Festival ticket for £1: ‘Pay what you can’ scheme welcomes all party peeps  

Back in 1970, an unknown festival launched called Glastonbury, with tickets costing £1.

Fast-forward to today, and Michael Eavis charges £265 to grace his Worthy Farm fiesta – that’s a hefty price tag before you’ve even factored in booze, food, and travel.

This is what makes the folk over at Primadonna Festival so freaking fabulous as they are committed to making celebrations accessible to all and are offering a ‘pay what you can’ scheme.

[Credit: Razvi Adam]

This means, to join their festivities this summer, you could pay just £1 if you’re struggling.

The goal is to recognise the incredibly tough time that writers, creatives and the general public have had over the last 16 months since the start of the pandemic.

At the heart of what they do, the organisers strive to gift an empowering and life-changing experience to all their attendees, which is what sparked the idea of the pay scheme.

In addition to this, they carefully curate their line-up to celebrate diversity within the creative community, with inclusion being the main focus of their events.

[Credit: Razvi Adam]

Back in 2019, their debut festival, a third of speakers and artists were black, indigenous or people of colour, and they aim to recreate the magic for this year’s theatrics across July 30-August 1.

So far so great, but what can you expect from Primadonna?

The festival, at the Museum of East Anglian Life in Stowmarket, Suffolk, promises brilliant guests and performances, in a beautiful setting with camping, great food, and late-night fun.

Think creatives, writers, readers, publishers, artists, thinkers, comedians, performers, musicians and foodies, then you’re halfway there.

Founded by a group of women from across the arts and culture industries – including QI host, Sandi Toksvig, and President of the Women’s Equality Party in the UK, Catherine Mayer – they wanted to join forces to make a space that stood out on the festival scene.

[Credit: Razvi Adam]

It is being hailed as the UK’s best staycation this summer, and while its spotlight shines on women and non-binary people, it is open for all genders, ethnicities and different economic status.

Topping the bill, you’ll find MasterChef regular Grace Dent in conversation about her love of food and her new memoir Hungry, alongside discussions of race, finding identity, and LGBTQIA+.

Meanwhile, movie fans can enjoy a premiere of new Jackie Collins documentary Lady Boss and Adam Curtis film It Felt Like a Kiss that has never before been shown on the big screen.

There is plenty for the little ones too, including readings from award-winning YA author Elle McNicoll, an intergalactic ‘space session’ with TV presenter and writer Sarah Cruddas, zine workshops, campfire storytelling, craftivism and kids’ creative writing classes.

The Primadonnas promise that there is something for everyone and all are welcome.

Why not join them to find out?!

To grab your tickets, click here: Primadonna Festival.

Terrified of public speaking? Learn how to hack your personal skills

The idea of speaking to a room full of people is so anxiety-inducing it has its own name – glossophobia (from the Greek word glossa, meaning tongue, and phobos, meaning fear).

While many of us hold jobs where we can avoid this nerve-shredding experience, some of us simply can’t avoid it in our roles.

This doesn’t mean it gets any easier and often our fight-or-flight response wreaks havoc on our nervous system, sparking intense physiological reactions that make us want to run away.

Yet we’ve discovered the guardian angels of public speaking, who are swooping in to empower you with presenting skills that will make them feel like second nature.

[Credit: Positive Progression]

The angels, otherwise known as Emmet Naughton and Valeria Crespo, have joined forces to help everyday people and aspiring entrepreneurs unlock their potential.

Together, they are Positive Progression – aka the Willy Wonka of work – opening people’s eyes as to how they can create the business of their dreams.

Chatting exclusively to InspoDaily, Emmet spoke about how they inspire others to strive for their best self and the three key pillars they teach to encourage new strategies.

Emmet said: “Positive Progression empowers entrepreneurs and everyday people to speak with confidence, impact and represent their true voice.

“We want clients to be filled with positive belief, empowerment and confidence. Our coaching programme is there to lift entrepreneurs up and break all self-limiting beliefs.”

He continued: “Our coaching helps people go from a fixed to an abundant growth mindset; build precise business strategy to win more clients; and empower entrepreneurs to speak more credibly, confidently and persuasively so they can win more business and scale.

