plant a tree in a deforested part of the world with every purchase made.

What’s not to love?

To have a peek at the clothing range, click here: TheTh3rdLevel.

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