Wipe out anxiety: Discover how energy medicine can transform you

Mental health experts and campaigners tell us time and time again that if we’re struggling we should ‘talk to someone’.

Yet sometimes problems feel too personal to share or we worry that confiding in a friend puts too much of a burden on them. So, often we say nothing at all.

However, this comes at a huge cost not only to our mental health but also our physical health, as we suppress our emotions to hold them all in which then manifests as illness or disease.

One woman is determined to change this narrative and help people see that existence is like an energy, similar to a flower, that needs care and maintenance.

[Credit: Tijen Hassan]

But Tijen Hassan knows that nurturing our individual energy can feel like climbing Mount Everest with no training, and this is where she steps in to act as a guide.

Speaking exclusively to Uspire, Tijen spoke about her own healing journey and how she now helps others on their quest to discover their inner zen and achieve maximum wellbeing.

Tijen said: “Healing is an inside job, but we sometimes need someone to hold our hand and guide us, cheer for us, cry with us, hold us when we hurt.

“Hurting is okay, it’s all part of our growth. To me, darkness means transformation as something has to shift, and I love nothing more than seeing people see and feel this.”

Tijen knows first-hand what it is like to experience darkness and come out the other side, having spent 23 years in a stressful career in retail head office while also juggling single parent life and an autoimmune disease called Crohn’s that causes severe inflammation of the digestive tract.

She was also diagnosed with generalised anxiety disorder and high blood pressure, before the Crohn’s escalated and she was put on steroids.

[Credit: White Aura Healing]

Tijen said: “My health got so bad that I was unable to work after a car accident which caused trauma to my body, then low and behold, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia [a condition that causes pain all over the body]. When I hit 40, I decided to try and manage my stress.”

However, when Tijen returned to work, managing those stress levels became a near-impossible task as her health conditions affected her role where she managed multiple projects and people.

In an effort to take control, she decided to leave, although depression soon set in as she had no job for the first time in her life and realised her whole identity had been her work.

She said: “I decided that it was either make or break: continue the life I had full of stress and be sick all the time or not be a victim to it and take my health and life into my own hands to try and beat these diseases and emotional imbalances so that I can actually live a happy, more meaningful life not in constant pain and feeling anxious all the time.”

Tijen chose the second option and has never looked back.

She continued: “I had started trying out things like reiki healing and dabbling in essential oils, so I decided to do a mindfulness-meditation and Buddhism diploma course and this led me on a beautiful journey of discovering that energy medicine is a ‘thing’ and not the hocus pocus that some say it is, it’s not all Tarot and angels. It’s actually wellness and can heal your body from the root cause of where it came from in incredible ways.

“After seeing the amazing results after one year, I was in remission, anxiety and pain free, I had gone from taking 12 prescription tablets a day down to one a day.”

[Credit: White Aura Healing]

Empowered by her new zest for life, Tijen decided to spread the work and pass on her experiences to everyone who would listen.

Now, she is the proud founder of White Aura Healing, a business dedicated to helping people clear energy blockages so they can positively transform their lives.

Having started three years ago in her living room, Tijen says she still has to pinch herself from making the leap across two polar opposite worlds from corporate to energy.

She also co-founded another company, The Soul Alchemist, where they create products to help people with their healing journey; such as essential oils sprays and crystal jewellery.

Reflecting on making the shift from climbing the conventional career ladder, Tijen said it was not without fear of being judged and she was even trolled by a few others on the same healing path.

She said: “It affected me and made me feel like I wanted to turn back and leave it all behind, but it opened my eyes to a whole new world of negative energy from others. It made me realise how powerful energy and thoughts can be, if someone can send us negative energy through their thoughts and feelings towards us, to make us feel physically sick and like we don’t want to move forward with our goals, then energy must be a very powerful thing.

“It taught me to listen to my intuition more, I listened and realised that if negative energy and thoughts can affect us, then so can positive energy and thoughts. It taught me that if I had confidence in my ability, the reaction from these people would not affect me because I would know it is not about me, it is coming from their own place of lacking, and I was just triggering them.”

Tijen added: “Once I shifted my perspective, I started to just grow and feel grateful for all experiences, both good and bad, and that in turn raised my vibratory level further attracting more good things into my life, troubled people left, and better opportunities and people came along.”

[Credit: Tijen Hassan]

Tijen now pours her positivity into helping others, with workshops that promise to transform your life, health, stress levels, and achieve your desires through shifting mindsets.

She also hosts live Instagram meditations and is currently training in breathwork, an increasingly popular tool to heal the body which uses the power of breath.

Tijen said: “I want to make people feel the unconditional vibration of love for life, that no matter how troubled the world is, it’s still beautiful if we look at things through the eyes of love. I want people to see the power they hold inside and see that they don’t have to stay in the place they are. No matter how old, how sick, how troubled and how lost they feel.”

While her work teeters on life coaching, Tijen prefers to call it “holding hands” as she sees herself as guiding people to a beautiful space rather than instructing them.

As she focuses on reaching as many lives as possible, she touchingly concluded: “This healing work changed my life and I want to guide others to do the same. If one candle lights one candle next to it, we can light one million candles with the ripple effect.”

To start your healing journey, click here: White Aura Healing.

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