“There are no limits by the time clients finish with us.”

[Credit: Positive Progression]

Emmet and Valeria help people work through their challenges with The Speaker’s Journal, which is used by entrepreneurs, coaches and CEOs across the globe.

As the name suggests, it is a journal brimming with communication techniques, including an interactive three-minute routine that helps people recognise the power of words.

The diary-like process is designed to boost autonomy and ensure the user is always confidently learning from their own life lessons so they can prepare for speaking situations.

Emmet said: “Self-development saved my life and now I want to share my learnings and lessons with others so they can be empowered to make positive transformational change.

“Similarly, for Valeria, personal development is her passion and understanding new ways to grow her mind and break old habits is one of her biggest drivers.”

[Credit: Positive Progression]

Now, their ambition is to inspire 1,000 entrepreneurs by the end of 2022 to succeed and flourish in their respective businesses.  

As lockdown restrictions are on the cusp of ending, the power duo hope to achieve this goal by spreading their wings further afield and including luxury getaways on their coaching programme

Emmet concluded: “Outside of the journal and coaching business, we are also aiming by next summer to launch our first retreat experience for entrepreneurs who want to live in a beautiful villa for four days in northern Italy (the countryside of Turin, next to the Alps).

“Here they will meet new like-minded people, eat amazing food, learn new personal development hacks and tips from experts, and get some work done with their own businesses.”

A holiday and life hacks, sounds right up our street!

To find out more, click here: Positive Progression.

Street food carnival! London event serves grub to make your eyes pop

There’s nothing like a Friday night takeaway to welcome in the weekend.

Though if you’re like us, you might’ve grown a little tired of your locals over lockdown, alternating between burgers and pizzas week in, week out.

Now it’s time to shake up your palette with a tantalising treat for the tastebuds.

[Credit: Eastival]

We’re talking Latino fried guava-glazed wings, smoky rich jerk chicken with crispy skin, and lobster mac and cheese.

“With world-class street food, craft beers, cocktails, live music and much more, this is the top destination to lap up those ultimate London summer vibrations.”

Eastival organisers

There’s also a ‘Hot Mess’ burger that boasts a 45-day aged beef patty stuffed in a bun with pepper jack cheese, jalapeños, and chipotle mayo.

We’re literally in heaven writing about it.

[Credit: Eastival]

You can sink your teeth in one of these delicacies (or try all of them!) at Eastival, a festival of mouthwatering street food, killer music and quirky drinks.

The foodie extravaganza will hit Three Mills Island, in the heart of East London, on August 7 from midday to 11pm and promises 20 of the best street food traders in the city.

While you’ll also be able to knock back a gin, wine or craft beer in the summer sun, it is a family-friendly event so you can take the little ones along for karaoke and bouncing on trampolines.

Chatting ahead of the feast of the east, organisers said: “We’re delighted to be welcoming the finest independent musicians and collectives alongside the all-star food traders, with disco troupe Horse Meat Disco headlining our main stage.

“You can expect all the best sounds from disco, soul, hip-hop and more for hours of dancing with you friends in the east London sunshine.”

They added: “With world-class street food, craft beers, cocktails, live music and much more, this is the top destination to lap up those ultimate London summer vibrations.

“This will be the biggest street feast ever, and remember, it’s ALWAYS sunny at Eastival.”

See you at the front of the queue!

To grab your tickets, click here: Eastival.  

[Credit: Eastival]

Why we need to act now to save nature from going truly extinct

Imagine a world rich with animals and oceans brimming with diversity.

Once upon a time you wouldn’t have had to imagine, it was Mother Nature’s reality.

Yet with climate change and many species endangered from overfishing or deforestation, wildlife and marine life are in serious danger of going extinct.

[Credit: Rewilding Britain]

The incredible folk at Rewilding Britain are pressing pause on this crisis and hitting the rewind button to help regenerate habitats so our ecosystems thrive.

Their goal is to restore land and seas to their natural state, by reintroducing plants or species that have been driven out or exterminated so that “nature can take care of itself”.

