Be right back: We’re under construction for a makeover

They say what defines us is how well we rise after falling, and we’re doing our best to bounce back as it feels like we’ve got pretty grazed knees right now.

Some of you may know we have been busy behind the scenes working on a rebrand… yet things didn’t quite go as expected.

We kicked off by changing our name to align more with how we have grown over the last year, including a new logo, colour palette, and website makeover to match.

Itching to share it with you, we planned to boom into this week with our new site and social media handles too to complete the look.

What we didn’t predict, was that this last step would be the hurdle we fell at with a splat.

Unbeknown to us, Instagram and Facebook make it really tricky to change your profile name, leaving us with mismatched Uspire Life and InspoDaily branding across the web.

For full transparency, we have appealed eight times to Facebook to try and change the name ­– each time we have been refused.

It might sound small, though the frustrations are immense as it’s meant a glitch in the matrix for a smooth rebrand when all we want to focus on is spreading positive news.

We are gutted, as over the last year you guys have championed us beyond what we dreamed we could achieve in 12 months, with nearly 2,000 supporters on Facebook.

But now, we have to begin all over again.

That said, it’s onwards and upwards. Giving up is not an option for us.

We will have to start from scratch with zero followers, launching a new Facebook page with the correct name to share our stories to brighten up timelines and raise a smile for readers.

As we wait for everything to align, if you like what we do, we would be so grateful if you could give us a little follow on our new page to help support us: InspoDaily.

Love and gratitude, the InspoDaily team xx

Boy expelled from school turns life around to help kids who are struggling

We hear tales of the good boy gone bad, but what about the bad boy gone good?

Cordell Jeffers is living proof that a turbulent past does not have to dictate your future, and with the right help, anyone can go on to achieve great things.

Growing up in inner-city Birmingham, Cordell struggled in class with an outdated education system too rigid in structure that we know does not encourage blue sky thinking.

This stifling of creativity led him to spend most of his time in detention, before Cordell was eventually expelled from school aged 14.

[Credit: Cordell Jeffers]

Yet what could have resulted in a career-less future, Cordell did a complete 180° and turned his life around to become a motivational speaker who now helps other disengaged youth.

Cordell says he is often asked how he made the leap from being kicked out of school to prosperity, and his answer is always: “I reconditioned my mind for the best chances of success.”

Over the years, Cordell took it upon himself to retrain his mindset and learn techniques that regrettably are not taught in traditional education.

Speaking about his rocky start, Cordell credits his mother’s decision to whisk him off to the Caribbean where his grandparents lived as vital to see the world through new eyes.

[Credit: Cordell Jeffers]

Cordell said: “It was a kick up the backside to see a different culture. A lot of the kids there have nothing but make the most of their resources.”

The gap year made quite the impact, and the following year when he returned to the UK, Cordell successfully retook his English and maths GCSEs before applying to college (and later studying business and marketing at Manchester Metropolitan University).

“I reconditioned my mind for the best chances of success”

Cordell Jeffers

It was at college, during a chance encounter with a tutor, that Cordell’s future really shifted.

Writing for the Guardian, Cordell added: “He felt I had potential and told me not to waste it. He was one of the first teachers to believe in me.

“He gave me a self-development book that explored business and entrepreneurship. I started reading all sorts of self-development books and watching inspiring speakers.”

[Credit: Cordell Jeffers]

Fast-forward to today, and Cordell could be the perfect candidate to apply for the next series of The Apprentice as his entrepreneurial flair is proving unstoppable.

As well as being a motivational speaker in schools, where he regularly shares his story to inspire young people, Cordell is also co-founder of sportswear brand Mungo Sports.

The company complements his gift as a public speaker, with the business including school workshops activities on creative design about how to start your own clothing brand.

Not quite content with that, Cordell decided to throw another one into the mix.

Consequently, he also heads-up We Shine Together, a social enterprise that provides accredited training programmes to help people from disadvantaged communities gain qualifications.

