Using natural remedies for a stronger physical, mental, and emotional YOU

We know that leafy greens influence heart health, nuts and berries are good for cholesterol, and that caffeine can wake us up in the morning.

But what about Mother Nature remedies that impact the mind, not just the body?

One life-hacker knows just how small acts can create big change by tapping into nutrition to rebuild ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Speaking exclusively to Uspire, natural medicine guru Solreta Antaria told us how people can become the best version of themselves by exploring this mind-body-soul unity.

[Credit: Solreta Antaria / Instagram]

Solreta said: “Through focusing on food, health sciences, anatomy, and spiritual anatomy, we can rebuild the true original human blueprint of our spiritual bodies – this means eliminating toxins, heavy metal pollutants and chemicals out of bodies and brains.”

Notably, foods that are high-risk are those that become contaminated with soil which uses chemical fertilisers and pesticides, such as cereals, rice, wheat, and mushrooms, as well as animals that become exposed to toxins in the food chain, including fish and crustaceans.

She continued: “Nutrition is a large cornerstone of heart-mind coherence and what we put into the body helps set us up for a positive future.”

Solreta also strives to show people that they are in charge of their own bio-computer, which essentially controls our chemical reactions and responses.

[Credit: Solreta Antaria / Instagram]

She explained: “I help individuals uncover their soul mission, clear out any negative core beliefs, and re-programme the subconscious mind with powerful tools for transformation such as hypnosis, meditation, and holistic wellness.

“My vision for the future is to further look into the brain, to see how we can stimulate different areas to turn on our dormant psychic abilities, increase our understanding of collective consciousness, connect to each other and our planet.”

Solreta, who also works as a psychic, hopes that by guiding clients towards a limitless mindset of possibilities that they will recognise how to function at higher cognitive levels.

This means inviting people to understand the power of natural medicine on a soul level and that we can continually evolve beyond the mind and body limitations.

[Credit: Solreta Antaria / Instagram]

The Australian native, who resides in Melbourne, also explores our energetic light bodies which are believed to be vehicles that steer us away from the human condition.

Light bodies are also known as human energy fields or auras, and by activating them we can change our physiology and influence cellular structure to create a richer existence.

Solreta explained: “My areas of interest cover building our light bodies and their connection to our acupuncture system, Vagus nerve [believed to retain past traumas] and nervous system, as well as our biofeedback avatar in this world [said to create inner balance].

“I speak about the impact of acidosis, inflammation, increasing superfoods, fruits, wholefoods, natural foods that have high electrical conductivity – these all help to switch on our light bodies.”

[Credit: Solreta Antaria and partner Evan Strong / Instagram]

Solreta’s quest for healing began at the tender age of 15, when she learned about kinesiology [the study of anatomy in relation to human movement] and natural medicine in order to help combat the challenges that her dyslexia presented.

It was during this time that she discovered her psychic gifts and kickstarted her journey into health science, which opened her up to the world of alternative health.

The mum-of-three – who also has a passion for helping people with food allergies and has developed a probiotic superfood formula that is beneficial for gut bacteria – now works internationally to help others and find their light on a soul path unique to them.

For more info, click here: Solreta Antaria.

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