As well as focusing on their ambitions to rewild 30% by 2030, they believe in creating spaces to help people reconnect with nature’s ability to impact physical and mental health.

The great outdoors is not only a mecca for topping up your tan, it is proven that being outside significantly reduces fear and stress while boosting feel-good emotions.

[Credit: Rewilding Britain]

Similarly, it works wonders for physical health too, with a kiss from the earth known to reduce blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones.

Speaking about their quest, Rewilding Britain know they have a huge mountain to climb but say that if we “think big and act wild” we can put an end to further degradation.

In their mission statement, they said: “Rewilding re-establishes natural processes and allows them to lead the way, free from set outcomes and fixed end points.

“It encourages the return of threatened and missing species and embraces the ebb and flow of nature, allowing animals, plants, birds and the elements to shape our landscapes and habitats over time. Acceptance over dominance is vital in the world we want to see.”

[Credit: Rewilding Britain]

Their manifesto continued: “The world we want to see is one of hope, where the incredible hum and thrum of life replaces pollution, decline and destruction.

“It’s a world where our soils are healthy, our rivers are clean, and our land and seas rich and diverse. And it’s a world we know is possible, if we only choose to make it happen.”

We look forward to hearing that hum and thrum again soon!

To get involved, click here: Rewilding Britain.

[Credit: Rewilding Britain]

Is this the end of 9-5?! Four-day working week proven to benefit staff

To the four-day working week party-poopers who think it will lead to less graft and more pub trips, it’s time to eat your hat.

Evidence shows that less is more when it comes to work, and by switching from five to four days each week, we will see a huge drop in stress while also boosting productivity.

A study carried out by our friends over in Iceland trialled a 35-hour week, without wages being affected, for 2,500 staff that proved work and wellbeing can go hand-in-hand.

It was discovered that pulling back on the 9-5 not only eliminated burnout, but also the need for overtime and prevented disconnection from friends and family.

[Credit: Firmbee Com]

Throughout the experiment, productivity either remained unchanged or improved in shorter working hours, it never worsened.

This is a huge breakthrough, with burnout known to affect mental health, cause excessive stress, induce insomnia, and even increase high blood pressure and risk of heart disease.

If introduced in the UK, or other countries, it could also significantly reduce the amount of people on public transport during rush hour and make travelling less stressful.

[Credit: Tim Van Der Kuip]

Our long working days not only pose a threat to our health, they are also outdated, created in a time before the internet and file-sharing could be done at the click of a button.

It is believed the eight-hour workday dates back to the 1800s, invented by American labour unions, before going mainstream by motoring giant Henry Ford in the 1920s.

Fortunately for Icelanders, those in power listened, and consequently the majority of residents now work either a four-day week or five days of five to six hours (instead of the usual eight).

Speaking about the results, Will Stronge, director of think tank Autonomy who carried out the study, said he hopes other employers around the globe will take note.

[Credit: Anna Dziubinska]

Will said: “It shows that the world’s largest ever trial of a shorter working week in the public sector was by all measures an overwhelming success.

“It shows that the public sector is ripe for being a pioneer of shorter working weeks, and lessons can be learned for other governments.”

Looks like Dolly Parton might need a 9 to 5 remix.

‘Workin’ 9 to 2’ still has a good ring to it!

When sustainable meets chic: Stylish jars to banish household waste

While being environmentally friendly might be good for the planet, it’s not really the sexiest of terms.

Well, recycling just got hot.

Ordinarily, it involves separating your plastics from cardboards, often having to fold awkward boxes or compress packaging so it fits in your bin ready for the council to collect.

Now, you can do it with a voguish collection of jars that scream chic all thanks to a collaboration between SSTN and Roxie Nafousi.

[Credit: SSTN]

SSTN (pronounced ‘sustain’, but without the vowels) is an online pantry specialising in refillable jars and artisan delights that will make your palette sing.

It works by inviting you to purchase your wholefoods or herbs and spices in a pre-labelled glass jar, then when you are running low you order a refill which comes in a brown paper bag which you can then recycle which drastically reduces waste and stops single-use items.

