Love food but hate waste? It’s time to open your virtual fridge

We’ve all done it, left something in the back of the fridge that we’ve forgotten to eat, not been bothered to cook, or overestimated how long it will last.

Then when you inevitably have to chuck it, you waste food and money too.

They say old habits die hard, but now you can do a total 180 by opening your virtual fridge.

[Credit: afoodible]

This quirky tool comes in the guise of the afoodible app, designed to reduce food waste and save you cash by planning, tracking, creating and sharing the goodies you have at home.

The planning stage helps you with your weekly shop, allowing you to add ingredients from your favourite recipes into your basket so you know what to pop in the trolley while cruising the aisles.

Meanwhile, the tracking guide reminds you of all the food you have at home without having to start taking everything off the shelves or outside the veg drawers to investigate.  

[Credit: afoodible]

Next up, the create section invites you to unleash your inner Nigella or Gordon to whip up new meals or old classics with over 250k recipes at your fingertips.

Last but not least, there is the share option, where you can swap your own recipes with the world and inspire fellow foodies to put their apron on and cook up a storm.

Speaking about their call-to-arms, the afoodible squad say they strive to make it as easy as possible for users to waste less and save more.

[Credit: afoodible]

In their mission statement, the team state: “We’re all guilty of buying too much food now again and having to throw it away. We don’t want you to have to race through all that spinach and kale you bought on that ‘health kick’ but we do want to help you waste less.

“Whether that’s by helping you plan, track, create, or share your food, we’re here to help.”

They added: “Sustainability doesn’t have to be boring and helping the environment shouldn’t be costly, in fact, we can help you save money along the way.”

Might be time to dust down those cookbooks you were gifted last Christmas.

To get involved, click here: afoodible.

How do I heal? Start your wellbeing journey with life-changing film  

If you were that kid at school who’d rather watch the movie than read the book, then we have the perfect wellness solution for you.

Instead of pouring over self-help books, you can tune into the Heal documentary, guaranteed to change the way you take care of yourself.

Currently showing on Amazon Prime TV, you are invited to take a deep dive into the scientific and spiritual journey of how thoughts, beliefs, and emotions impact your health.

[Credit: Heal documentary]

While society is waking up to the mind-body connection, mental and physical health are still seen as two separate entities, whereas this film will transform this outdated falsehood.

Instead, director Kelly Noonan shines a light on the latest science to reveal that we are not victims of unchangeable genes and nor should we buy into a scary prognosis.

The truth is we have far more control over our health and life than we have ever been taught, and the change comes not only with food and exercise but in our mind too.

With interviews from prominent faces in the alternative medicine movement, including Deepak Chopra and Dr Joe Dispenza, this film will empower you with a new understanding of the miraculous nature of the human body and the extraordinary healer within us all.

[Credit: Kelly Noonan]

As well as tapping into the brilliant minds of scientists and spiritual teachers, the film follows three people on high-stake healing journeys to explore what works, what doesn’t, and why.

Speaking about why she created the documentary, Kelly explained that it was “a calling”.

Kelly said: “The opposite of disease is health, so health, and healing, is ease. I think we are meant to thrive and share the gifts that we came here on the planet to express.

“Once I started to learn about the power of the mind and the power of the heart, and the mind-body connection, I thought, ‘Wow, a lot of people are walking around as victims and disempowered, and if they knew how powerful their minds and bodies are, then they would no longer have to suffer. They can heal. They can improve their lives and make better choices.’”

Chatting to Organic Authority, Kelly said her top three tips for instant healing are meditation, practicing gratitude, and disconnecting with tech to connect with nature.

With autumn on the way, we can’t wait to try tip no3 and hear the leaves crunch under foot.

[Credit: Heal documentary]

Be your own boss: Woman reveals why she quit job to follow her dream

They say when you hit rock bottom, the only way is up. And Alexandria Maria is living proof of not only this, but that you can turn breakdowns into breakthroughs.

On the surface, Alexandria seemed to have it all, with a high-flying career as a finance broker. Yet underneath, she was struggling. So much so, she needed to be signed-off work.

Yet little did she know her silver lining was just around the corner, and during this mental health break, Alexandria realised how unhappy she was with the life she had created.

[Credit: Alexandria Maria]

Rather than go back to her job and force herself to paint on a smile, she ripped up the rule book and decided to create her own path as a business mentor and mindset coach.