Thanks to its success, the organisation is now recruiting young people for part-time jobs, with no experience necessary as all training will be given on the job.

So, if you are aged 18-24, or know someone who is, you know where to click… Cordell Jeffers.

Need a wellbeing quick fix? How the humble herb can help you heal

We all know the importance of nurturing our relationships with family, partners, and friends. Though what about our relationship with plants?

As we move towards a more sustainable world, embracing what Mother Nature has to offer is the perfect marriage between promoting personal and planetary health.

To honour this, we need to understand the ability that plants have to nourish and heal us.

[Credit: Rootwork Herbals]

Better yet, you don’t need a degree in botany as herbal guru Amanda David is here to help.

Using her expertise in plant power, she now guides others through her organisation Rootwork Herbals that is devoted to the love, work, and play of the humble herb.

She does this by delivering herbal education courses, mish-mashing hands-on learning with online modules that lead participants to complete a fully certificated course.

If that is a commitment too far, Amanda also offers virtual health consultations, delving into personalised wellbeing to create plant medicine remedies that suit your bespoke needs.

[Credit: Rootwork Herbals]

Then there is her apothecary shop too, for which she grows local herbs and lovingly harvests them to achieve peak potency for a variety of natural handcrafted remedies.

The mum-of-three’s approach to herbalism is inspired by her ancestors, building intimate relationships with the plants that grow nearby in order to create herbal medicine.

While herbal medicine may sound like part of the wellness revolution, archaeological evidence actually points to its use in the Paleolithic age, approximately 60,000 years ago.

[Credit: Rootwork Herbals]

Speaking about her work, Amanda said: “Rootwork Herbals has evolved organically within herbalism to build mutually beneficial relationships between people, plants, and planet.

“The quality of our products is deeply rooted in the plants and our relationship to them. We devotedly grow and wildcraft herbs so that we can guarantee their freshness and vitality.”

She continued: “We gather our herbs at the peak of potency, closely following the plant’s life cycle, as well as seasonal rhythms.”

Once harvested, they immediately begin the medicine making process so that the plant’s energy is not lost, with any additional herbs required purchased from certified organic growers.

At the heart of the project is sustainability, using local plants rather than distant or rare ones.

[Credit: Rootwork Herbals]

Amanda’s philosophy mirrors that of Dr Nicole Apelian, who we recently reported on.

The herbalist and biologist extraordinaire is on a mission to make health affordable and fun, sharing her knowledge in The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies.

Otherwise known as the plant bible, her book explores the natural healing properties of the very things that are growing in our own backyards without us even knowing.

For more info on Amanda, click here: Rootwork Herbals.

No more soggy sandwiches: You can now get picnics delivered to the park

The days of packing a picnic, only to get to the park and discover your sarnies are either squashed or soggy from a leaking water bottle, are over.

Now, it’s goodbye DIY and hello delivery.

That’s right, food and drink kits can now be delivered as you sit soaking up the rays outside.

Check out the list below, created by our trusty pals over at TimeOut, who have collated the best posh picnics to tickle your taste-buds as the summer months come out to play.  

[Credit: Get Stuft]

Get Stuft

With a meat and cheese, vegetarian, and vegan option, everyone will be ‘stuft’ once you’ve delved into one of these divine sharing boxes.

Exploding with seasonal fruit and veg, quirky hummus flavours, and chutney galore, these seriously good platters will get you in the mood for lockdown freedom.

For a taste of indulgence, click here: Get Stuft.

[Credit: SUPPER London]


Coined ‘the poshest of all the delivery platforms’, SUPPER London is a cut above the rest due to the sheer choice on offer.

Instead of flogging food from one restaurant, this app allows users to select from a variety of luxurious brands, including a Fortnum & Mason hamper, Harrods Food Hall items, exquisite Japanese cuisine from Nobu, or a taste of Peru from trendy Coya.

To get involved, click here: SUPPER London.

