This ‘teen girl whisperer’ shares confidence tips to help young women

While self-love and self-care quotes may flood Instagram daily, they are still tricky paths to navigate.

Yet one ‘teen girl whisperer’ is helping young women find their voice and unleash their power so they can start believing in themselves enough to reach their full potential.

Meet Lindsey Turnbull, whose ethos is to be for others the person she felt she needed as a teen.

Having now founded MissHeard Media, she delivers workshops to educate tweens and teens to help them feel heard and recognise their value.

Speaking exclusively to Uspire, Lindsey told us about how she kickstarted her company and her hopes for inspiring generations to come.

[Credit: Lindsey Turnbull]

Lindsey said: “The idea for MissHeard Media started when I was in college, volunteering as a big sister mentor. I realised I loved working with tween and teen girls, and I was good at it.

“It was something I always thought I would come back to… one day. ”

She continued: “I thought I’d finish grad school, have a whole career in the museum/history world, and come back to working with young women when I was more established.”

While Lindsey did finish graduate school, securing a MA degree in Public History, by the time she had moved from Florida to Washington, D.C., to embark on her career there were huge budget cuts and hiring freezes – meaning she found herself with a lot of free time.

It was during this time that she kept coming back to her innate gift, helping young people find their feet in this world so they feel equipped to follow their dreams.

[Credit: Lindsey Turnbull]

In particular, Lindsey felt connected to tweens and teens as she believes too often their voices are not validated and they are not recognised for their brilliance and creativity.

So, she set out on a mission to help them combat their struggles by building low self-esteem and self-worth so they would no longer feel disconnected or doubt themselves.

Lindsey continued: “I aim to give young women the skills and confidence they need to navigate this stage of life.

“I also want parents to be well-equipped to guide young women through the teen years. It is a period of transition and can be challenging (and wonderful) for young people and parents.

“My long-term aim is to create a world where girls feel more connected, more confident, more empathetic, and go forth and make the world a more just and equitable place.”

Despite her incredible work, Lindsey has faced criticism of only working with one gender, however, she is unapologetic and explains it is because of her lived experience.  

“I want them to know that the things they say and think and do matter. Young people are our most valuable resource; we should treat them as such.”

Lindsey Turnbull

She told us: “Every now and again I get a message like, ‘Fine, but what about boys?’ I say, ‘I have never been a teenage boy, but please do start up a similar programme focused on boys and I will support you.’

“Or people say, ‘Girls’ opinions don’t matter!’ That one hurts a little more because it’s clearly untrue. Young women have always been at the forefront of American history, from Sybil Luddington to Gwendolyn Sanders to Emma Gonzalez and Naomi Wadler.”

[Credit: Lindsey Turnbull]

Lindsey’s efforts should be enough to silence her critics as she works tirelessly to create a community where girls feel like they are capable, smart, and beautiful.

She concluded: “I want them to know that the things they say and think and do, matter.

“Young people are our most valuable resource; we should treat them as such.

“One of my goals is to drive across the country and host events all over, in-person. I think it would be a great way to teach and to build a national community of powerful young women.”

We only wish we had someone like Lindsey around when we were young.

For more info, click here: MissHeard Media.

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