Calling London party peeps! Notting Hill Carnival to go ahead with a twist

Notting Hill Carnival is as iconic to London as the red bus, Big Ben, and our unfailing optimism to think football is coming home at every major tournament.

So, we are buzzing to report that it WILL go ahead this year despite initial reports that it was on the cusp of being cancelled for the second year in a row.

Just a few weeks ago, organisers announced that the fiesta would not be going ahead on the streets this August bank holiday due to the ongoing uncertainty and risk Covid poses.

At the time, the cheeky team failed to mention that they had a plan B up their sleeves!

[Credit: Pinar Mavi]

That plan B involves an extravaganza taking place through a series of ticketed events, in contrast to the regular street festival where you rock up without pre-booking.

For 2021 celebrations, punters are being invited to book performances hitting Opera Holland Park, a glorious open-air auditorium with picnic areas in Kensington.

The three-day programme, stretching across August 19-21, will see a variety of acts showcasing the best traditional and contemporary Caribbean musicians, celebrating the culture and heritage of the carnival through the musical genres of calypso and steelpan.

[Credit: Lachlan Gowen]

Better yet, the tickets will help fund the return of Notting Hill Carnival in 2022 so that the tradition can survive after the global pandemic.

While it may seem steep switching from a free to paying event, all tickets are being priced fairly at £10 a pop, and organisers are mindful of this leap.

Speaking about the decision, Matthew Phillip, CEO of Notting Hill Carnival Ltd, said it will play an extremely important role in raising vital financial support to secure its future.  

[Credit: Glodi Miessi]

Matthew said: “Notting Hill Carnival belongs on the streets, but the pandemic presented too much uncertainty to plan for a safe event over the August bank holiday weekend.

“It also put bands in a difficult financial situation that had the potential to close them down, despite decades of history.”

He added: “It would be very difficult to hold carnival in its traditional format on the streets with social distancing in place. It would be devastating for a second year in a row.”

If you are struggling financially, or just want to join in festivities without committing to a ticket, there will be free events taking place at Notting Hill Carnival hub The Tabernacle too.

And it’s only 12 months until the 2022 street party…

To grab a ticket, click here: Carnival Culture in the Park.

Constantly stressed? Learn how to let go from the daily grind

Do you spend your life trying to please other people, only to feel like whatever you do is not enough, so you people-please some more and get stuck in a loop?

Then it sounds like you might need a little help getting off that hamster wheel.

Here to unbuckle you from the never-ending ride is wellbeing guru Elaine Denton.

Having experienced her own struggles of the daily grind, she knows first-hand how to break the cycle and say no to a life where you are only surviving rather than thriving.

[Credit: Elaine Denton]

Speaking exclusively to InspoDaily, Elaine told us about how she reconnected with herself to find her truth and why she now helps others do the same to find self-love in abundance.

Elaine said: “Five years ago, I was in a corporate job… and utterly miserable.

“I was constantly stressed, working long hours, had imposter syndrome and found myself at rock bottom. I felt trapped.”

She continued: “I started working with a life coach and uncovered a lot of ‘stuff’, not just about work, but why I felt there was no other option for me.

“I soon learned that my belief was ‘I am not enough’ and this had pushed me to try and over excel and people-please to the point of exhaustion.”

[Credit: Elaine Denton]

With the help of her coach, Elaine felt empowered to begin teacher-training courses in yoga and meditation, before taking the leap to leave her job and set-up her own wellness business.

The following year, Elaine decided she wanted to help people more with their mindset and emotional wellbeing, prompting her to train as a life coach and then as a hypnotherapist.

Needless to say, she has never looked back.

Elaine said: “In the last three years, I have helped over 500 people on their journey of self-love, through yoga retreats, classes, meditation, and most recently, life coaching.

“Where I can really help huge transformation and shifts take place, is when I help people heal from trauma and past experiences to find acceptance and love for who they are now.”

[Credit: Elaine Denton]

If you are reading this and feel you quite fancy one of those shifts but are wary of delving into past trauma, Elaine gifts free 30-minute taster calls to help you discover what is holding you back.

They offer a chance of insight on how to move forward with “clarity, courage and confidence”.

On the flip side, if that shift can’t come soon enough, there are plenty of events up for grabs with Elaine’s next one on August 1 promising yoga, mindfulness and sound bath meditations.