Using her personal experience as a breakdown survivor and knowledge from the corporate world, Alexandria is now on a mission to reignite the spark within thousands of women to reconnect them with their true desires and make their dream life and career their reality.

Speaking about her rollercoaster journey, Alexandria revealed why she made her leap of faith and kickstarted The SoulFul Start-up to help others.

Alexandria said: “The moment of breakdown can feel overwhelming, like all is lost. The very act of rebuilding at this time can feel too much to think about. It’s a feeling I know well.

“But what if I told you that these personal setbacks could be the very fuel that fires you towards a truer version of success, a version of success that works uniquely for you.”

[Credit: Alexandria Maria]

She continued: “Having explored the theme of breakdowns, I’ve concluded that a breakdown is often the result of continuous misalignment.

“Like a pressure cooker, this misalignment grows and builds until we cannot hold it in anymore. We often describe this moment as ‘falling apart’.”

Yet it is this very sensation of ‘falling apart’ that is necessary when using setback as ammunition for success as Alexandria says we need to unravel in order to rebuild from the ground up.

But when you’re spinning a zillion plates, how do you know which ones to drop?

Here, Alexandria explains her five top tips to help you regain your power.

1) Redefine failure

Often, we see failure as black and white; we either achieved the goal, or we didn’t. We leave little room for the shades of grey that more accurately represents ‘achieving’ what we set out to achieve. When we can redefine failure as an opportunity for growth and for learning, we can shift the perception of a setback into a chance to come back stronger.

This springs to mind the hero’s journey, with the hero going off to experience something new (an adventure), experiencing challenges which leads to a lesson being learned, which in turn creates a fresh awareness that ultimately leads to transformation on their ‘return’.

How could you redefine the setback you have experienced as an opportunity for growth? Is there a key lesson you have learned you can apply next time? This is something I teach my business mentoring clients to do, as it applies to business specific setbacks too.

2) Use it as an opportunity for rediscovery / uncover the gifts

When we first experience disappointment at experiencing a setback, the last thing we want to do is look for the gifts in the experience. Often, we need to experience and process our own emotions around what has happened before we can do this.

But once we can uncover the gifts, we can turn a setback into a realignment. For example, our experience of a setback may reveal to us that we need to implement firmer boundaries, or perhaps it may reveal to us that the path we are on is no longer in alignment with our desires.

When I experienced my breakdown, I realised the corporate career I had been working so hard for and aiming towards was out of alignment with my desires to feel a sense of freedom, purpose, and creativity. Essentially, it revealed to me that I wanted to work for myself.

[Credit: Alexandria Maria]

3) Redefine success

Experiencing a personal setback can be an incredible opportunity to redefine the very idea of success in itself. As I moved from corporate to establishing my own business, my notions of success shifted, to be less about a ‘title’, a promotion, outward accolade, or monetary compensation to be more about fulfilment, happiness, opportunity, and freedom.

In uncovering this, I discovered that many of my perceived ‘setbacks’ had been in relation to outcomes I didn’t truly desire, but that I felt were approved by society’s standards.

How do you define your success currently? Does this match up with your values? By identifying any discord and redefining success, you can shift focus onto your true desires.

4) Identify your part in the outcome

Taking radical responsibility can be scary, but also deeply fulfilling. Instead of falling ‘victim’ to external circumstances, we can be empowered to shift the results we create.

By identifying your part in the creation of the setback itself, you can identify where you hold the power to create new outcomes, becoming primed for greater success.

5) Channel your energy into transformation

Just as the phoenix rises from the ashes, you can use the discomfort you experience around your setback and channel this into your next level of success. I experienced this within my business fairly recently. When planning our next move abroad, we realised that in order for it to happen, we would need to come up with a large amount of cash in the business and fairly quickly.

My business was little over a year old and I was proud of the six-figure revenue we had created, but the notion of generating $100k (£73k) in 30 days felt like a huge set back, a challenge I surely couldn’t match. I felt frustrated, disappointed and angry, but instead of letting these emotions wear me down, I channelled them into fuel to spur me on to new growth, to explore new limits.

Within 30 days I had achieved the target, in fact, we exceeded it. How can you channel your energy into transformation? Into new levels of success? 

To take that 180° you’ve been dreaming of, click here: Alexandria Maria.