By teaming up with Roxie, an emotional health adviser and self-love activist, they have launched a unique collection including spice jars, oil bottles and even a garden party hamper.

[Credit: Roxie Nafousi]

Speaking about the ethos, the SSTN mission statement says: “We are rapidly running out of landfill sites, which means now more than ever we need to be smart with our home waste.

“Refill, reuse, recycle is our motto and everything in our shop follows these rules.

“We have teamed up with some incredible artisan brands who also believe not only in sustainable living but honest products which taste incredible.”

[Credit: SSTN]

Founder Kelsey Caira quit her role in the corporate world to focus on her start-up when she realised there was more waste coming with her food than the actual food itself.

Kelsey said: “I’ve always tried to be conscious of what consumerism does to the planet and the waste it leaves behind and the impact it has on our future generations.

“I started creating my own pantry buying all sorts of jars and avoiding plastic bottles but it was difficult and I was still throwing away excess packaging. When I tried the greener route, I also lost the luxury in products and packaging. This is when SSTN was born.”

With style and sustainability, we’re sold!

To grab your jars and wholefoods, click here: SSTN.

Heal from pain and inflammation naturally with these secrets

If you’re prone to headaches, sore muscles, or swelling, it’s not always easy to detect when or why it started.

This means we often grab aspirin or antihistamines from the store for a quick fix.

Yet while anti-inflammatory medications can provide instant relief, these synthetic products pose grave long-term issues by increasing the risk of heart, kidney and stomach problems.

So, what are you meant to do in a no-win situation?

[Credit: Shutterstock]

The answer is surprisingly straightforward and one that doesn’t involve a doctor or meds, but natural plants and herbs instead.

By turning to Mother Nature, she has a treasure chest of goodies that dramatically reduce inflammation as well as eliminate future side effects.

To start easy, have a scavenge in your kitchen cupboard for the black pepper.

Otherwise known as the ‘king of spices,’ black pepper boasts antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits thanks to its active ingredient piperine which can get to work on any painful areas.

[Credit: Shutterstock]

In addition to this, studies also suggest it improves cholesterol levels, blood sugar control, and brain and gut health! So, you might want to twist the mill a few extra times tonight.

Next up, it’s Geri Halliwell’s namesake, ginger spice. You may’ve heard the old wives’ tale that honey and ginger can cure a cold, and there is a truth to it.

For something so small, ginger is a heavyweight, with evidence showing that it reduces inflammation in conditions such as arthritis, gut disease, and stomach ulcers.

If it sounds good but you loathe the taste, you can hide it by increasing the acidity in your ginger receipes, for example by adding apple juice or lemon and lime flavours.

[Credit: Elle Hughes]

For something a little gentler, savour the sweet and spice of cinnamon. Sprinkle a delicious dose into your smoothies, porridge or home cooking and sit back as it gets to work reducing inflammation due to its abilities to help the body fight infection and repair tissue damage.

You may have also heard us toot our cayenne pepper horn recently.

This gem is a weekly shop must-have thanks to its otherworldly healing properties.

The cayenne pepper wizardry is known to support the immune system by lowering blood pressure, reducing inflammation, aiding digestive health, and even minimising your risk of cancer.

[Credit: Lawrence Aritao]

Turmeric is another brilliant spice that can, err, spice up your life.

While it can be somewhat potent in taste, you can disguise the strength in spag bols or chilis to get the benefits of improving heart health and preventing against Alzheimer’s disease and cancer.

If you’re keen to go au natural although still prefer a quick fix, there are over-the-counter products that have been plucked from herbs and plants then extracted into pill form.

Top picks include Bromelain (an enzyme from the stem of pineapples), Devil’s Claw (a fruit native to South Africa) and Boswellia (Indian frankincense), all of which you can find in health stores.

When you consider that we rub aloe vera on stinging nettle rashes, that the chamomile flower is used for anxiety relief, and lavender can treat insomnia, it’s not too much of a leap to remember that the plant world is our very own magic kingdom just waiting to be used.