[Credit: Pique]


Whether you’re after a picnic for Ascot, a picnic-themed wedding, finger food for an office event or fresh and healthy dishes for an outing, this menu will satisfy you.

Think fancy hampers with handmade produce; featuring mini lobster rolls, blueberry pancakes, and burrata [Italian cheese] with slow-roast tomatoes, pea shoots, and pine nuts.

This is probably the closest you’ll get to a Michelin-star picnic.

To take your ‘pique’ from this range, click here: Pique.

[Credit: Ombra]


The crème de la crème of picnics, this Hackney-based Italian eatery knows the way to your heart is through your stomach.

With hampers boasting their signature house focaccia bread, spicy sausage rolls, mortadella [Italian sausage], olives, burrata, pasta salad, beers and Amaretti biscuits, what’s not to love?

Tbh, they had us at spicy sausage rolls.

Find more info, click here: Ombra.

[Credit: Top Cuvée]

Top Cuvée

If you’re happy with your Doritos and dip, and would rather skip straight to the fun stuff, there’s no judgement here.

Top Cuvée has your name written all over it, with the north London natural wine dons dropping booze off to your chillout spot in Clissold Park or Highbury Fields.

With more locations to be announced soon, this could fast-become London’s no1 party starter.

To get on the sauce, click here: Top Cuvée.

Disabled animals are living their best life with prosthetics and wheels

While society may be working towards accepting a more diverse world for humans, sometimes the animals get left behind.

Yet one man is determined to give them a voice.

Meet Paul Christian, devoted to helping high-risk animals so that diversity exists in wildlife too.

Speaking exclusively to InspoDaily, Paul opened up about his inspiring Protect All Wildlife project and why his work is only just beginning.

[Credit: Protect All Wildlife]

Paul said: “I became involved in animal rights in 2013 when I saw a video of a lion being shot by trophy hunters. I researched what trophy hunting was and was abhorred by the thought of some person with a gun taking the life of a lion, rhino or elephant for the fun of it.

“That is when I started Protect All Wildlife, to fundraise for animal charities. So far, I have raised in the region of £50,000.”

And Paul doesn’t do things by halves.

He has run around Manchester’s Heaton Park in the rain while dressed as an elephant (for The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust), jumped out of a plane to skydive (for LionAid) and abseiled down the ArcelorMittal Orbit in London’s Olympic Park (for the Thula Thula Wildlife Sanctuary).

During the recent Australian wildfires, Paul also raised over £1k for the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital and Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park in Oz.

[Credit: Protect All Wildlife]

While Paul helps organisations across the globe, his heart lies with Miracle’s Mission – a charity in the UK dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of sick, injured and disabled animals.

Here, he works as a proud patron to raise awareness of their rehab programme, from recovery to re-homing, as well as educating people about adopting pets with special needs.

Paul said: “I absolutely adore dogs and find it shocking that vets are far too quick to euthanise disabled animals, with the right treatment and equipment animals using wheels and prosthetics can live as good a life as a fully able-bodied animal.”

The non-profit’s founder, Victoria Bryceson, is currently fundraising to build the first ever centre for disabled animals, where she will rehabilitate our most vulnerable animals.

[Credit: Protect All Wildlife]

Talking about her mission, Victoria said: “90% of disabled dogs that are seen by vets are euthanised unnecessarily, there must be literally thousands of dogs killed like this in the UK.

“Many people may not be aware that dogs who have wheels and prosthetics can live as good a life as a fully able-bodied dog and mistakenly think euthanasia is the only option.”

Currently, amputation of one leg is common practice with UK vets, as dogs can live well and still be very active with three legs, especially if it is a back leg as most of the weight is on the front legs.

However, when it comes to double amputation leaving the dog with two legs, vets often refuse as they say pets won’t have a good quality of life – something Paul and Victoria are trying to change.

[Credit: Protect All Wildlife]

Victoria continued: “The specialist hospitals seem more open to it as they have more experience but even they have problems where most of their dogs in these conditions are euthanised, not because they need to be but because in their words it is the owners who can’t cope with the thought of a two-legged dog. There is a huge need for education amongst the public and vets.”