Wellbeing made easy: How to nourish your body and live without stress

If you could gulp a bottle of stress-free drink that would allow you to live anxiety-free forever, it’s safe to say many of us would jump at the chance.

While that might sound like a scene from Alice in Wonderland, it can actually be a reality.

Your wellbeing alchemist Danielle Zies is the mixology master, creating potions and mouthwatering recipes to nourish you from inside out so that you can walk a little lighter.

As the proud founder of Simply Nourished, Danielle strives to show how nutrition and health are linked by exploring the foods we eat and their impact on stress, digestive issues, and fatigue.

[Credit: Danielle Zies]

We caught up with Danielle to find out exactly what it is she can offer people and why she feels compelled to help others on their journey to wellness.

Danielle said: “After experiencing my own stress-related hormonal and digestive issues, I ventured out on my healing journey in search of answers and a solution.

“I quickly discovered the power of simple nutrition tweaks which led me to nutrition school, hungry to learn more.”

She continued: “From there, I really started to see how deeply and vastly stress affects our lives, our health and our day-to-day joy and wellness.”

[Credit: Simply Nourished]

When the body is constantly under stress, while it can feel like a mental health issue, it has devastating consequences on physical health too.

Notably, when our built-in stress response is activated, we begin firing off stress hormones (such as adrenaline and cortisol) to help the body hyper-perform should it find itself in danger.

Very often, we are not in danger though, and the response is activated over daily interactions such as never-ending emails, a rude motorist, or a negative interaction with a shopkeeper.

When those stress hormones are swirling around our body, it can wreak havoc on our immune system and affect us physiologically before leading to burnout, or worse, illness.

[Credit: Danielle Zies]

Danielle, who is also a reiki practitioner and NLP (neurolinguistic programming) coach, works with people to undo this stress by using the power of nutrition to create healthy habits and thoughts.

Better yet, she doesn’t believe in the jargon that often comes with the wellness industry and says she is “obsessed” with making things feel easy and doable for clients.

Danielle said: “My aim is to cut through all the noise, complexity and overwhelm that one can feel trying to figure things out on their own. When it comes to hormonal imbalances and burnout, people are already tired, and they’re already overwhelmed.

“I help them pinpoint where their precious energy can be best spent so they can get the biggest bang for their buck in terms of maximising results.”

She added: “Ultimately, I hope to help find a solution to symptoms, while also teaching people how to live a more aligned life that supports them and keeps them feeling good.”

[Credit: Danielle Zies]

True to her word, while symptoms can often be vast and complex, Danielle shows people how to transform by addressing just a few key areas that can trigger a better work-life balance.

Danielle is also a big believer in the correlation between feeling physically confident and the trickle-down effect this has into every area of our life, such as our relationships or career.

With an eclectic offering of one-on-one coaching, an ‘eat for energy’ recipe book, 30-day gut reset, podcast, and training session to beat burnout, there really is something for everyone.

Danielle concluded: “I want to help my clients feel in their power again and radiate vibrant energy and confidence in all that they do.

“I want to them to feel like they do have control and that they have everything they need to create their dream body and life for themselves.”

If you’re ready to wave goodbye to stress, click here: Simply Nourished.

Selfless heroes gift free surgery to people in need of healthcare

Us Brits have always treasured our NHS, yet many places are not as fortunate, having to pay for healthcare even when doctor bills skyrocket and there isn’t a pay cheque to match.

This is why the Med 4 Our World programme is quite literally the stuff of dreams, offering medical services to those who struggle to make ends meet financially.

[Credit: Med 4 Our World]

Their incredible vision has become a reality in underdeveloped countries, with 200+ surgeries gifted free of charge – equivalent to $5,000,000 (£3.7m) of surgical care.

The life-saving mission began when two women, Dr Christine Brody and humanitarian Valishia Chapman, decided to help people outside their native USA.

Using Brody’s expertise from her field of obstetrics and gynaecology, and Valishia’s knowledge from a previous trip to an orphanage in Nicaragua, they joined forces.

It was their desire to not only help the orphaned children but the entire community that spurred the first medical mission to the El Samaritano Clinic in 2010.

[Credit: Med 4 Our World]

From there, the powerhouse duo evolved and returned with a larger diverse team to attend to the various needs of the orphanage and the local community.

