Little shrub planted by couple 40 years ago now towers into the sky

With high street shops and online vendors pushing their Christmas deals on us, it’s hard to resist getting caught up in the materialistic fever of it all.

Yet the true spirit of the holidays is lighting up a village one fairy light at a time to remind people that community is heart and centre of the festivities.

If you haven’t heard of Inkberrow in Worcestershire before, you have now!

Local heroes Avril and Christopher Rowlands have single-handedly put Inkberrow on the map, with their glorious 50ft tree brightening up the skies.

[Credit: SWNS]

Time-travelling back to 1978, the couple planted their modest 6ft shrub in the front garden, before Mother Nature worked her magic and towered into the heavens.

Today, 43 years later, that lil’ garden centre purchase is now the star of the village.

Having previously been one of the darkest places in the UK, as a town without any streetlights, Avril and Christopher have transformed Inkberrow into a stunning yuletide treat.

Speaking about their seasonal spectacle, Avril revealed that 2,000 residents turned up to see the switching-on ceremony, which lit up the tree that can be seen from miles around.

[Credit: SWNS]

Avril, 75, said: “The switching on of the lights has become quite a village tradition. A lot of people in the village say that it’s the start of their Christmas.

“It’s been wonderful to see so many people enjoy the lights this year.”

She added: “We had no idea just how big it would grow. It’s absolutely huge now and towers over our house. We even get cards addressed to the tree, which is quite sweet.”

The tree has grown so big that an industrial cherry-picker is needed to help the couple decorate it with lights ahead of their annual unveiling.

[Credit: SWNS]

As society moves towards an ethos where we create less waste, who knows, we may see many more of these on front lawns in years to come.

In the meantime, while you’re waiting for last year’s re-potted pine to shoot up from the grass, you can rent one instead.

Check out how you can live the sustainable life, by clicking here: Rent A Tree.

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