As well as spreading the word for Victoria’s plight, Paul promotes the #AdoptDontShop campaign, which encourages people to adopt abandoned pets to gift them a forever home.

Similarly, he is a huge advocate of the #LucysLaw initiative, where the public are called upon to get a new puppy or kitten from a breeder or rescue centre to wipe out puppy farming, where puppies are treated as a commodity and bred with no respect for their health and welfare.

To support Paul and his mission, click here: Protect All Wildlife.

Pink supermoon to light up the sky on April 26 with majestic display

Start scribbling April 26 in your diary as what sounds like a scene from a fantasy film, a pink supermoon is set to light up the sky tomorrow.

The full supermoon will not only cast a beautiful hue across the heavens, it will also appear bigger and brighter than a regular full moon due to its proximity to Earth.

On any regular day while looking up and pondering the meaning of life, the moon measures 384,400 km from our planet, whereas the full moon occurs less than 360,000 km away.

[Credit: Supritha Jonnavitulla / Unsplash]

If Monday evening is the one night you happen to be washing your hair, don’t fret, you should still be able to view the moon two or three days before and after that date.

It is also said the pink moon will hit peak illumination on the morning of April 27 in the UK.

This is because the best time to enjoy a supermoon is just after moonrise or just before moonset, when the moon is low and close to the horizon as it can be seen in all its glory.

[Credit: Adi Ulici / Unsplash]

Speaking about the upcoming event, Sarah Jane Brown, an expert from, shed a little light on how the pink moon represents spiritual significance too.

Sarah said: “This pink supermoon in Virgo gained its name through a spiritual connection made by the Native Americans between this moon and the phlox flower, which is a distinct shade of pink and blooms around the same time of year as this full moon in April.

“The phlox, Greek for flame or light, represents harmony and fertility, much like the moon.”

[Credit: Phlox plant / Shutterstock]

She continued: “Spiritually, if you are in the Northern Hemisphere, this pink supermoon signifies fertility, change, new growth, and adaptability, which are major themes in spring.

“If you are in the Southern Hemisphere, it signifies looking inwards during the cold winter months and releasing any external burdens that have held you down.”

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled, and have your camera at the ready.

To help you get the perfect shot, you can check the moonrise and moonset times of your specific location by clicking here: Pink Supermoon.

Improve your home forever: Beautiful ‘smartflower’ creates clean energy

In a world of smart gadgets galore, whether our phones, home security, or household appliances, we’ve just stumbled across our favourite so far.

Say hello to the Smartflower; which is not only convenient for your home or car to power-up your devices, it can also help save the planet as it creates clean energy.

Just as you might have solar panels on the roof of a building, that use sunlight as a source of energy to generate electricity, the Smartflower acts in much the same way.

[Credit: Smartflower]

Only this time, the Smartflower is on a mission to prove that solar can be beautiful with its quirky aesthetics that resemble a large flower.

Better yet, its actual movements mimic a sunflower, whereby the flower has an internal body clock to open and close as it detects sunlight that provides it with optimal energy to grow.

Similarly, the Smartflower moves throughout the day, opening and closing as it interacts with light and shadow to produce sustainable energy.

It does this thanks to its advanced robotics and ability to intelligently track the sun, making up to 40% more energy than traditional stationary solar panels.

Then, every day at sunset, the Smartflower folds up and cleans itself to maintain peak utilisation.

[Credit: Smartflower]

The impressive creation is being hailed as the perfect device to inspire future generations on renewable energy, illustrating how Mother Nature is the OG of electricity.

Over in Dover, Massachusetts, where the first residential Smartflower was installed in 2017, parents Jake and Elizabeth Grossman say it is an incredible educational tool for their kids.

Speaking about their decision to power their home in an alternative and contemporary way, Jake said it was a happy accident after deciding that solar panels would not suit the look of their very traditional colonial house – meaning they opted for the Smartflower instead.