Now, Med 4 Our World has expanded its surgical mission trips to Fiji, including a hospital renovation team, with each trip seeing volunteer physicians, nurses, medical and non-medical people collaborate to help those with limited access to healthcare.

Not only do they travel to carry out a variety of surgeries – from hysterectomies to the removal of ovarian cysts to c-sections – they also take state-of-the-art modern medicine to people who otherwise have little or no access to OB/GYN services.

[Credit: Med 4 Our World]

If you think their work is done, think again.

There are plans for a new voyage, this time to Africa where they will provide surgical care and a maternity programme in a village outside Ingana, Uganda.

When you consider the huge fees doctors can charge in America, that the team are waiving in lieu of their philanthropic work, it truly does restore faith in humanity.

Why stepping outside your front door is nature’s antidepressant

How often do you allow yourself to sit outside without your phone, laptop or a book? Truly alone, just you and the great outdoors?

If you’re struggling to remember the last time, it sounds like you might need to get Mother Nature on speed dial.

With her power to send anxiety and depression plummeting, not to mention the positive impact this then has on the nervous system , having a little one-on-one with the scenery on your doorstep is a guaranteed mental health boost.

[Credit: Catherine Mason]

Yet with busy lives, demanding jobs, and side hustles, it can be tricky to feel inspired or find a spare half hour to make it happen.

This is where earth pixie Catherine Mason swoops in, like a Mother Nature disciple, to spur you on into reconnecting with the natural world.

Speaking about her love of the open air, Catherine said she has been fascinated by the natural world as long as she can remember and shares this passion with others.

Catherine said: “Nature is beautiful, miraculous, literally life-sustaining.

“I truly believe that our growing disconnection from the Earth (and with it from each other, and our own souls) is at the root of almost all of the world’s problems.”

[Credit: Catherine Mason]

Catherine continued: “The results of this can be seen all around, in rising levels of stress and anxiety, a growing dependence on screens and technology, increasing rates of obesity and diabetes, and lack of connection with our fellow humans.

“I am on a mission to help women rebuild that vital connection with the natural world around us, to restore the nature-connectedness that is our birthright.”

On her quest, Catherine helps to open eyes to the beauty in our every day through a series of platforms, including newsletters, guides and rewilding programmes.

[Credit: Catherine Mason]

In amongst the goodies, there is a free e-book with 10 simple ways you can use the natural world to improve wellbeing and an online community to connect with.

You’ll also want to head on over to her Instagram page to brighten up your timelines with glorious pictures of the ocean and wildlife alongside trees and flowers galore.

Catherine’s latest offering is from a trip to Weymouth beach in Dorset, with the sun bursting through the clouds and the sea glistening like glitter.

[Credit: Catherine Mason]

Sharing the beautiful image, that will remind you just how majestic the UK can be, Catherine said that being by the water is the perfect opportunity to clear your mind.

Catherine wrote: “Grateful to have dipped my toes in the sea this week, even if I didn’t manage a swim. The water had such a calming energy on this beautiful morning with the sun breaking through the grey clouds and the air still and quiet.

“Spending time near water is a great way to clear emotional blocks or stop feeling stuck. If you can’t get to the sea, lake or river, try a bath with your favourite candle or essential oil, or an invigorating shower.”

To kickstart your Mother Nature reunion, click here: Catherine Mason.

[Credit: Catherine Mason]

Help your anxious kids become superheroes of serenity

It’s said the average person has up to 70,000 thoughts per day. And that’s before you’ve thrown in arguments, train delays, and rainy days.

So, how do we have a hope in hell of combatting what nature gave us and calming the mind when it is essentially a giant mass of data processing?

Anna Smithers believes starting young is crucial to understanding our complex brains that desperately want to be free yet are tied down with the burdens of life.

In particular, she says the magic of yoga is what can help little ones find their feet in this world to face whatever is thrown at them and still be able to remain chill.

[Credit: Anna Smithers]

Speaking exclusively to InspoDaily, Anna spilled the beans on her Yogi Superhero series and why she hopes to introduce young readers to the wellbeing practice.

Anna said: “When I was a child, I was very emotional. I felt the world. No one taught me how to be aware of my mind and my emotions, or how to handle them.

“Yoga teaches us how to become a superhero with the special power of being calm. If I knew then, what I now know, I would be a completely different person.”