The full day retreat places self-acceptance at its heart, with workshops, gratitude circles, and even a nourishing vegan outdoor lunch on the itinerary.

[Credit: Elaine Denton]

Elaine says her goal is to make people feel seen and heard, and that they matter, with so many of her clients feeling close to burnout when they first begin working with her.

She concluded: “I want people to feel that they deserve their space on this earth and feel proud of who they are. I really want to specialise in helping people heal from trauma too.

“I love seeing people transform and become the best version of themselves, with self-acceptance rather than drastic changes to their lifestyle, and help in a way that’s right for them.”

To kickstart the brand-new you, click here: Elaine Denton.

Pet wellbeing: The five key things needed to make your animal healthy

As a term, wellbeing has truly engrained itself into part of our daily life.

Whether you are dedicated to it or not, you’ll certainly be more aware of cayenne pepper remedies, yoga retreats, and gong baths.

Now, it seems our animals are getting in on the action!

That’s right, it’s time for pet wellbeing.

[Credit: Petco]

So, for anyone out there with pooches, kitties, rabbits, you name it, they’re about to get a whole lot more pampered with a new approach to their health.

We don’t just mean an extra walkie in the middle of the day or a handful of extra Dreamies (cat-owners, you’ll know what we’re chatting about), we’re talking the whole spectrum of wellness.

The trailblazers dedicated to improving the lives of pets and their pet-parents are known as Petco.

They began life as a pet store back in the 60s and have evolved into a huge network of more than 100 in-store veterinary hospitals. Now, they’re moving online to share their bundles of resources.

[Credit: Petco]

This means, if you don’t know where to start or are fretting about having to give Rex a massage or Beau a manicure, you can find tips and tricks aplenty on the website.

Their main objective is to help people recognise the five vital needs every animal must have to thrive – physical health, mental health, social health, home health and accessible health.

Once these five needs are met, the Petco crew say that you can continue to build on them and, crucially, you will start to see results.

In their mission statement, they say: “It’s our goal to help pets lead full, rewarding lives. That’s why we’re revolutionising the way the industry thinks about pet wellbeing.

“How? With an approach that supports a pet’s whole health by engaging all five critical dimensions of health that strengthen and build on each other.”

[Credit: Petco]

Their advice on physical health centres on nutrition, which is the foundation of wellbeing, and will help pets achieve healthy skin, shiny coats, and have a better chance of a longer life.

Of course, exercise also comes into play, along with regular vet check-ups and keeping them pest-free by preventing ticks and fleas with ongoing treatments.

Moving onto mental health, you’ll find ideas on how to train your little beasts with activities that promote brain development, while also learning how to ease their symptoms of stress.

[Credit: Petco]

For social health, Petco encourage owners to build strong relationships by playing together and treating them well not only as a part of training but also simply because they deserve it.

Next comes home health, an underrated factor that pets need for a safe and stimulating environment to feel like part of the family.

So, whether you can offer lots of toys, tasty treats round-the-clock, or a place to belong, all of these are essential to their little immune systems.

Last but not least, to complete the quintet, is accessible health which simply means providing pets with what they need to live well, such as good vet care and insurance.

They might not be able to repay you with a bottle of Prosecco, but behind their miaows and woofs, you’re guaranteed furballs of happiness.

For more info, click here: Petco.

[Credit: Petco]

How helping kids be physically active can boost their productivity

Did you know children benefit from sport not only for weight management, but also to attain healthy bones and muscles?

In addition to this, it boosts their mental health, self-esteem, improves behaviour, and also promotes teamwork and friendship.

Pretty nifty for something that often involves little money so long as there is space to play.

However, while the average child should get one hour or more of physical daily activity in order to meet these wellbeing needs, this is not happening.

Less than half of young people in the UK are achieving this, with only 44.9% meeting the Chief Medical Officer guidelines of taking part in regular sport.

[Credit: Adrian Tuitt]

With schools favouring desk time over playing on a field, and our 24/7 screen culture, it can be damn hard trying to find hours in the day to introduce more activity.

Enter Adrian Tuitt, sports saint extraordinaire!

This motivational speaker with a twist not only inspires kids to open their eyes as to what they can achieve in post-education life, he also helps schools kickstart sports programmes for their pupils to keep them active and promote physical activity in young people.

