StarPups Coffee for dogs! Pet pooches pampered with new café

There’s nothing quite like sipping an Iced Mocha Grande on a sunny day.

Though if you’re walking the dog, you may have sad puppy eyes staring thirstily at you waiting for their turn.

Now, they don’t have to wait until they get home to attack the water bowl, instead, they can take a trip to StarPups for a lil’ pampering.

[Credit: HighParkPups]

Before you get too excited, we won’t be seeing this chain on every street corner just yet.

The canine café is located in Toronto, Canada, all courtesy of pooch mama, Kaya Kristina.

Her adorable initiative kickstarted six years ago, after she noticed that the neighbourhood dogs looked like they could use a lil’ pick-me-up after running around outside.

So, to treat them, she left some water on her front lawn with a sign, ‘For thirsty dogs’.  

[Credit: HighParkPups]

Soon, the local hounds were lapping up their gift and Kaya received messages from pet owners about how grateful they were to have passed her home.

Then, fast-forward to the pandemic, Kaya began brainstorming other ways she could help out and decided to leave some treats along with the water for her furball friends.

Not just any treats, mind! Posh ones. And it wasn’t long before the dogs gravitated towards the all-natural, high-protein snacks.

[Credit: Kaya Kristina]

Chatting about her venture, Kaya said she just hopes to “bring a little joy to their day”.

Kaya explained: “I thought of all the people living alone during COVID and how their mental health was suffering. I thought, ‘Most people are complaining about their husbands and kids driving them nuts being home all together. But do they think about their single friends who only have pets?’

“I wanted to give those people something to look forward to and make them feel special.”

[Credit: HighParkPups]

Speaking to The Dodo, she added: “I made a bunch of mini treat bags, made a little menu so people knew what they were giving their dog, and put a little stand out with options.

“It was so cute seeing the dogs go by and pull their owners to my house to go get a snack.”

Thanks to its booming success within the community, Kaya is now building a weatherproof set-up so that no dogs will have to walk away disappointed when it rains or snows.

Check out more fluffy pics here: StarPups Coffee.

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