Why the ‘beauty of being trans’ needs your understanding to help save lives

While society may seem like a more inclusive place than ever before, there are still huge hurdles for transgender people to have their authentic selves be accepted.

That’s why for Transgender Day of Visibility, we are championing their voices.

The annual event on March 31 is dedicated to transgender people worldwide, raising awareness of the discrimination they face as well as being a celebration of their contributions to society.

To mark this day, we caught up with Alyss Pelaia, a non-binary trans actor, who fought to live their truth after being forced to endure conversion therapy – the practice of trying to change an individual’s sexual or gender identity using psychological or spiritual interventions.

[Credit: Alyss Pelaia / Instagram]

Speaking exclusively to Uspire, Alyss told us about their journey to self-acceptance and how he came back from the brink of suicide to bring diversity and inclusivity into mainstream media.

Alsyss said: “My first visceral memory of body dysmorphia was at four-years-old, I’m certain some came before but I just have a hard time placing them.

“I grew up as the third child in a family of what everyone thought was five girls and one boy. Throughout my childhood, before my little brother was born ten years after me, my parents were always, ‘trying for a boy’. This was always a conversation in our family.

“I remember standing in front of my parents in my cut-off jean shorts, aged four, trying to find a way to communicate that they had a boy standing in front of them.”

However, despite recognising their queerness from a young age, Alyss did not begin articulating or defining being transgender until the age of 19.

Alyss explained: “I was going to a school in California and was going through two and a half years of torturous conversion therapy there. I experienced exorcisms, spiritual, verbal, and sexual abuse.”

Sadly, Alyss attempted to take their own life. It was only after surviving that a switch flipped inside and he knew he could no longer stand living as someone else other than who he truly was.

Once Alyss had this realisation, he began expressing more and more of their queerness until he finally left the school in 2020 as the world went into quarantine.

After releasing himself from the shackles of conversion therapy, Alyss realised he did not hate his transness but that he had blamed himself for the hatred he had experienced from those at school.

Now, Alyss credits embracing being trans as the very thing that saved their life.

He said: “After my failed suicide attempt, I realised I had given myself a second chance to live my life as myself. Luckily, being myself proudly has changed my life for the better.”

[Credit: Alyss Pelaia / Instagram]

Alyss has even found love with a new partner and says Angelica has really changed how they see life and how they “want to show up for it”.

He said: “I had never thought that as a trans person I could find love, but she has brought so much of it into my life in so many ways. I am grateful and excited for every new day now.”

When asked how he would like to see education change around transgender issues moving forward, Alyss believes that people should take the initiative to learn and not always rely on asking trans people as it puts the burden on them and can provoke traumatic feelings.

Alyss said: “I’d always say check your question with Google first, just like you do everything else. After that, if you do choose to ask a trans person a question about trans topics, remember that this isn’t some logical exercise or fun debate for them to have.

“You are speaking to them about their life and how the world relates to them. Have a lot of empathy because this conversation comes with their personal triggers, trauma, or even simply not feeling safe to talk to you about it. Remember that this person owes you no explanation.

“Be prepared for them to not want to answer you or to recommend you go check the internet.”

[Credit: Alyss Pelaia / Instagram]

Alyss continued: “Although I am often okay with conversations, there are some days when I am too exhausted to explain to someone why they should care about the dangers trans people face.

“Education is always better than ignorance, just remember you are talking to a real person about the hard things they have to face every single day.”

Alyss now hopes to use the power of performance to help other young trans people feel represented, especially having grown up with no role models.

He added: “I, as a transmasc person and an actor, had never seen another person like me on-screen until Chella Man and more recently Elliot Page.”

Elliot likely needs no introduction, having starred in huge blockbusters Inception, X-Men: Days of Future Past, and Juno.

Meanwhile, Chella is a rising YouTube star, actor, and LGBTQ+ activist who found fame as mute superhero Jericho in the second season of the DC Universe series Titans. He is also known for sharing his experiences as a transgender, deaf, and Jewish person of colour.

[Credit: Elliot Page / Instagram]

Now, Alyss strives to be a voice for future generations as they kickstart their journey in LA.

He is already making waves for Lady Gaga’s beauty brand Haus Laboratories, having been one of two men cast in a new brow pencil campaign by the company.

Alyss added: “We have seen so many cis actors, writers, and directors getting the chance to create these breakout trans stories, while there are so many trans people just waiting for their opening.”

The aspiring star also hopes to see more stories in entertainment that centre around being transgender, not just about the trauma of it.