Speaking about his mission, Adrian said he hopes to emphasise the fun that sports can bring, rather than the perceived idea that it is mundane or only for weight loss or medals.

[Credit: Adrian Tuitt]

Adrian said: “As a child, I excelled at sports and I always knew that this was the path I wanted to take. In school, I was known as ‘Runner’ due to being the fastest, this further encouraged me, and my aspirations grew as quickly as my reputation in sports did.

“This increased my self-confidence and with the backing of my parents, I became even more active and involved. However, along the way, I also realised that for some it was not easy.”

He explained: “They, unfortunately, gave up on their dreams for one reason or another.”

In an effort to combat this for future generations, Adrian said he wanted to help others so that they did not give up like his peers – not at the first, second or even at the third hurdle – but to always chase their dreams and to reach that all-important finish line.

[Credit: Adrian Tuitt]

True to his word, he founded The Little Runners, a schools sports programme that helps to inspire confidence in youngsters not only in fitness but also productivity in their education.

Alongside this project, Adrian also presents and delivers his motivational talks.

Adrian said: “I realised I had a natural gift to inspire, an ability to change the lives of people who without my direction and guidance would otherwise have failed. Anything is possible if you can train your mind in the same way that you learn to train in sports.”

Sounds like we could with a pep-talk from Adrian ourselves.

For more info, click here: Adrian Tuitt.

Killer festival clothes to make you stand out from the crowd

Artwork typically hangs on the wall, is etched on your skin as a tattoo, or perhaps you think your eye-candy crush is a work of art.

Now, you can wear art too.

A new range of kitsch art-meets-fashion-meets-music is a festivalgoer’s dream.

Hailed as ‘wearable art for everyone’, the collection named Rain On Me – otherwise known as ROM – boasts fun outdoor clothing fit for any Glasto, Reading or Bestival field.

[Credit: Rain On Me]

The quirky offerings include a variety of raincoat styles, for both kids and adults, of ponchos and light macs to brave any downpour.

“Each design is unique and reflects our own individuality.”

Ruth Hockman, Rain On Me founder

Creator Ruth Hockman says the garments are not only to weather our unpredictable British summers, but also act as a reminder to embrace life’s storms.

Having designed the cute apparel during lockdown number one in March 2020, Ruth said she wanted to produce statement wearable works of art that have been individually hand-painted.

Her sole mission is to bring joy to all of our outdoor adventures.

[Credit: Rain On Me]

Ruth also said her inspiration behind the craftwork is her no1 love, music, saying: “They are heavily influenced by music, the unified collection is named after Lady Gaga’s hit record Rain On Me and the range is titled, We’re One, But We’re Not The Same – a lyric from U2’s anthem song, One.”

She added: “Each design is unique and reflects our own individuality. 

“During these current uncertain times, music has brought enormous comfort to many and continues to inspire the collection.”

[Credit: Rain On Me]

Ruth, who is also the founder of Rise and Raise (a fitness events company specialising in all day spinathons to encourage people to fundraise whilst keeping fit and having fun), said she wanted to create an authentic brand that brings people together with inclusivity at its core. 

With that ethos at the heart of everything she does, a percentage of profits from the collection will go to small charities who focus on community, mental health and the environment.

We don’t know about you, but we’ll be nabbing one as we’re done getting caught out by the rain and having to fashion black bin bags as coats while at the main stage.

To grab a jacket, click here: Rain On Me.

‘It gave hope in a very dark period’ The mental health tool to help men 

Have you ever seen your dad cry? Heard your husband or boyfriend say he’s depressed? Or watched your son fall apart?

While some of you may have, the reality is that boys and men keep their problems tightly bound inside and very often hit crisis without having told a soul they’re struggling.

This means when they reach breaking point, they not only feel alone but also like everyone else around them is coping perfectly well and they’re abnormal for not fitting this mould.

HeadsUpGuys is the perfect safe space challenging this stereotype, created for males by males to support them in their fight against depression.

[Credit: HeadsUpGuys]

Better yet, it’s not just an awareness-raising platform, but an online tool to provide real tangible advice, tools, and information about professional services.

In addition to this, they also share stories of success, focusing on personal experiences in order to inspire others to reach out and build support networks around them.

They pride themselves on an honest and straight-up approach, talking about depression in a way that truly resonates rather than just clinical textbook talk.

