Hero of the world! Life-hacker Dr Joe Dispenza helps inmates heal from past

Faith, Mother Nature, or spirituality can help guide people, but often they are too abstract.

Where they fail, Dr Joe Dispenza steps in.

This international lecturer meets inspirational guru uses neuroscience to empower people to change from the inside out, encouraging them to rewire their brains towards health and happiness.

Now, having helped an army of people across the globe, Dispenza is turning his attentions to those locked behind bars in a bid to rehabilitate them.

[Credit: Dr Joe Dispenza / Twitter]

On a mission to prove that inmates have the power to turn their lives around, the New York Times best-selling author completed a training programme with them.

During the project, he taught over 2,000 prisoners the tools to overcome their past and create a better life for themselves.

The course was delivered across seven weeks and was such a success that Dispenza was crowned ‘Hero of the World’ for his efforts and gifted a boxing belt in honour of the title.

While the intricacies of the programme were not revealed, Dispenza’s work typically involves creating a model which points towards the infinite possibilities that arise when we tap into the unlimited nature of human potential through thinking and community alone.

[Credit: Boxing Without Chains / Instagram]

By applying this power of direct consciousness, we can reduce stress, improve health, create wealth, enhance relationships, and transform any area of life that we feel needs an upgrade.

Alongside this, Dispenza also provides meditations to help people begin breaking habits, start healing, and practice programming the subconscious mind into a new future.

His initiative with the prisoners, held across Latin America jails in Mexico and Argentina, was held in collaboration with two other programmes – Boxing Without Chains and Knockout: Don’t Throw In The Towel, who both use sport to try and socially reintegrate inmates.

We only hope the venture can continue and be rolled out across the USA, or better yet, globally.

[Credit: Boxing Without Chains / Instagram]

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