Are you ready for August 8? A huge transformation of astrological energy is coming

The potential of an upcoming planetary alignment taking place this summer is set to be life-changing.

Sirius is serious as the massive blue star rises together with our sun from July 26 to August 12 giving us two suns for this period.

Also known as the ‘Dog Star’ because it is part of the constellation Canis Major, Latin for ‘the greater dog’. It is 1 million kms larger than our sun and 25 times more luminous and this rising creates a vortex of energy known as the Lionsgate Portal.

It’s an annual occurrence and one that the ancient Egyptians knew as their New Year. This star aligning event was celebrated around August 8 each year as it was a time of fertility, abundance and prosperity.

The interesting part is that as Sirius rises, Orion’s Belt – also known as the Three Kings or Three sisters consisting of three bright stars Alnitak, Alnilam, and Mintaka – aligns with the Pyramid of Giza. There are theories that the Pyramids were built for such happenings along with many other ancient sites across the world.

The pyramids were placed with accuracy of millimetres of the exact transmission points shown in the energy lines. The question is how did this happen? Did those who built them simply feel and see the wisdom in their uncluttered minds? Researchers have suggested they were built in alignment with the stars and many theories continue to be explored.

The pyramids act as transmitters to hone the uplifting light frequencies of energy swirling around the planet so that the messages and codes in the energy could be felt and channelled to enhance prosperity, through the communication with the ‘other worlds’ or dimensions. 

In this energy, expect vivid dreams and a clearer connection with our internal guide known as our higher self or intuition. It is also a time when humans are more aware of spirits of beings that are here to support you through ‘communication via the spiritual world’. This means you feel more connected and purposefully as perceptions of what is truth and what is important changes.

If this was not enough, we also have six planets in fixed astrological signs including Saturn and Jupiter squared which means ‘intense energy that dictates action’ and this often forces us to deal with difficult situations.

Added to the mix is a domination of Uranian and Aquarium energy which is linked to eruption and change and this will represent freedom, pushback and revolution. Hold on to your hats as we may experience earth tremors or tremors in our relationships.

The exciting part is that you get to choose your highest frequency timeline! What does that mean we hear you ask? Your timeline is basically the future map of the choices you make now. High frequencies occur when we are ‘in tune’ with what makes us truly happy. Our energy cycles vibrate faster which is not only beneficial to our health but will also magnetise higher vibrational people and situations into our lives, as like attracts like.

If we raise the frequency of our choices, we raise our personal vibration and then we attract higher vibrational experiences back to us. The highest one means the one that suits us best. 

This will happen if we become aware of what is not serving us right now. Ask yourself, ‘what feels like untruths and what have I been telling myself?’ Have a ponder as to what feels like shackles around your ankles in terms of obligation.

It is time to intentionally make choices that are going to help shape positive change for prosperity. This is not the time to leave elephants in the room or things unsaid, as the energy will make you feel more discomfort until you make the changes required for a more joyful life.  

This alignment is said to harness a crescendo of information, in that we are being made to question everything and prepare for anything. 

Now amplify all of this with the numerology of the activation date, 88. August 8 being the 8th day of the 8th month. It is the number of infinity as it represents a loop that never ends, the energy is empowerment and links us with infinite possibilities in our spiritual and material world, as you get a greater feel for our manifesting abilities. This means that we create our reality through our thoughts, desires and actions, especially if you focus with laser light precision on what we want and then ride the wave of limitless potential.

We have to break some eggs to make an omelette, so the opportunity is to shake up some chaos through being true to yourself and then stand still in that chaos to make choices that are all about what you really want your present and future to look like.

There are gatherings of healers, Shamans, highly intuitive people and those on their ‘awakening journey’ across the globe on August 8. They will be meditating and opening up sitting circles online or in person to discuss emotions, relationships and what is happening in the world. They will be especially focused on raising their own frequency and vibration through connecting with the Lionsgate energy and supporting the planet through collective intention. A relevant saying is ‘where intention goes, energy flows.’ 

The more sensitive amongst us will feel an intense energetic rollercoaster as you are likely experiencing ascension symptoms, which is your body’s reaction to incoming higher vibration of this invisible force. These are not always comfortable. Lack of sleep, random aches in the body, lightheadedness, frustration, not getting on with conversations of lower level awareness and going off of meat in the diet, as it has a density that your body may not choose anymore. 

It may not feel exciting to have heartache or headaches but they will be rising to the surface for healing and a greater visceral understanding of how our intuition pings us into action if we choose to hear it.

The advice is to sunbathe in a whole different way. Connect through meditation with Sirius and notice the difference in the atmosphere. 

We gain a lighter sense of self and freedom to be us as we connect with the non-physical energy of freedom and peace of the giant star and Lionsgate Portal. Giving ourselves time in nature to take in the light frequency codes of this energy will then activate the creatively and the power of the lion within to make projects happen. 

Get technical and enjoy all the potential of your higher wisdom. Keep that laser focus on your potential future by not getting distracted, so you can sit through the chaos and feel every part of the growth.

To join one of the many gatherings taking place on August 8, see more detail here.

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