[Credit: HeadsUpGuys]

As a taster of what to expect, you can find practical tips to navigate mental health for different relationships and transitions in life such as switching colleges, jobs or moving house.

There are also resources to understand loneliness and how to forge connections to fight it; fine art and concept photography shining a light on wellbeing; and quotes from male athletes who’ve fought depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues.

They’re not afraid of sharing the tough stuff either, with one of the real-life tales from a guy who jumped off a nine-storey bridge and lived, who is now working to end ‘man up’ mentality.

[Credit: HeadsUpGuys]

While in theory it sounds promising, there’s nothing more candid than the first-hand testimonials of people who have turned to the platform and credit it as a life-saving force.

One user said he found the site during a very dark period of life and it gave so much hope, saying “all the resources before were really general but HeadsUpGuys helped me feel more connected”.

While another said, “I read your article on managing suicidal thoughts. Thank you, I’m pretty sure it saved my life.”

Their website really should be pinned to every school and office wall in the country.

For more info, click here: HeadsUpGuys.

[Credit: HeadsUpGuys]

Nature’s energy drink! Get buzzed without the caffeine

If you can’t live without your morning coffee or 2pm Red Bull when you’re flagging, then we’ve just found a treasure you’re going to want to grab with both hands.

It’s time to take a swig of switchel.

While it might sound like the name of a new social media app, switchel has actually earned the nickname of nature’s Powerade – the drink of choice for our England Euros 2020 squad.

Switchel is a simple yet fast-track mood booster containing water mixed with apple cider vinegar and often seasoned with ginger, honey, sugar, or brown sugar.

[Credit: Kim Daniels]

It is essentially an au natural energy drink minus harmful chemicals and added sugars.

In contrast, in one can of Monster, you’ll find this… carbonated water, sucrose, glucose syrup, acid (citric acid), flavourings, taurine, acidity regulator (sodium citrates), panax ginseng root extract, L-Carnitine L-Tartrate, preservatives (sorbic acid, benzoic acid), caffeine, colour (anthocyanins), vitamins (B3, B6, B2, B12), sweetener (sucralose), sodium chloride, D-Glucuronolactone, guarana seed extract, inositol, maltodextrin.


The best thing about switchel is that you can tweak it to suit you, so, if you prefer a sweeter flavour you can add maple syrup or if you like a tarty kick you can include lemon or spices such as turmeric.

[Credit: Jesper Brouwers]

Sounds good, but how can such basic ingredients pack such a punch?

The main element, apple cider vinegar – made by fermenting the sugar from apples – is a powerful antioxidant capable of reducing cholesterol and protecting your heart health.

Similarly, by adding ginger, you reap incredible benefits including relieving pain, boosting brain health, reducing inflammation, and even repairing the body’s DNA.

Even maple syrup, which is typically seen as a ‘naughty’ food for pancakes, is a diamond in the rough as while it is high in sugar, it also contains numerous antioxidants.

[Credit: PR]

As maple syrup is also a plant-based sweetener, unlike artificial options, it contains essential minerals like calcium, manganese, potassium, riboflavin and zinc too.

While switchel may seem like a wellbeing trend, it actually predates new-age detoxes with New England, USA claiming it originated there in the American Colonies in late 17th century.

It is said that the colonial farmers needed it to rehydrate while haying the fields, coining it their ‘haymaker’s punch’.

Fast-forward to 2021, and it is now being hailed as the perfect workout drink, largely due to the ginger helping relieve pain and inflammation so you can recover faster.

Just off to make some ourselves!

FREE beer for struggling venues to sell and recoup lockdown losses

If there are two words that are a match made in heaven, it’s ‘free’ and ‘beer’.

Regrettably, we don’t mean for punters, but the next best thing, the sellers!

The Christmas elves over at Pistonhead have come out to play early, gifting huge amounts of stock to help struggling music venues hit hard by the global pandemic.

Otherwise known as the craft lager kings, the crew are dishing out 70,000 cans – that’s a resale value of £300k – to any grassroots places that need help getting back on their feet.

[Credit: Pistonhead]

Once in possession of the stock, the venues will be free to sell it and try to recoup losses made during the lockdown closures which have been yo-yoing on and off since March 2020.

In their mission statement, the Pistonhead squad said the stock will provide essential funds for bars, clubs or concert halls to try and revive their businesses with some much-needed CPR.

