How to quiet your mind to that blissful space with zero anxiety

You may have seen the term ‘gong bath’ pop up while scrolling on socials, but why exactly are they all the rage right now?

Not only do they allow you to take time out from the daily grind by pausing for a moment without your smart phone in hand, but their sounds are also extremely therapeutic.

Let’s rewind a little…

A gong bath involves you lying down in a comfy position while listening to the sound of gongs as you ‘bathe’ in their vibrations.

[Credit: GONG]

They are said to be deeply relaxing and meditative, while also helping to clear emotional blockages so that we can reduce stress, improve sleep and have better relationships.

The team over at GONG – who offer virtual and in-person events – are experts when it comes to helping you experience the powerful revitalisation of a gong bath.

From their livestreams and on-demand services to various locations dotted around London, there is something for everyone to try when it comes to resetting your mind and body.

They even deliver sessions in the workplace to help employers create a more harmonious environment for their staff to balance their mental health alongside their work.

[Credit: GONG]

The cherry on the cake (or the mallet on the gong) is that you can also dabble with a free 15-minute taster to see what all the fuss is about before committing.

Speaking about the science behind the wellness trend, the GONG team explain that it’s all down to sound in essence being a vibration, which then creates compressions in the air that come to your ear and nerve endings in the body to trigger a state of ultimate calm.

Sharing their knowledge, they said: “The ear translates this vibration into electric signals and the auditory nerve carries this to the brain.

“Millions of neurons respond to that signal while rhythmic stimulation of sound affects brain chemistry and can therefore impact mental and emotional states by releasing feel-good chemicals and weakening pain signals, as well as our physiology by activating the parasympathetic nervous system which regulates heart rate and breathing.”

[Credit: GONG]

They added: “What is really fascinating is that we don’t just listen with our ears, we listen with every cell in our bodies.

“In fact, cell membranes have antenna-like structures that receive and respond to vibrational energy fields such as sound and light. If a vibration in our environment resonates with the receptor’s antenna, it can alter the charges of the proteins in that cell, causing it to change shape.

“So, sound is a force that influences our entire being – down to the cellular level.”

Alongside the science, many people compare the experience of a gong bath to the sensory deprivation of a floatation tank, while one of their clients described it as “being suspended in that blissful moment of lucid consciousness just before you fall asleep”.

When you consider this state of chill-out can be achieved literally by lying down and thinking of England, it’s hard to find a reason to not at least try it.

To get your zen on, click here: GONG.

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