Mouthwatering cinnamon buns: Grab a sweet treat to end homelessness

Sometimes, when you’re low on cash, you can feel torn between needing to buy food for yourself or donating it to others.

Now, you can do both at the same time.

By nabbing some tastebud-ticklin’ sweet treats, you will not only make your own belly sing, but also help to fight homelessness too.

Gifting this opportunity is the awesome House of Cinn, on a crusade to support rough sleepers one delicious cinnamon bun at a time.  

[Credit: House of Cinn]

Their mouthwatering (and equally eye-popping) creations include delicacies such as cookies and cream, caramel and pecan, very berry cheesecake, and even Lotus Biscoff flavour.

In exchange for purchasing their handmade creations, which are sold online and stocked in Selfridges, the team vow to turn profits into acts of goodwill.

They do this by offering love, community and financial empowerment to those most in need, helping people on the streets get back on their feet and break cycles of poverty.

[Credit: House of Cinn]

Together with Street Cafe charity, who help the homeless integrate back into society, their project gives people the chance to regain freedom through buddy systems and employment schemes.

Speaking about their mission, the House of Cinn squad say their unique approach is to focus on helping one person at a time rather than using a blanket attitude for everyone.

The team said: “We’ve built a strong relationship with someone we met on the streets in 2017. For the past three years, we’ve got to know him well, and have been on a journey.

“We’re now getting ready to jump into back-to-work training with some bun-making skills to support him on the road to a new sustainable lifestyle. We’re so excited to see his future unfold.”

[Credit: House of Cinn]

They added: “We know fighting homelessness is more than giving people physical resources. We believe in helping people rediscover hope in community.

“Our holistic approach combines community building with mentoring and employment support for sustainable change.”

Can someone put these guys in charge, please?!

To grab your buns, click here: House of Cinn.

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