They said: “We want to encourage those who make the everyday better for all of us. We want to support the talented individuals who creatively work to change our conceptions of what is contemporary culture.”

[Credit: Pistonhead]

The statement continued: “We support those who challenge the norms and who have an ambition to change. The ones who want to share their message; true creators that journey beyond society’s regular paths.”

Waving their pom-poms for the campaign, is the Night Time Industries Association [NTIA], who loyally promote the benefits that nightlife brings to wellbeing and state of mind.

Their CEO, Michael Kill, spoke out on the Pistonhead olive branch, commemorating it as a fantastic move to help the hospitality sector find its groove again in the Covid aftermath.

[Credit: Pistonhead]

Michael said: “The UK’s grassroots venues have been amongst the hardest hit by the pandemic. Many have shut forever, plenty have struggled to survive just long enough to be able to reopen.

“The campaign will go some way towards helping struggling venues get back on their feet, which in turn, will provide a wealth of much-needed opportunities for musicians up and down the country desperate to get back to doing what they do best.”

As gig fanatics, we couldn’t agree more!

If you are venue, or know a venue, get clicking here: Pistonhead Foundation.

Life’s a beach! Top UK staycation hotspots for you to visit this summer

It’s easy to understand why we scour deals from travel agents when the summer holidays roll around, in desperate search of a getaway for pure escapism.

Yet in our rush to find the perfect trip, we often forget about the paradise on our doorstep.

We’re talking beach dreams right here in the UK, so you can enjoy a Piña Colada or three without having to fork out expensive flights, travel insurance or sort visas.

If you’re thinking all of our offerings are like Brighton beach, in that (amazing as it is) the shoreline is full of pebbles and rocks, think again, we’ve got sun, sand and sea galore.

To help you plan the best break for you and your friends or family, we’ve whipped up some of the top coastal holidays this country has so you can say sayonara to the daily grind.

[Credit: Visit Dorset]

Mudeford Sandbank, Dorset

Pronounced ‘Muddy-ford’, this beautiful spot is a picture-perfect vision of a quintessential UK beach. Think golden sands lined with colourful beach huts, surrounded by cliffs and woodlands, which are home to many of the nation’s rare species of reptiles, birds and insects.

Here, you can grab an ice-cream and watch the world go by, or be more hands-on at their popular crabbing and fishing spot to get up-close-and-personal with marine life.

You’ll also be a stone’s throw away from Monkey World, home to over 250 rescued and endangered monkeys and apes; Laserguys Laser Tag, a mixture of paintball and laser quest; and Splashdown Poole, a water park with some of the country’s best water flumes.

You might be in Dorset, but you’ll feel like you’re abroad.

[Credit: TripAdvisor]

Camber Sands, Sussex

You may recognise the name Camber Sands as being home to many festivals, including All Tomorrow’s Parties and Boogaloo, although it is also a five-mile long stretch of pure beauty.

Whether you’re a sun enthusiast, water sports thrill-seeker, fancy a family picnic, or simply want to admire the fabulous scenery, there really is something for everyone here.

As the only sand dune system in east Sussex, teaming with wildlife and quaint cobbled streets nearby, it also makes for some killer Instagrammable moments.

[Credit: Boscombe Beach]

Boscombe, Bournemouth

If you love the beach, but find sunbathing as exciting as watching paint dry, then Boscombe is for you. With climbing boulders, slacklining, table tennis and volleyball available to hire, you can challenge the family to a tournament with one of the many activities on offer.

You’ll also discover exciting options on the pier too, including an eco-friendly mini golf course that boasts the first ever biodegradable ball to contain fish food in its core.

This means, at the last hole, the ball you hit goes into the sea and feeds the fish!

[Credit: Woolacombe Sands]

Woolacombe Sands, Devon

For anyone who likes a taste of luxury, Woolacombe Sands is calling your name. After all, it doesn’t get much better than a sea-view cabin with a hot tub overlooking the landscape.

Better yet, you’ll be supporting small businesses as this beauty hotspot is a family-owned destination currently in its third generation.

With stunning golden sands to create your sandcastle masterpiece, rock pools for kids to explore, and also great waves for surfing, this Devon gem is a must-go on the bucket list.

[Credit: TripAdvisor]

Tankerton, Kent

If someone asked you to name a beach in Kent, you would likely say Margate, fast-tracking its way up the hip scale to be known as Shoreditch-by-sea.