How to cope with the aftermath of England v Italy heartbreak

‘That England’s gonna throw it away, Gonna blow it away, But I know they can play, ‘Cause I remember, Three Lions on a shirt.”

Ah, how those lyrics get us right in the belly every time.

For anyone out there feeling the heart-sinking feeling of last night’s Euros result, we hear you, we see you, we feel you.

No matter how many times we remind ourselves ‘it’s just a game’, for a moment the magic of hope united our country and made us forget our troubles.

But alas, it wasn’t meant to be, and England bowed out to Italy after nerve-shredding penalties.

[Credit: BBC]

If, like us, you’re feeling deflated today, or have partners or kids struggling to come to terms with the result, then we’ve got some top tips to help cope with feelings of deep disappointment.

First and foremost, Dr Marianne Trent, a clinical psychologist at Good Thinking Psychological Services, wants to remind us to stay kind to ourselves and Gareth Southgate’s team, while explaining why we experience emotions that might seem irrational.

Dr Trent said: “When things matter, and they don’t work out, then disappointment is an understandable and incredibly human reaction.

“When we watch team sport, our physiology mirrors the people we are watching and so our disappointment was actually the same disappointment as that of the England team.

“It’s hard to sustain the biology behind all the suspense and nail-biting moments over such a prolonged period of full time, extra time and penalties.”

She added: “We are always going to have a post-match slump and may feel a bit jittery as a result and disappointment makes it feel all the worse.

“Stay kind to yourself. Stay kind to the team. Remain united. Remain human. It’s okay to have big feelings, just keep them kind.”

[Credit: BBC]

Meanwhile, Andy Chambers at mental health consultancy specialists Born Human, echoed the sentiments, and encouraged people to reflect on the positives.

Andy said: “The sense of disappointment many people will feel waking up this morning is not what we may have hoped for, but as we have all come to appreciate in the past 18 months, we have to take the positives from every situation, regardless how challenging.

“We have the choice to acknowledge and build on our achievements and focus on the incredible feeling it is to overcome tough milestones in life.”

He continued: “Our football team have set a great example of how great things can be achieved with the right attitude and commitment.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day is too much of a delicate analogy, but you get my point.”

[Credit: BBC]

Those of us old enough to remember might recall the Samaritans setting up a telephone helpline to offer counselling to fans when Take That split up in 1996.

Coincidentally, the same year that England lost their Euros semi-final match to Germany when Southgate missed the infamous penalty.

In light of this, Helen Llewellyn, Director of therapy organisation Infinity Wellbeing, says that if emotions become too much bear then it might be time to reach out for professional help.

Helen said: “If you have feelings of depression that last more than a few hours after a disappointing result of a football match, you should talk to a therapist or counsellor.

“If you are employed, ask your manager for details of the employee wellbeing provider if you don’t already have them.”

[Credit: BBC]

Similarly, Dr Shungu Hilda M’gadzah, Director at Inclusion Psychologists Limited, said it’s crucial to express how we feel rather than squash it all down.

Dr M’gadzah said: “There are going to be some sad and depressed people today enduring this week and this will weigh heavy as the whole nation feels it.

“It’s important to express our feelings of disappointment and loss, talk about how you are feeling and help others to do the same, especially children.”

She continued: “It’s also important that people find a way of lifting their spirits and not dwell on what could’ve been. We need to focus on what we achieved in getting so far.

“Send out positive messages and focus attention on the players, helping them recover and this will also help us recover and move on until next time.

“We will regroup and have another opportunity to bring it home.”

Indeed, she might be right…

With the World Cup taking place next year, can it come home from Qatar in 2022!?

Healthy food that will blow your mind (and your tastebuds)

When the words ‘food’ and ‘wellness’ appear beside each other, you might be forgiven for conjuring up images of blended spinach or kale in smoothies.

It’s time to shake that from your mind and rethink wellbeing.

We’re talking chocolate fudge brownies with mini marshmallows, banoffee billionaire bites, and peanut butter stuffed biscuits that are all GOOD for you.

It’s all thanks to foodie extraordinaire Eli Brecher who magics up mouthwatering creations with quality ingredients that promise both taste and nourishment.