The picture books – for ages three to eight – are a perfect guide for parents, carers, and teachers, exploring mindful yoga poses to help self-soothe, self-regulate and manage negative emotions, all of which can transform children.

[Credit: Anna Smithers]

Speaking about what’s inside the pages, Anna said kids are introduced to the life force energy prana that surrounds us and connects humanity.

Packed with vibrant illustrations in natural surroundings to show our connection with nature, the stories also influence the mind with positive affirmations – the perfect antidote before bed to work on the subconscious while asleep.

Anna strives to talk about emotions too, sharing breathing techniques to help kids understand it is okay to sit with tricky emotions, including anger, sadness, or fear.

Despite our best efforts to tackle anxiety better as a society, Anna says there is still a lot of work to do, and it all begins with changing our perception of stress.

Notably, we must grasp that our stress response has always been with us, a primal instinct from when our ancestors had to flee dangerous animals or fight for food.

In small doses it is healthy and often needed, such as when we get up from bed each day, which wouldn’t happen without this built-in stress response system.

[Credit: Shutterstock]

However, it is when we allow stress to rule over us that problems present.

Anna said: “Stress occurs when our brain perceives a threat. It could be anything from an unwanted bill to a confrontation with an angry motorist. Part of the brain called the hypothalamus activates the sympathetic nervous system, releasing hormones like adrenalin and cortisol, then blood pressure goes up, the heart beats faster, white blood cells stick to the walls of the veins in case of any wounds to activate the healing processes, the body retains water to preserve body fluid in case of severe bleeding, and it also gets a dose of sugar and fats to give us fuel to react to defend ourselves or escape depending on the situation, with big amounts of glucose and oxygen delivered to the brain, skeletal muscles, and heart.

“Our body is prepared to escape the danger, our ‘fight or flight’ response is activated.”

Yet as Anna points out, while small amounts of this have a positive effect on the body, issues start when the body is affected by stress for a long time.

It is these reasons why she believes meditation and relaxation techniques should be taught from nursery and throughout the whole education system, with lunchtime relaxation sessions provided by each employer in the workplace too.

[Credit: Anna Smithers]

Anna concluded: “We need to be equipped with tools to help us cope with our conditioned mind and yoga is the gift we all have been searching for.”

She added: “Throughout my life, I searched for freedom in many ways. I thought that maybe knowledge would set me free. I got two masters, two diplomas, and learned to speak three languages. I never even came close to feeling happy or free.

“I travelled a lot. Met numerous people. Had amazing moments. I was in and out of relationships, healthy and not so healthy, but none of them could make me happy.

“That was when I understood that I was the only person who could make me happy.”

It was through finding yoga that Anna finally found her freedom and credits it with “breaking the limits my mind created over the years”.

To quieten the little minds in your life, click here: Anna Smithers.

Take it from the pros: 8 things therapists do when they’re stressed

Many of us will have sat in front of a professional and taken tips from them about how we can improve our mental health.

But what do they do when it comes to looking after their mindset?

Our friends over at HuffPo went straight to the source, asking therapists what they do when they’re having a stressful morning and how we can follow suit.

Check out the list below.

[Credit: Mathilde Langevin]

1) Journaling

Putting pen to paper in times of stress can feel like the last thing you want to do, yet kickstarting the day with a simple journaling exercise is known to decrease anxiety.

It not only allows you to make the abstract thoughts in your head more tangible, it can also help you to understand or remember things with more clarity.

Offering his pearls of wisdom, Jack Turban, a fellow in child psychiatry at Stanford University School of Medicine, said he combines his to-do list alongside mantras.

Turban said: “First, I write out my tasks for the day, which helps alleviate any worries I have about forgetting something.

“Next, I jot down a mantra – a short, positive phrase that I’m going to repeat to myself throughout the day.

“Lastly, I add a few things that I’m grateful for and a few things that I’m excited about to begin my day on a positive note.”

[Credit: Andraz Lazic]

2) Go for a short walk

If you’ve ever complained of there not being enough hours in the day, then you’ll know escaping outside even for five minutes can be tricky.

Yet if you prioritise it as a self-care tool, you will see a huge shift in your mood.

Speaking about her commitment to the great outdoors, Jessica Gold, an assistant professor of psychiatry at Washington University School of Medicine, recommended listening to podcasts too which can help with relaxation and de-stressing.