[Credit: Smartflower]

Jake said: “It looks cool in our garden and is extremely efficient. It serves as a constant reminder that we’re here temporarily. We must do right by future generations and take care of the planet.

“We want our kids to learn this lesson in lots of different ways. The Smartflower is one piece of a larger puzzle of caring for the earth and we hope it has a positive impact on our kids.”

He added: “It’s such an innovative product. It’s like what the iPhone was for phones. There are lots of solar arrays out there, but the Smartflower combines aesthetics, innovation, and energy production so effectively. There’s nothing quite like it.”

For more info, click here: Smartflower.

[Credit: Smartflower]

TV chef swoops in to save restaurant staff and put money in their pockets

With the hospitality industry having endured immense hardship over the last year, it is touch and go over which bars and restaurants will reopen their doors again.

Yet thanks to an eye-wateringly generous donation from foodie Guy Fieri, many restaurant workers have been given a major lifeline.

The American restauranteur, who also has his own cooking show on US cable channel Food Network, has raised $25million (£18m) to help people hit by the pandemic.

[Credit: CBS]

Guy teamed up with the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund to help more than 43,000 people.

The money will be distributed as $500 grants to restaurant workers in all 50 states, as well as in the District of Columbia, Guam, the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

Speaking about his involvement, Guy said he wanted to gift an olive branch to people who are really struggling and have suffered a significant drop in income.

Guy said: “We were separated from my parents for Christmas. Lost some really wonderful friends during this. So, there’s been enough to really bum me out, bum us out and get us all down.

“But on the other side of it, there’s so many people that have it so much worse.”

[Credit: Guy Fieri]

Chatting to CBS, Guy added: “You know, so many people work in the restaurant industry in multiple jobs, second jobs, single mums, single parents, students, retirees. And the restaurant industry is massively important to our communities.

“And so, I said, ‘We got to do something to get some money to these folks.’”

As each state in America is governed by its own constitution, it has meant varying rules in different areas, making it a postcode lottery for hospitality workers.

[Credit: Guy Fieri]

For example, in Texas, Florida and South Carolina, restaurants are open for dine-in without restrictions, whereas over in California, Georgia and Hawaii there are restrictions in place.

Over in the UK, we are currently on a roadmap out of lockdown that began on March 8 when pupils returned to schools; this has since been followed with the reopening of hairdressers and beer gardens, with the majority of rules aiming to be lifted by June 21.

Keep those fingers (and toes!) tightly crossed.

The mental health blog to help you find your voice if you are struggling

Do you ever feel stuck in a toxic environment, trying to manage your colleagues or kids behaviour, while also navigating your own anxiety?!

While it can feel utterly overwhelming, you are not alone. And one woman is determined to remind people of this, reaching out to anyone struggling with practical advice.

Meet Lynn How, mental health extraordinaire who has launched Positive Young Minds, a site sprinkled with tips and tricks for educators, parents and children to boost wellbeing.

[Credit: Lynn How]

Lynn is a big believer in prevention over cure, hoping to nurture mental health from a young age instead of how society typically reacts often too late when someone is already in crisis.

Through her thought-provoking blogs and insightful infographics, Lynn shares ideas that will help you going in (and out) of the workplace sane.

We caught up with Lynn to hear a little more about Positive Young Minds, and why she decided to offer an olive branch to people who might be finding life a challenge right now.

Lynn said: “My background has a strong pull to SEMH [Social, Emotional, Mental Health]. Through roles of SENCO [Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator], Assistant Head, mentor, and teacher, I have always been an advocate for the mental health of staff and students.

“I had been considering starting a SEMH blog for a while due to the high need for resources in this area but had never had the time to plan it properly. It wasn’t until the pandemic started that my time could be used more flexibly, and I was able to focus on getting started.”

[Credit: Positive Young Minds]

Having previously flirted with putting pen to paper (or rather, finger to keyboard) for leading education blog Teacher Toolkit, Lynn picked up snippets on how to edit and use WordPress.