[Credit: Eli Brecher]

Take a peek behind the magician’s curtain and you’ll discover some of her tricks involve swapping milk chocolate for dark chocolate (packed with antioxidants and minerals) and regular butter for cashew or almond butter (containing amino acids and healthy fats).

Yet there is zero compromise on packing a punch on the palette.

Having lived with Crohn’s all her life, a painful inflammatory bowel disease, Eli’s mission is to help make nutrition less stressful for anyone with autoimmune or digestive issues.

And, crucially, to show just how delicious healthy eating can be!

[Credit: Eli Brecher]

She is now on an adventure to develop her craft, studying a BSc in nutrition to pursue her passion and will soon qualify as a registered nutritionist.

Eli is not taking a back seat along the ride though, instead buckled up in front working as a recipe developer and food stylist alongside her studies.

Oh, and did we mention she also founded her own granola company, Eli’s Granola.

[Credit: Eli Brecher]

With her flair for flavour and talent for taste, Eli’s granola is like no other, with options including chocolate chip quinoa, coconut almond and cinnamon sultana.

They are also proudly presented as having no wheat, dairy, palm oil or refined sugar.

Speaking about her love of making memorable meals, Eli said it all began from feeling lost on the journey to finding the healthiest version of herself.

[Credit: Eli Brecher]

Eli said: “As a result of my own health battles, my mission is to help make nutrition less stressful for anyone struggling with autoimmune and digestive issues, while showing that healthy eating can be exciting and accessible for everyone.

“My undeniable passion for both food and wellness mean I constantly daydream about indulgent new recipes to share on my blog and YouTube channel.”

She added: “I focus on wholesome foods – all my recipes avoid gluten, dairy and refined sugar – that delight the senses and nourish the body.

“I hope that I am able to inspire you to get creative in the kitchen and discover just how delicious healthy eating can taste.”

She had us at ‘indulgent’…

To whip up a delicious creation, click here: Eli Brecher.

UK’s youngest DJ, 11, is fighting poverty with epic challenge

When the adults in charge don’t do their jobs, most of us despair.

But not Zelda Manteaw, she takes matters into her own hands.

At just 11, this rising star is showing off her flair for fundraising and her passion for philanthropy as she helps tackle poverty in her London borough of Newham.

When Zelda heard from friends that their families were struggling, she decided to kickstart her 11 for 11 campaign, launching her mission to raise £11,000 on her 11th birthday.

[Credit: DJ Zel]

The talented pre-teen, otherwise known as DJ Zel, also just so happens to be the youngest disc jockey to play on UK airwaves and currently hosts the UniAfrik Show on GN Radio.

Using her profile to spread the message far and wide, DJ Zel is encouraging her 10k-strong Insta army to help the cause by donating whatever they can to the residents.

Speaking about her ambitions, the pint-sized humanitarian said she hopes to stamp out food and education poverty and close the widening inequality gap in the UK and Ghana.

[Credit: DJ Zel]

Zelda said: “Half of the children in my community live in poverty. Some of my friends have told me how hard it is for them to afford the simplest things.

“£10 will enable a child to join a homework club, acquire literacy and numeracy skills and increase their chances of social mobility or give them a way out of poverty.

“£100 will provide a Covid-19 safe learning environment or resources for remote learning and increase long-term educational attainment levels.

“£150 will provide healthy food packages for 10 families experiencing food poverty.”

[Credit: DJ Zel]

Newham – which borders Stratford, Canning Town and East Ham – is the second poorest borough in England.

It is estimated that more than half of children (52%) are in households that battle poverty, compared to 38% in a typical London borough.

Now, DJ Zelda hopes to change that narrative by committing to help her neighbours.

She added: “Some of my friends have told me how hard it is for them to afford the simplest things.

“Please support my 11 for 11 campaign and help me make life better for children and families who live in unimaginable poverty.”

If she’s using her voice for good before she’s even hit secondary school, imagine the power of that voice when she’s in her 20s.

What an inspiration!

To support Zelda’s mission, click here: DJ Zel.