Heart-warming moment man, 94, plays piano for first time since stroke

They say the brain remembers music more deeply than it can remember memories, and one man is living proof of this remarkable phenomena.

Julian, 94, was a world-class jazz pianist in his heyday and known as ‘Golden Ears’ in the music industry before suffering a stroke several years ago.

However, it seems his ability to make music remains innate despite the life-threatening condition.

The New Zealand-born musician, who is also blind, reconnected with tinkering on his ivories for the first time since his stroke to play a duet with an old friend.

The beautiful scenes mirror the story of former composer Paul Harvey who went viral earlier this year when his son filmed him playing the piano revealing it ‘brings back’ dad from his dementia.

For Julian’s jamming session, he was joined by his pal and fellow jazz icon, James Morrison, along with Don Burrows – an infamous jazz and swing musician who sadly died this year.

Posting their sesh on You Tube, the three men can be seen rocking out without any age or ailments getting in the way of a good tune.

Alongside the footage, James wrote: “Special being with my mentor Don Burrows and our great mate Julian Lee for the day in Mossvale [Australia].

“Jules hasn’t played for years since his last stroke, he turns 95 this year and we share our birthday, music is such a joy.”

[Credit: Julian Lee]

Julian’s wife Val can also be seen in the background as she watches her husband with a beaming smile on her face play Ella Fitzgerald’s After You’ve Gone.

It wasn’t long before social networkers flocked to the comments section to heap praise on Julian’s efforts, and James who is playing the flugelhorn.

One wrote: “Honestly one of the greatest things I’ve ever come across on the internet, it’s beyond beautiful.”

While another added: “This is wholesome enough to make a 20-year-old dude like me cry, my ears are blessed.”

A second video from James, which sees the lads playing The Nearness of You, is captioned: “This is what friends are for, I am so grateful to my old mates Julian and Don for all the lessons learnt over the years, life is music.”

Pass the hankie, please!

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