He concluded: “I want trans kids and those who are in transition now to have a plethora of stories and characters that they can relate to and feel inspired by; and that cis people can watch and finally see the beauty of being trans.”

We look forward to seeing more of Alyss’ name in lights soon.

This awesome teen is helping kids embrace their physical differences  

We talk about diversity and gender more than ever before in a bid to create a fairer, safer world, though what about disabilities?

People with physical differences are still tragically underrepresented when it comes to role models, TV stars, and mainstream influencers.

That is, until now.

A life-changing team named Born Just Right are catapulting themselves into the world to not only create visibility for children with differences but help inspire them to be creative.

[Credit: Born Just Right]

On their quest, they strive to give kids design and STEM [science, technology, engineering, mathematics] knowledge that empowers them to build their own solutions.

Better yet, the founders understand what it is like to live with limb difference, as Jen Lee Reeves is mum to 15-year-old activist Jordan Reeves who was born without a full left arm.

Speaking about their mission, in which they hope to reinforce the message that every child is born just right, Jen said their platform first began as a place for parents to go and share stories.

Since then, it has evolved into a non-profit organisation that delivers a variety of workshops to create a more inclusive world, all with Jordan front and centre turning into somewhat of a celeb.

Her star power could have something to do with the young inventor learning, through STEM, how to craft a prosthetic that shoots out glitter.

[Credit: Born Just Right]

Inspiring kids all over the globe, Jordan even designed a one-of-a-kind Barbie doll with an identical prosthetic to hers (that also shoots out glitter!!) that was made into a reality by toy giants Mattel.

Jordan and Jen have since launched spin-off initiative, Project Unicorn, which encourages people to ‘design-your-own-prosthetic’ and celebrate their differences by expressing their personalities.

Chatting about their venture, Jen said: “Miss Jordan was born on December 29, 2005, and has surprised us in so many ways.

“Most obviously, she surprised us when we discovered she was born with a full right arm and a left arm that stops after the humerus bone.”

[Credit: Jordan Reeves / Instagram]

Jen added: “My husband and I have learned so much about what it takes to advocate for our children and how powerful it can be when parents work together in support for each other.”

The mum-of-two has also written a memoir of the same name as their organisation, after the doctors reassured her that when Jordan arrived into the world she was “born just right.”

And she has been proving that doctor right ever since!

For more info, click here: Born Just Right.

Work smarter not harder: Tech king reveals tips and tricks for classrooms

In a society that never sleeps, we’re plagued by the perceived notion that work never stops.

Yet one man believes that less is more and champions the ‘work smarter not harder’ ethos.

Ben Moore, who is just 20, is on a mission to inspire educators globally with tips and tricks that could revolutionise the future of their classroom.

So strong at his game, Ben has now become the youngest Google trainer in the world, which allows him to deliver staff training into schools to empower the use of tech with learning.

[Credit: Ben Moore]

Speaking exclusively to Uspire, Ben spoke about his rise to success and why he believes that getting to grips with technology can help rather than hinder.

“The question is whether it makes a difference to the students or not. If it does in a positive way, it is worth doing.”

Ben Moore

Ben said: “My aim is to help educators, both support and teaching staff, to work smarter not harder.  This is mainly focused around Google for Education products and tools.

“I want people to feel at ease when using technology. There are far too many that are scared of change in the tech world and they are worried about the time it will take to relearn a process or skill – even if it saves them a heap of time in the long-run.

“My goal is to help and guide these people, to show them that technology is not something to be worried about but something to try and embrace to get the best possible use from it.”

[Credit: Ben Moore]

Ben puts his expertise into practice with his role as a secondary school ICT [Information and Communications Technology] and computer science teacher, where he is passionate about reducing workload and stress while also improving productivity and creativity.

While confined to his home during the pandemic, he also launched his own business.

Ben said: “Just before we entered lockdown 1.0 in the UK, I unfortunately became very unwell in late February 2020 with severe chest pains.

“After a battle of six weeks trying to find out what was wrong, I was diagnosed with double pneumonia. I found myself at home trying to rest, which I find very difficult.

“I really find it hard sitting around not doing much, having previously worked two jobs and 60 hours a week, so I thought how can I support the teachers in my schools and further afield with increasing likelihood of a national lockdown? So, I created TrainingwithBM.”

[Credit: Ben Moore]

His project aims to inspire educators globally by exploring G Suite as an education workspace and some third party EdTech apps that complement it as a learning device.

