How mass mindfulness is changing the way that humans behave

When it comes to politics and campaigning, they say there’s strength in numbers.

So, what about applying that philosophy to wellbeing?

This is exactly what the Moments of Mass Mindfulness [MOMM] movement are doing, placing the strength in numbers principle at the core of their practice.

They believe that by coming together with open minds and open hearts, large groups can trigger a ripple effect to improve societies across the globe.

[Credit: MOMM]

The brainchild of mindfulness teacher Sue Cooper, she was inspired by the Washington D.C. experiment that took place in 1993 to try and bring about a more peaceful community.

The experiment, conducted across the month of June, saw 4,000 trained mediators unite and mediate at the same time in a bid to reduce crime.

Their efforts proved successful, with the city’s crime rate dropping by 18%.

Fast-forward to today, and Sue’s movement aims to mimic the experiment by bringing people together to unite in a frazzled world.

[Credit: MOMM]

This time around, the invite is not only open to wellness professionals, but everyone.

The MOMM manifesto believes in the more, the merrier, stating: “Through the co-creation of gatherings, we are inspiring like-minded and like-hearted individuals to actively promote the values of connection, belonging, meaning, trust, mutual care, and respect.

“When we come together individually and co-create a compassionate circle we create powerful possibilities. Everyone counts, please join in.”

Currently, there are multiple weekly events to get involved with on Zoom, while MOMM also host big annual meditations that focus on building peace and connection.

[Credit: Sue Cooper

In particular, the MOMM team aim to shine a light on the link between the science of health with the experience of meditation.

As the wellness industry booms, many of us now understand the importance of holistic practices, with regular mindfulness-based techniques proven to reduce stress hormones and anxiety.

However, while evidence is mounting to show that this can improve an individual’s life, less is known about the impact of collective consciousness.

This is exactly where MOMM place their focus, on their quest to show that when we come together with a shared intent of peace, humans “naturally amplify the coherence within and radiate out into the world”. They’ve certainly got our vote.

To get involved, click here: MOMM.

[Credit: MOMM]

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