What happened on December 21 at Uluru?

There’s no denying the hype that surrounded the events on December 21, 2020.

From an astrology perspective, we had the grand conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, the closest alignment between the two planets in nearly 400 years.

From a spiritual perspective, many different ancient traditions celebrated this energy shift on the winter solstice as it invited high frequencies to reach Earth which is believed to have triggered the birth of a ‘New Earth’ that will leave us able to access more positive ways of living.

Completing the holy trinity, from an Australian aborigine perspective, an old prophecy was taking shape in our modern world which was recognised with a ceremony at Uluru – a large sandstone rock formation in the southern part of the Northern Territory in central Oz.

Steven Strong and his son Evan are dedicated to telling the story of the fascinating, indigenous people and just why the Uluru site holds so much power.

[Credit: Alien Skies / Facebook]

In the build-up to December 21, the duo held monthly conferences and have now shared their story with us on what actually happened at that sacred place just last month.

Speaking to Uspire, Steven opened up about the trip to Uluru and the preparations required, including hoops they had to jump through when unexpected hurdles were placed in their way.

Steven said: “The time was changed at the last minute and we panicked, thinking, ‘How are we going to get this change of time out there to everyone?’”

Fortunately, Steven and Evan turned to the 300-strong crowd attending the Cosmic Consciousness conference held at Uluru, which kicked off on December 20.

Together with the attendees, the father and son dream team turned to social media and did everything they could to get the message out there about the time change.

The strength in numbers approach helped Steven remain focused for his rock ceremony, which he performed to help create a surge of energy and positivity ahead of the unique event.

Steven told us: “We didn’t go onto sacred country and perform this ceremony. When the group were going into Uluru, I told them, ‘I’m not taking the rocks in there.’ I said I would conduct a ceremony at the AFL Oval in Yulara – not sacred ground.

[Credit: Geraldine Grace / Forgotten Origin]

“Around the world, I told people to do any sort of ceremony they wanted, it didn’t matter as long as you were reverent and positive. The ceremony that I conducted was with the rocks.

“I aimed them at Uluru and set it up, that would create massive energy and pushed it out to all those that were sat there. The group, we had a magnificent time.

“Before and after, people were doing different things, playing the didgeridoo and crystal bowls. They gave joy, energy and positivity and we had our 20 minutes of silence when everyone was quiet, and they sent their energy there. We told the world to express your joy any way you wish.

“This energy kicked it into first gear, then it went all over the world.”

Steven and Evan have since received an incredible global response from people, and plan to share the stories and photos on their social channels over the coming weeks and months.

A sneak peek of the kind of results their ceremony had, is in one image that illustrates the Schumann Resonance – a set of spectrum peaks of the earth’s electromagnetic field.

[Credit: Omar Faizi / Forgotten Origin]

Steven states that this is “proof that the earth reacted” as it had been steadying at 0.3Hz but then shot up to 30Hz and stayed there for about four hours before settling again.

Opening up about what comes next, Steven said: “The next three to four years are going to be rough because there are people who are not going to get on the road.

“The Mayans (indigenous people of Mexico and central America) said there will be two roads in the future and Delores Cannon – a specialist in past-life regression – says the same.”

He continued: “There are two roads, one is spiritual transformation and the other one is fear and panic. Which road are you on?

“These are new times and there will be no more division, if you don’t like someone, turn your cheek, walk the other way. If you say anything to them, don’t yell, offer your hand and say you’re walking on the wrong road, get off. What you say now is going into your soul.

“From this point on, don’t judge people, don’t make assumptions about people until you meet them. Before you criticise, have the common sense to wait and make an opinion yourself.

“Don’t judge anybody before you know them well and if you do, that’s the old way, that’s before the ceremony. Let’s cleanse this place now by spreading the love.”

It’s certainly a wonderful thought and refreshing sentiment to adopt that amongst the mayhem right now, a deeper plan for humanity is taking place.

[Credit: Jasmine Lakota / Forgotten Origin]

In the meantime, Steven and Evan will continue their monthly conferences throughout this year with the next one taking place at the end of February.

Steven concluded: “I thank everyone who went to that ceremony because without you the world wouldn’t have been saved. Between us we made it work, and between us I mean black fella, white fella, and all different people from all over the world. That’s the future.

“Remember, the two roads are open, work out which one you want to be on.

“I want to thank everybody who participated, and I want you to remember one thing, you were there the day the world changed! You can tell your grandchildren, ‘I did it, I was part of it.’”

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