The platform offers an array of tools; from building to-do lists, scheduling meetings, ideas on how to keep on top of tasks, and ways to help the school community collaborate.

Ben concluded “The ultimate question is whether it makes a difference to the students or not. If it does in a positive way, then it is certainly worth doing.

“I’d always been an avid user of technology, not just in the classroom but for things like live sound and lighting events, car technology and smart-home kits.”

He added: “I am always looking for ways to better improve, I set very high ambitions and goals for myself in this respect.”

To find out more, click here: TrainingwithBM.

Better than burgers! Decadent hot cross buns to celebrate bank holiday

Whether you observe Easter or not, the resurrection of freedom is nearly upon us.

Now, outdoor gatherings of up to six people are allowed with picnics galore set to descend upon parks and gardens across the country.

What better way to perk up those picnics than with a tantalising taste of feast heaven?

We are, of course, talking about the trusty hot cross bun. And as the four-day weekend looms, we have the hottest, crossest treats for you to choose from.

[Credit: Manny NB / Unsplash]

First up, the bacon option for all you carnivore enthusiasts.

From the aptly named Le Swine, these foodies are the proud creator of ‘the greatest bacon sandwich ever sold’. Their ethos is all about taking a national treasure and showing it respect.

Now, these bacon gurus – who get their meat from a small, family-run butcher in Lancashire who look after ‘happy and healthy’ pigs – are creating a hot cross bun box.

Delivered straight to your door, the make-at-home kit includes buns, bacon, fresh sage, bacon butter and the poshest ketchup you’ll ever try made of dates, roast fennel and Aleppo chilli.

The Easter box for two comes in at £15, just order here: Le Swine.

[Credit: Shuk]

In second place, we have the hot cross babka (sweet, braided bread) bun.

This one, from Borough Market’s pitta bread experts Shuk, is guaranteed to leave you salivating just reading about it.

Think of a rainbow of spices, secret babka dough recipe, earl grey infused dried fruit, cinnamon syrup, and a generous dollop of vanilla crème patissiere, and you’ll see what we mean.

Also coming as a DIY delivery, this flavoursome offering is sold as a standard kit at £22 or £35 for the chocolate and hazelnut option. We think we know which one we’ll be choosing!

To grab yours, click here: Shuk.

[Credit: Bun House]

Taking the bronze medal, we have the adorable Bun House chicks.

Complete with eyes, beaks and little red mohawks, these guys and gals are quite possibly the cutest festive treats we have ever seen.

Filled with creamy kaya butter – a Malaysian jam made with coconut, eggs and caramel – these Easter delicacies are sold as a box of three for just under £15.

To sink your teeth into them, click here: Bun House.

Do you know the ‘two-okay’ rule to help save someone from suicide?

When someone takes their own life, the people left behind are very often left floundering as to what or how they could have prevented the death.

A new documentary, Our Silent Emergency, sets out to explore not only the escalating problem of suicide in our country but also solutions to the problem.

Hosted by TV and radio presenter Roman Kemp, who lost his own friend and co-worker Joe Lyons to suicide, the BBC show explores the mental health crisis affecting young men in particular.

In the programme, which aired earlier this month and is still available on iPlayer, Roman shines a light on how to truly check-in on your mates with the ‘ask twice’ rule.

[Credit: Roman Kemp]

Chatting to a group of friends who lost their pal Ashley to suicide, Roman meets Lysander, Olly and Tom who open up about the death three years ago.

During the conversation, Lysander explained, “It’s still hard every day,” before adding, “I’m not going to sugar-coat it, it can be difficult, but we take each day as it comes.”

He continued: “We would talk before, but it wasn’t as in-depth. Now we have the two-okay rule. We ask, ‘How are you doing? But how are you doing, really – mentally?”

Clearly touched by their insight, Roman said: “I love that. The two-okay rule. If you don’t mind, I’m going to use that.

“I wish I’d said to Joe, ‘Mate, I know you know this but I’m going to tell you again. I am that person that you can talk to about that stuff.’”

[Credit: Roman Kemp]

Roman and his bestie were joined at the hip, living just three minutes apart while also working together as Joe held the position of Senior Producer at Capital Breakfast on Roman’s show.

Sadly, in August 2020, Joe took his own life without even hinting that he was struggling.

The two-okay rule is also used by Time to Change, a nationwide mental health social movement, who coined the ‘Ask Twice’ campaign.

In their mission statement, they explain: “One in four of us experience a mental health problem in any year. And worryingly, the current restrictions on our lives mean men are missing out on support from those around them.

