Make-up artist gifts free brows to people who’ve lost their hair

While cancer treatment might feel like a lifeline after diagnosis, the process of losing your hair during it presents a whole new battle.

Not only are you putting on the boxing gloves to fight the illness, you are also enduring major aesthetic changes which can batter self-esteem.

So much so, the late Sarah Harding chose to reject another round of radiotherapy on her skull as she did not want to lose her hair.

The Girls Aloud singer said she feared others might think she was vain but with no guarantees of the treatment working, she didn’t think it was worth the risk to lose more of her womanhood when it might not change her prognosis at all.

[Credit: Lauren Moulding]

One woman who understands the devastating impact this has is Lauren Moulding.

Now, the make-up artist is gifting free treatments to those who have lost their hair.

In particular, she is offering semi-permanent eyebrow make-up to people suffering hair loss through illness or other conditions such chemotherapy or alopecia.

Speaking about her mission, the Gateshead-based fairy godmother said she wants to help as semi-permanent make-up (known as SPMU) is currently not available on the NHS, meaning sufferers either don’t know about it or might not be able to afford it.

[Credit: Lauren Moulding]

SPMU deposits pigment into the skin to mimic brow hair or shading and creates a fuller brow look without the hassle of drawing them on.

Lauren said: “Cancer affects one in two people, and many of them lose their hair due to the invasive treatments they go through.

“These treatments make a huge difference on people’s lives; many clients say these treatments have completely changed their life.”

With a background in healthcare, working as a diagnostic radiographer for seven years and speaking to people going through traumatic experiences with hair loss, her time on the frontline gave Lauren a deep understanding for her patients.

[Credit: Lauren Moulding]

Now, running her semi-permanent make-up business LolFace, she is able to help her clients feel more like themselves again after going through so much trauma.

Lauren added: “Our goal is to raise £2,300, which would pay for 10 people to get free microblading or tattoo eyebrows at LolFace.

“For every person that is covered by the funding, I will offer another completely free. If we raise more than the goal, we can offer free treatments to even more people.”

Alongside Lauren, our InspoDaily ambassador Tanya Buxton delivers equally brilliant work of tattooing like-like nipples onto breast cancer survivors.

To support Lauren’s cause, click here: SPMU.

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