We’re heading for a huge energy shift on December 21 ­– but do you know what you have to do?

It has been coined ‘science so new, it’s not yet in the text books’.

We’re not talking Bunsen burners and periodic tables, but the way we experience feelings, also known as energies. It is now understood that the power of our emotions not only makes us feel something in our hearts but has a direct impact on the world around us.

When we hear the word ‘energies’, it tends to exist on a spectrum ranging from the land of quantum physics to hippies who worship Mother Earth.

Yet in its simplest form, an energy is synonymous to a vibe. Think of someone you’ve been around and thought, ‘I love their vibe.’ Quite simply, you like their energy.

[Credit: Gregg Braden Instagram]

Speaking of energy, there is currently a lot of talk in astrology circles on how it is building up in the atmosphere towards December 21 when a grand conjunction will take place.

A grand conjunction refers to the meeting of Jupiter and Saturn, which are set to secure their closest alignment since the year 1623 nearly 400 years ago, and with this rare sequence of events comes a significant planetary energy shift.

One man who has a passion for this field is Gregg Braden, a New York Times best-selling author who bridges the gap between science and spirituality. He draws parallels between quantum physics particles and human beings – who are made of the same particles.

If we lost you at ‘quantum physics’, hold fire. Gregg says it best…

[Credit: Gregg Braden Instagram]

He explained: “What we know is that we’re made of quantum energy, for 70 years scientists have been telling us that we are little particles of quantum energy and those little quantum particles can do miraculous things. In this field of quantum energy all possibilities already exist.

“In simpler terms, think back to a time when you imagined a perfect scenario – perhaps it was a conversation with a loved one, a situation at work, or hoping for more peace – just by thinking of these, they exist in our minds due to the energy required to imagine them.”

This alludes to the fact that every possible outcome of our lives is already stored in this field of energy all around us and that we (unknowingly) choose the possibility just by where we focus our energy. This inevitably can open a whole new possible way of thinking!

Gregg continued: “We imagine with our mind and that’s how we lock that possibility into place. With our heart, we give that possibility life.”

[Credit: Gregg Braden Instagram]

Understanding it has a mental-physical crossover presence is one thing, but how do we make it real in our world?

Gregg said: “Thought happens in the upper chakras and emotion happens in the creative centre, they say our emotions are only two; love and fear. When we think a thought in our mind, we give the thought life through these two emotions: love or the fear. When we place love or fear into that thought we then we create a feeling. Now, we have a definition of feeling; the union between emotion and thought. Feeling takes place in the heart.

“Our beliefs (derived from our feelings) then translate the quantum possibilities that we imagine and focus on into the physical reality of our world. Belief is what translates those possibilities into the atoms of our world.”

Are you still with us, because now it gets interesting!

Greg concluded: “Atoms look like waves of energy, rather than particles of things, therefore if you want to change an atom you have to change the energy that the atom lives in. The infamous Albert Einstein supported this view, stating that the energy field which connects everything together is what determines how the atom behaves.”

The energy field around us is made of electrical and magnetic energy, these two energies hold everything together. Yet if one changes, then you alter the way the atom behaves.

[Credit: Gregg Braden Instagram]

Taking this and applying it to the human body, the organ that creates the strongest electrical and magnetic field inside of us is the heart – with its electrical field 100x stronger than the brain.

This is the exact point at which all of Gregg’s theories unite together.

The heart is where we have feelings (the union between emotion and thought), it is also where the waves of electrical and magnetic energy take place that change our body and world (the atoms around us), unbeknownst to us as we simply register it as an emotion.

So, if our thoughts, feelings and beliefs ‘select’ one of the endless outcomes in the field, it is beneficial to us and everyone around us to focus as much as we can on the things that make us FEEL good. Of course, life doesn’t always deal us those cards, but if we remind ourselves of the energy shift leading up to December 21, it could be everything to gain and nothing to lose.

If you want to make a change but think you need some guidance, we strongly recommend checking out Steven and Evan Strong ­– a father and son duo who dedicate their lives to exploring these ideas as well as telling the story of the aboriginal people of Australia.

Their next conference, entitled Our Alien Ancestry: Original Voices, takes place virtually over December 12 and 13 and will delve into understanding the future by recognising our ancient past.

For more information, click here: Forgotten Origin.

10 thoughts on “We’re heading for a huge energy shift on December 21 ­– but do you know what you have to do?

    1. Met Gregg at a “science of Mind” Conference at Asilamor Ca. He was keynote speaker on his trip to inner Thailand and viewing the caves of ancient manuscripts.


  1. I dont think this article’s content matched the title… a bit misleading, but… great pics. Only Gregg Braden would be wearing a black tee at the beach!


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