“So, if a mate says he’s fine, he might not be. A second, ‘How are you?’ can make all the difference.”

[Credit: Professor O’Connor / Six-Step Safety Plan]

Suicide is the single biggest killer of men under the age of 45 in the UK. It is reported that 5,691 deaths by suicide take place annually – that’s an average of 18 per day.

In the documentary, Roman, 28, also opens up about his own mental health struggles and reveals has been taking medication since he was 15 to deal with depression and anxiety.

Asked why he believes men are taking their lives in such vast numbers, Professor O’Connor, director of the Suicidal Behaviour Research Laboratory, said they can often feel “a sense of entrapment” over life stresses and they struggle to see any alternative way out.

O’Connor said: “This is why it can be crucial to let them know you’re there if they ever need to talk. People who die by suicide are usually trapped by mental pain, that they feel a burden on others.”

To help people who feel they are a risk to themselves, O’Connor has developed a six-step safety plan to follow and identify warning signs along with techniques to keep safe.

It is worth sharing with everyone you know!

For free confidential advice, call the Samaritans 116 123 (24 hours, seven days a week).

You can also email: jo@samaritans.org

If you feel you or someone might be in immediate danger, call 999.

To watch the documentary, click here: Roman Kemp.

Being your best self: Are you ready to try the 100-day challenge?

While many of us may strive to better ourselves, the reality is that holistic work is still work.

So, how does unleashing 100% of your potential in just 100 days sound?

Better yet, there are no classes, homework, or modules. All that is required is you, your email and a pair of earphones to learn whenever and wherever you want.

The #BeYourBest journey promises to boost your personal growth by delving into three core areas: self-discovery, self-optimisation, and self-actualisation.

[Credit: AdapNation]

The first, self-discovery, simply means learning to truly understand your body and mind.

Secondly, you will master self-optimisation, whereby you put your knowledge into practice.

Last but not least, self-actualisation will enable you to progress to the highest level of psychological development to unlock your full potential.

While this may all sound overwhelming, especially when there’s the small fact of having to juggle life/work/family every day, then don’t worry as you will do it all with a mentor.

[Credit: AdapNation]

And this is where Steve Katasi steps in, the founder of AdapNation who has created the #BeYourBest programme.

Chatting about his quest, Steve insists he is “no guru”, but that he is dedicated to working out the challenges of life as he goes along.

Steve said: “If you ever hear someone claim to have all the answers… run!

“The best you can do is seek out curious, kind and committed individuals who think critically and ask great questions. Those who have the time, resources and critical thinking to be open-minded without being gullible and dogmatic. This is the person I try to be every day.”

[Credit: Steve Katasi / Instagram]

He continued: “I’ve walked away from an illustrious career in IT security to obsessively commit everything I am and have to decoding what it takes to be your best.

“I am on an ongoing journey of self-discovery and self-optimisation. I walk the talk and am an outward expression of self-optimisation.”

Steve now hopes to share his knowledge with others on how to truly add value to life.

He does this by merging techniques on mental strength, self-improvement, nutrition and exercise into a unique, micro-learning format that requires just five or 10 minutes a day.

There is even the option to learn via voice memos by listening to the audio version of his daily emails if that is easier for participants.

[Credit: AdapNation]

Not only does Steve promise to transform an individual’s life by boosting self-esteem, he also believes he can help people achieve more by giving clients a greater sense of purpose.

Steve said: “We’re battling a mental health crisis; we seek out immediate gratification to numb the pain of lacking deep fulfilment. We’re grinding through the rat-race but have no directions to escape nor how to live well.

“Keeping momentum on the things that really matter is tough. We know there is more to a great life, but external distractions are relentless.

“Everyone needs a guidebook – an instruction manual on how best to do life – and whilst it will always be a work in progress, that’s what you can expect from us.”

It’s hard to argue with that!

For more info, click here: AdapNation.

The happiest website EVER that is guaranteed to make you smile

What’s better than sitting on a beach watching a sunset? Watching it on a video!

Okay, maybe not better, but it is proven to boost positivity.

Consequently, to help combat feelings of low mood that have swept the globe over the last year, a new platform claiming to be ‘the world’s happiest website’ has launched to help you relax.

[Credit: The Happiest Website]

Not only does the site offer picturesque scenes of sunsets, but also sunny blue skies, sounds of the sea, kittens and puppies, mouthwatering images of food, and even personal compliments.