Gold said: “When I wake up in the morning, I typically take my dog for a walk.

“We walk together for about 10 to 15 minutes, which is just enough to start the day with some activity and a good decompression.”

[Credit: Lina Trochez]

3) Concentrate on the present moment by engaging the senses

This may sound a little jargon-y, though essentially it involves dedicating a few minutes to quieting the mind by focusing on the here and now.

Consequently, you allow yourself to just be, instead of analysing past situations or future scenarios that have not yet happened which can induce anxiety.

Neha Chaudhary, a child and adolescent psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital, said it is a great tool for whenever she’s feeling antsy in the morning.

Chaudhary explained: “When I wake up stressed, I actively give myself permission to enjoy the start of my morning while not thinking about whatever the stressor is.

“I focus on the sensations I’m experiencing from my coffee, from the smell to taste to warmth of the mug in my hands. Sometimes, I’ll also listen to soothing music.”

[Credit: Thought Catalog]

4) Read or listen to something inspirational

If you love a positive quote or meme, then this tip has your name written all over it.

By simply drinking in a few words, whether from a book, poetry or Insta itself, absorbing affirmations will lead to a more positive mindset.

Riana Elyse Anderson, an assistant professor at the University of Michigan School of Public Health, said it best when she says it’s about prevention over cure.

Anderson said: “Engaging in something positive that sets the precedent is better than an intervention in the midst of midday stress.”

[Credit: Christian Erfurt]

5) Sit in your stress for a while

Urgh, not the easiest piece of advice for those who want to self-medicate or squash it all down so that you don’t have to feel your feelings.

However, Brittany Johnson, a therapist in New Albany, Indiana, says acknowledging the anxieties within us actually gives us power.

Johnson said: “I take up to 10 minutes every morning after I wake up to feel any negative, heavy or stressful feelings I may have before the day starts.”

She added: “I use mindfulness to visualise my thoughts and feelings as words or images that I am pushing away.”

[Credit: Brands People]

6) Set boundaries right away

If you ever say no when you mean yes, or yes when you mean no, then this one sounds like it’s for you.

Setting boundaries not only gives you autonomy but also boosts self-esteem.

Rebecca Leslie, a psychologist in Atlanta, says that the perfect time to do this is when you wake up stressed and need a practical way to work through it.

Leslie said: “I will intentionally wait to respond to emails, phone calls and texts until I have taken time to check-in with myself and cultivate calmness.”

[Credit: Fabian Moller]

7) Take a few deep breaths

Ah, simple yet so effective.

How often do you forget to just breathe, then find yourself battling palpitations or shortness of breath due to high stress levels?

Kristin Meekhof, therapist and co-author of A Widow’s Guide to Healing, says the art of deep breathing is a powerful one to let go of stress.

Meekhof champions a practice known as ‘alternate nostril breathing’, where you take turns breathing through the right and left nostril while keeping the other one closed.

The results can have a profound effect on your body, mind and nervous system.

[Credit: Toa Heftiba]

8) Cuddle in bed

It’s time to grab your partners, kids, pets or teddies and hold on tight, as a cuddle a day keeps the doctor away.

The reason why getting your snuggle on is so powerful is because hugs release feel-good endorphins that significantly reduce anxiety and boost happiness.

Katelyn Anderson, a therapist and founder of Equip Sleeping Co., said she always spends the first five minutes of her day cuddling in bed as a way to ground herself.

Anderson said: “Before jumping out of bed in a hurry, slow down. Whether it’s a soft blanket, partner, pet, cuddling helps relax the nervous system and decreases stress.”

We think we can at the very least try number 8 if it means five more minutes in bed!

Dad inspired by blind son’s love of music gifts radios to homeless

While there is awareness that people sleeping on the streets need food, warm clothes, and blankets to be as comfy as possible, less is known about how to manage their wellbeing.

Those of us fortunate to live with a roof over our head often forget the simple pleasures that doing your hair, watching TV or listening to music can bring.

Just singing along to your favourite song is good for the soul, so much so it’s said to provide a ‘brain workout’ with its abilities to reduce anxiety and blood pressure.

[Credit: Pauly’s Project]

Now, those living on the streets are getting a soul kiss too from the gift of music.