It was this experience that gave her the confidence to launch a personal site, where Lynn now posts pieces such as, ‘Tackling Negativity’, ‘2021: The Year of You’, and her most popular blog to date, ‘10 De-Escalation Techniques with Social Distancing in Mind’.

While Lynn hopes to reach as many people as possible in far-flung corners of the world, she also says that if her blogs help just one person, then her work is done.

Lynn said: “When you are struggling, it can be very lonely, particularly if you don’t feel comfortable talking about any difficulties you are experiencing.

“I hope that through my blog, people can find their voice if they are struggling. I can also signpost readers to other helpful agencies that offer support.”

[Credit: Positive Young Minds]

In particular, Lynn aims to support all adults and students in educational settings with their mental health and to provide practical, cost-effective solutions for SEMH related issues that are currently experienced in schools, such as preventing teacher burnout.

She also hopes to shine a light on early intervention, as well as change at government level to improve working conditions for staff and amendments to the curriculum to ensure SEMH is central so that the building blocks of learning can be built upon firm mental health foundations.

While those at No10 may be taking their time to implement change, there is a clear thirst for Lynn’s message as her blogs have gone global, with clicks from people in 117 different countries.

Speaking about her first year online, Lynn said she is only just scratching the surface.

She concluded: “I am starting to welcome guest bloggers, who bring a wealth of experience, and I also have plans for a book and further resources to support SEMH in the pipeline.

“My blog is one of the silver linings that the pandemic has provided. Out of the ashes of the pandemic your phoenix can rise. The world is full of new beginnings and you will be too.”

For mental health advice, click here: Positive Young Minds.

Sink your teeth into the world’s tastiest doughnuts for Anzac Day

Many of us will have endured the ‘eyes bigger than our belly’ experience, although we honestly don’t think that is possible on this occasion.

In what can only be described as heavenly, doughnut giants Crosstown have crafted two mouth-watering creations in honour of Anzac Day, a national day of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand on April 25 to commemorate those who served their country.

Now, the bakery is proud to give us Brits a taste of history alongside Aussie and Kiwi life with their Tim Tam and Lamnut delicacies.

[Credit: Crosstown]

The Tim Tam is an Australian sweet treat, likened to the UK’s classic Penguin, that boasts a decadent chocolate biscuit with a choco cream sandwich filling in the centre.

In doughnut form, your tastebuds will get a kick from chocolate sourdough filled with a choco custard made from Tim Tams, topped with a Tim Tam ganache and crushed Tim Tam pieces.

That’s a Tim Tam holy trinity! And we’re salivating just thinking about it.

[Credit: Crosstown]

Meanwhile, the Lamnut takes inspiration from the lamington cake, which is made from sponge cake coated in an outer layer of chocolate sauce and rolled in desiccated coconut.

The Crosstown revamp also features a delicious layer of raspberry jam through the middle.

As well as honouring heritage from Down Under, you are guaranteed to enjoy top quality taste as the bakery vows to deliver on handcrafted, fresh produce.

Their staff roll all of the dough by hand, make all of the jams, compotes, fillings, glazes and toppings in-house, fresh every day, while using the finest ingredients to gift honest flavour.

[Credit: Crosstown]

Having initially launched as a market stall back in 2014 at London’s notorious Leather Lane, Crosstown now have multiple locations across the city with one in Cambridge too.

Speaking about their upcoming taste of Oz, co-founder Adam Wills said he is excited to reintroduce the limited-edition doughnuts which proved a hit last year.

Adam said: “Antipodean culture is in Crosstown’s DNA. We’ve shipped in a mountain of ingredients for these fan-favourite doughnuts, ready to give our fellow Aussies and Kiwis a taste of home during the Anzac Day commemorations.

“But, with limited supplies, people should place a pre-order early to secure their delivery.”

To sink your teeth into one of these creations, click here: Crosstown.

Be quick though, the Anzac Day flavours are available from April 19-25 only.