The end of plastic toys! Awesome eco-friendly gifts for your little ones

It’s all very well trying to be eco-friendly in adulthood, but unless we introduce the concept to future generations, then our efforts are somewhat redundant.

That might sound easier said than done, when lil’ Jonny or Jane is pleading for the latest toy on their Christmas wishlist because they’ve been good this year.

Yet now, thanks to environmentally-conscious trinkets, the whole family can help save the planet whether you’re eight or 80.

The festive elves over at Inhabitat, a lifestyle publication that champions sustainable design, have been busy collating an ultra-green gadget list for you to pick your pressies from.

Check them out below!

[Credit: KOOKAROO]

1) KOOKAROO Playdough Tools

Hey, what’s a childhood without playdough?!

This brilliant lab-tested, kid-friendly kit promises no splinters, no toxins, no worries.

Their air-dry clay tools are sanded for smoothness and free of all chemicals, making it sustainably produced and safe for the ecosystem.

The gift is also perfect for baking and cooking as it works with flour dough, meaning your tots will love using the board and tools to make piecrust, pastry, pizza, or cookies.

[Credit: Micro Kickboard]

2) Micro Kickboard

Introducing fuel-free transport from an early age, this scooter will keep your child entertained in and out the house as they whiz around on adventures.

Made from recycled plastic pulled from the ocean, one of the models (Mini Deluxe Eco) also incorporates fishing nets, ropes, and trawls that have been removed from the sea.

Meanwhile, a portion of all profits are donated to planet charities. So it really is win-win.

[Credit: Fair Trade]

3) Fair Trade plush baby toy

Not only are these adorable items free from plastic and chemically-laden materials, they also provide auditory and visual stimulation thanks to their colours, shape and knitted textures.

Fair Trade certification offers transparency around the product’s place of origin and supports otherwise marginalised communities by connecting them to a buying network. 

Great for role play, storytelling and imaginative play.

[Credit: Pact]

4) Pact clothing

Ethically sourced material has never been so comfortable!

These 100% organic cotton items provides undeniable softness, with a snug fit.

The perfect pressie for parents on the prowl for affordable, super soft, high quality children’s clothing without harmful chemicals or dyes.

They are also made with Fair Trade cotton, meaning certification ensures that farmers get paid a fair price for their organic cotton and additional money goes directly into a community-managed bank account that belongs to the farmers and/or factory workers.

[Credit: Camden Rose]

5) Camden Rose Play Kitchen

This fantastic company believe it is possible to raise healthy children without the harmful toxins and electronic influences that challenge today’s families.

Consequently, they create beautiful wooden toys, furniture, and kitchen items, handcrafted from local trees by talented craftsmen.

Now, you can get your hands on a fabulous culinary world for your rugrats with a safe kitchen that is guaranteed to be plastic-free.

Good luck, Santa!

For the full article, click here: Eco-Friendly Gifts.

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