Yet there is a lesser-known tourist attraction in the south east.

A charming slice of heaven, Tankerton’s green slopes are the ultimate location to walk or picnic on, while admiring the view from its incredible vantage point.

However, this oasis of calm is pebbly, so maybe bring the jelly shoes! We guarantee it is cleaner and bigger than the main neighbouring Whistable beachfront, as well as being less crowded, so definitely worth the venture to admire the serenity and litter-free coastline.

[Credit: MuddyBoots UK]

Luskentyre Beach, Scotland

Hailed as ‘one of the most magical beaches in the world’, Luskentyre needs little selling.

Popular for its white sand, clear water and mountain views, you may never want to leave this secluded and expansive beach which is the best kept secret in the Isle of Harris.

Here, you really will feel like you’re on the edge of the world, and with scenery so breathtaking it’s no surprise the spot was used as the setting of BBC show Castaway.

Happy holidays!

Feel on the edge? Suicide helpline set up by local hero for people in crisis

Whether it’s a fear of shame, blame or guilt, telling family and friends our innermost thoughts can be a terrifying prospect.

Yet with NHS waiting lists often longer than a year for access to therapy, and private counselling not an option for many of us, who exactly are we meant to turn to?

When a local lad from Bristol reflected on this injustice, Michael Everett decided to take action himself and metamorphosed into a wellbeing champ worthy of a MBE.  

He recognised that people in crisis can no longer rely solely on healthcare services, and desperately need an olive branch from fellow residents in their community too.

[Credit: Suicide Prevention Bristol]

So, he got to work and began patrolling local suicide hotspots in his city to offer those in need a non-judgement ear and guide them through a mental health emergency.

We caught up with Michael to find out why it all started and how his lifeline has evolved.

Michael said: “I felt really saddened hearing the news of a lady, with her four-day-old, that took their lives in the Clifton area of Bristol under the care of a local maternity hospital.

“I know now more than ever, that when it comes to caring for someone so vulnerable, the duty of care lies within many people, and we are a part of that.

“Being so moved by this awful news report, I started casually patrolling local hotspots well-known for suicide attempts. This is what inspired me to start Suicide Prevention Bristol.”

[Credit: Suicide Prevention Bristol]

Within a year, Michael had recruited other volunteers to help patrol and collectively they launched a phoneline, named ASSISTLine, to create a safe space for people in desperate need to talk and request help from emergency services which the team arrange for them.

The helpline proved successful and allowed locals who were going to make an attempt on their life an opportunity to receive phone support and/or face-to-face support from patrols.

Due to demand, the phoneline was later made available nationally and renamed the National Suicide Prevention Helpline UK to reflect this change, which is now open 24/7.

Michael said: “Moving forward, myself and my team of dedicated volunteers would love to see the helpline continue to grow, in terms of taking more calls.

“We currently receive around 200 calls in a 24-hour period and this is growing rapidly.”

[Credit: Suicide Prevention Bristol]

Michael continued: “Knowing the number of calls we get only reflects a fraction of people who are feeling suicidal pushes me to channel more of my energy into making sure national suicide prevention is readily available to everyone who needs us.

“I’m continuously inspired by my team of volunteers who give up hours of their time, day in and day out, for free to help other people.”

Tragically, there were 5,691 deaths by suicide in England and Wales cited in the most recent report from 2019, equating to an average of 18 suicides per day in the country.

Suicide Prevention Bristol’s ethos is that by engaging children and teens in discussion, in an age-appropriate way, we can lead to less people taking their own life in the future.

[Credit: Suicide Prevention Bristol]

Michael concluded: “It’s no secret suicide is a taboo subject with a lot of stigma, the only way we can beat it is to start talking openly about this topic and mental health in general.

“We have moved forward as a nation in terms of recognising mental illness as a health condition, like any other, but we of course have further to go, for example, discussions within workplaces and educational settings would benefit our greater goal.”

He added: “Young people are not excluded from suicide and I believe if they feel they can talk openly about their feelings or thoughts around suicide it will result in less deaths.

“I’m proud to be playing our part in fighting this stigma and will continue to do so.”

To speak to Michael’s team for confidential advice, call 0800 689 5652.

Or click here: Suicide Prevention Bristol.