All you have to do is sit back and soak it up as you’re told how much you rock.

These topics are then said to trigger a guaranteed smile on spectators who tune in.

But how?

[Credit: The Happiest Website]

A study with eye-tracking technology and facial-expression monitoring was carried out as people logged-on, showing that on average users smiled for 80% of their time on the site.

While smiling, this sparked their feel-good hormone production to increase and therefore their anxiety to diminish.

Speaking about the findings, mental health blogger Dennis Relojo-Howell said the images support psychological evidence that seeing or sharing happy pictures can make us feel good.

Dennis said: “Clicking onto the page and being exposed to these images can positively affect users’ perceived happiness, hormone levels, productivity, and stress levels.”

[Credit: The Happiest Website]

Meanwhile, Michelle Stark, who helped conduct the research, said that with so much negativity over the past year, it’s important to try and get a mood boost where possible.

Michelle said: “It’s amazing to see how much this website can positively affect hormones, productivity and stress levels – and there’s no better time for us to have a boost.”

As part of the study of what to include on the site, over 2,000 Brits were asked what brings them the most happiness and joy in life – with 92% saying a sunny blue sky.

It just goes to show it really is the simple things in life that matter.

To view the site, created by domain experts Fasthosts, click here: The Happiest Website.

How to help kids stay safe in water and protect them from drowning

We talk a lot about road safety and keeping hands away from hot stoves, but less so about the perils of water.

Yet drowning is a global epidemic, with 42 deaths every hour of every day.

In a bid to reduce these tragedies, a new children’s book is set to teach kids vital water and fire safety, along with rescue and life skills.

Not only do the authors aspire to help keep young people safe, they also hope it will inspire them to become frontline workers one day.

[Credit: Maxi’s Beach Rescue]

Say hello to the fabulous Maxi’s Beach Rescue, from lifeguard Trent ‘Maxi’ Maxwell and his social enterprise partner Leigh Mason.

Our Aussie friends will know Maxi from his role on Bondi Rescue, a fly-on-the wall show following the trials and tribulations of lifeguards patrolling the shores of Oz’s famous Bondi Beach.

For those less familiar with his work, Trent – who is also a firefighter – has just as much passion to help those on land as well as those struggling out at sea.

Back in 2018, he co-founded Live Learn Survive with Leigh to give every child and young adult the opportunity to learn key lifesaving skills.

[Credit: Live Learn Survive]

They desperately wanted to tackle the number of preventable deaths around the world and took note of the World Health Organisation’s first ever global report dedicated to drowning.

In the report, it stated that other than installing barriers or actively keeping kids away from water, the leading point of action is to teach water safety to school-aged children.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

They got busy launching their online community, Maxi’s Rescue Squad, which delivers a fun space to learn how to stay safe in water with videos and weekly challenges galore.

Now, their brand-new book Maxi’s Rescue Squad will continue to help little ones stay safe.

[Credit: Live Learn Survive]

The book, for ages 4-8, follows Maxi on his birthday as he’s gifted a football, a ball he can’t wait to take to the beach for a kickaround. What could possibly go wrong?

Speaking about their mission, Maxi said: “A Royal Life Saving report found that less than 9% of children in Australia are learning a rescue skill – we aim to change that.”

Meanwhile, Leigh added: “In a society that is screaming out for young, positive, male role models, Maxi is a breath of fresh air and is totally committed to shaping young minds of future generations.

“He hopes to teach not only about surf, water and fire safety, but also really important life skills that they may not be taught at school.”

For more information, click here: Maxi’s Rescue Squad.

The secret to become happy and healthy lies in what you eat

With the global wellness industry now worth $4.5 trillion (trillion!!), it implies that to be well is a commodity that can be bought.

But here’s the thing, the secret to becoming your best self isn’t in pills and potions, but simply what’s on your plate.

And Holly Snowdon is on a mission to remind you that you hold the key to your own health.

[Credit: Holly Snowdon / Instagram]

Using her expertise as a nutritional therapist, she supports others to become the happiest, healthiest version of themselves by providing nuggets of inspiration to help.

To do this, she creates easy-to-follow recipe plans that promise to leave you energised and feeling awesome both inside and out.

Her variety of packages all include one-on-one consultations, bespoke meals and check-in calls.

Speaking about her company, Holly’s Healthy Kitchen, the culinary coach said she initially launched it as a way of documenting her own journey back to health.

[Credit: Holly Snowdon / Instagram]

Holly explained: “In 2015, I suddenly became very ill which left me bedbound for several months and housebound for a period after that. Nobody could figure out what was wrong with me.