It’s all thanks to Paul Avila, a regular Joe who believes in changing the streets one heartbeat at a time by donating radios and headsets to LA’s homeless people.

Rewinding a little… Paul’s passion for philanthropy kicked off as a boy, when he accompanied his mum downtown to take food and clothes to his uncle on Skid Row.

[Credit: Pauly’s Project]

This feeling of accomplishment stayed with Paul as he grew up, however, it was not until he became a father himself that he began to take matters into his own hands.

When his son Pauly was born blind and autistic, Paul swiftly learned that the only way he could calm his child down was with the sound of music in his ears.

This knowledge, together with his early experiences helping disadvantaged people in one of the poorest neighbourhoods in America, Paul began to work his music magic.

Using his own cash, he started purchasing radio headsets and distributing them to the homeless, naming his initiative Pauly’s Project in honour of his lad.

[Credit: Pauly’s Project]

These headsets proved just as valuable as food, clothing and blankets, with the music giving the people on Skid Row a feeling of connection with the world around them.

As the news of his mission spread, Paul started getting more and more resources to purchase more headsets and soon his little project became a big mission.

In addition to the radios, he expanded to provide hygiene packages and meals too.

[Credit: Pauly’s Project]

Speaking about his incredible work, Paul said: “I remember this night in Skid Row I had collected jackets and was donating them to my homeless friends.

“When it came to the last jacket, it was a little hard to part with as it was my favourite Laker jacket I used to wear all the time.”

He added: “I pictured giving it to a guy that would be a huge Laker fan. Little did I know, this older lady would say to me, ‘Are you going to give it away or hold it all night?’ She knew all the Laker statistics and was so proud to wear her new jacket.”

People like Paul and Pauly remind us why we do what we do, shouting about these champions in far-flung corners of the world fighting the good fight.

Come back from the edge: How to turn crisis into your power

Tried every self-care strategy under the sun, yet still find yourself struggling?

Then you will very likely be looking for a permanent solution rather than temporary relief.

One woman believes she can deliver this and vows that “your life will never be the same” after she lets you in on her secrets. That’s quite the promise!

[Credit: Mari Curteanu]

The reason Mari Curteanu is so sure she can give you a one-way ticket to enlightenment is because she hit rock bottom herself and managed to climb back up.

Back in 2019, her life as a fitness coach crunched to a halt when she was suddenly diagnosed with a brain tumour, undergoing three brain surgeries in just one year.

While this deeply impacted Mari physically, it also became a mental and emotional Everest to hike as everything she knew changed overnight.

Yet rather than let it swallow her whole, she put on her boxing gloves to fight back and developed mind-body connection techniques to not only survive, but thrive.

[Credit: Mari Curteanu]

Speaking about her journey, Mari said it has changed her forever, but in a good way.

Mari said: “How do you go from being a fitness coach, fully functional and physically independent to living with a metal plate as part of your skull?

“Not easy, I can tell you that! But not impossible either.”

She continued: “People asked me, how could I still be so positive and happy after such a terrible experience? I guess it has a lot to do with my views of life.

“I believe that nobody is out there to punish me, therefore I am nobody’s victim. That makes it much easier to look ahead in life with an openness and a positive attitude.”

[Credit: Mari Curteanu]

Mari now credits the experience of facing death as a lesson that helped awaken these traits even further, gaining a deeper understanding of the relationship between beliefs, thoughts, emotions and choices, and how they can affect life experiences.

She explained: “When I realised I made it through the belly of the dragon, I knew that there was something bigger than just my own story and my own life.

“I’ve learned that at the end of every struggle, there is a great blessing.”

Mari added: “My blessing to be here is also my privilege and calling, to share my gifts and valuable lessons with the world. My biggest life challenge became my mission.”

Now, Mari translates those gifts into teachings with coaching skills via a series of online workshops, designed from experience and mind-body connection disciplines.

[Credit: Mari Curteanu]

As a taster of what to expect, her October sessions offer a three-part series with one episode focusing on mind, one on emotions, and completing the trilogy is body.

There is also an eight-week programme that pledges to “completely enhance your life at all levels of your being”, focusing on reversing negative beliefs; unravelling how thoughts affect body chemistry; and learning to deal with emotions in a healthy way.

While Mari cannot wave a magic wand to banish your problems, her ethos is to empower you to take responsibility so you can ultimately transcend the suffering.

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