“After much investigation, testing and seeing many specialists, I was diagnosed eventually with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – sometimes referred to as ME.”

She continued: “The NHS unfortunately were unable to offer me much help for the illness.

“So, with help and support from my parents, I explored alternative avenues in my quest to regain my health, one of which was nutrition.”

[Credit: Holly Snowdon / Instagram]

Holly credits the holistic approach to healing – using nutrition, meditation, and yoga – as the force that helped her on the road to recovery.

​She added: “I completely and utterly believe that good nutrition is a vital part of the puzzle when it comes to achieving optimum health.”

​While Holly is keen to stress that diet “isn’t a miracle cure”, she is adamant that it contributes to vitality and boosting overall health.

Although many of us know about the impact of food choices on maintaining a healthy weight, less is known about the consequences on our long-term wellbeing. In particular, good nutrition can reduce the risk of some diseases, including heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

To get involved, click here: Holly’s Healthy Kitchen.

[Credit: Holly Snowdon / Instagram]

Passport to parenting! Discover how to make family life easier for everyone

Behind all the smiles and photographs that plaster social media, running a family is hard work that comes with tears, tantrums and despair.

Yet a new bible named Your Passport to Parenting is here to help mums and dads.

The guidebook promises to hand-hold through the trials and tribulations of parenting by sharing tips and tricks on how to create meaningful bonds between caregiver and child, as well as advice on teaching young people morals through stories rather than lectures.

Speaking exclusively to Uspire about the must-have manual, author Joanne Holbrook told us about her own journey of parenthood and how sharing ideas with friends saved her sanity.

[Credit: Joanne Holbrook]

Joanne said: “My journey began 14 years ago when I had my first child. I am originally South African, and my husband is in the US army. We have moved either country or US state every two years for the last 15 years. Our marriage started in Germany and we are now in Hawaii.

“When you are always the foreigner wherever you go, you have to learn to fit in and embrace your current culture fast.”

She continued: “I had to lean on women, parents, and daily cultural lessons to integrate into my new surroundings and navigate through my new parenting journey.

“What started as a need later developed into research. I became intrigued by asking people questions about how others raised their children in their culture. What parents wished they had done differently, or the one memory they were most proud of in their parenting?”

Joanne began collecting stories from all over the world and realised there was a toolbox forming around her that made her own parenting experience calm and fun.

[Credit: Joanne Holbrook]

She started sharing these anecdotes with friends and also began to write the lessons down, mainly for her daughter and son, to have access to them whenever they might need.

Soon, Joanne discovered that people were eager to give feedback about how these stories had influenced them, saying the ideas had changed their families.

Then, during a chance meeting with a book coach and a publisher who encouraged her to share her lessons with the world, Joanne decided to put pen to paper.

Not only did this give birth to Your Passport to Parenting, Joanne also shares her teachings online with courses that bring the book to life.

[Credit: Joanne Holbrook]

Joanne explained: “Watching how clients learn from each other has made me see this is my new life purpose. I bring people together and share positive goodness.

“I recently read a quote from the Dalai Lama saying, ‘Our prime purpose in this life is to help others, and if you can’t help them, don’t hurt them.’ Well, I want to help parents.”

She continued: “Over the years, I found a common thread that runs through all families in all cultures. We are more similar than we think.

“It was clear to me; those families and cultures that parented with the end in mind had a happier and more successful journey. How to do that is what I share.”

Now, Joanne helps families develop a framework that works for them and recognises that with the right tools, parents are qualified to know what is best for their children.

[Credit: Joanne Holbrook]

With this philosophy in mind, she is adamant that she does not tell parents what to do but instead simply give them a different way to look at their family.

Joanne concluded: “What I introduce is just by knowing how others do it, then taking those concepts, adapting them into your unique family, can make life easier.

“It is the difference between pouring water over a child standing on the grass and pouring over a child in a tub. If in the grass, the water will be washed away. If in the tub, the water will accumulate.”

She added: “If you started a business, you would have a vision plan, mission statement, and ten-year trajectory. Everyone involved would be on the same page about the values of the company.

“But when we have a child, we often find ourselves ticking over the day-to-day routines, wash, rinse, repeat. We risk losing lessons we want to instil in our children before they leave the nest.”

Joanne now strives to show that together parents can be stronger, and by sharing information is where they can really excel at becoming the best they can be.

To learn more, click here: Your Passport to Parenting.