Join The Worldwide Tribe: Incredible movement giving every person a voice

In a world of disconnect, how can we reconnect? Especially when headlines scaremonger and divide us, even if this is subconscious.

The one thing that transcends all age, race, religion, and gender, is love and the ability to see one another as human regardless of our background.

This is why the remarkable team at The Worldwide Tribe are using stories to highlight the humanity behind world issues, on their mission to spark global community.

[Credit: The Worldwide Tribe]

They do this by tapping into creative storytelling to bring a personal, human perspective to the issues that dominate our news channels and 24/7 timelines.

The tribe also invest in grassroots projects, donating to the very people that make a difference to the lives of those in need.

Not only are The Worldwide Tribe founders passionate about shining a light on the humanitarian crisis, but they also just so happen to be three siblings who kickstarted their quest after opening their doors (and hearts) to refugees in need of a foster home.

It all began when the O’Hara family from England decided to foster a child, after their kids – Jaz, Nils, and Finn – grew up and flew the nest.

[Credit: The Worldwide Tribe]

Jaz explained: “Back in early 2015, we all had normal jobs. I worked in the fashion industry, my brother Nils worked in advertising, and my youngest brother Fin was still at school.

“As Fin was nearing 18, our parents decided to foster a new brother or sister, in fear that they would soon have an empty house. They couldn’t have been more wrong!”

Jaz added: “As our parents went through the lengthy process, it became increasingly likely our new sibling would be coming via the refugee camp in Calais known as ‘The Jungle’. My parents live in Kent and there were many unaccompanied minors arriving there at the time.”

‘The Jungle’ had just started to appear in the news back then, yet coverage of the camp was extremely negative and dehumanising, with headlines such as ‘Swarms of Migrants’.

Jaz had so many questions about the people living there, that she made the journey to go and visit. A trip which she says, “changed my life”.

[Credit: The Worldwide Tribe]

While in Calais, Jaz met many people who, despite their intense trauma, still welcomed her with open arms and shared cups of tea or food with her even though they had so little.

On her return home, Jaz posted about her experiences on Facebook, and was stunned when it went viral and was shared tens of thousands of times.

It was that one post that sparked a movement of people wanting to donate, to volunteer, to get involved in any way that they could. And so began The Worldwide Tribe.

Now, Jaz has two new brothers, Mez from Africa and Arash from Afghanistan, and works tirelessly to raise awareness for the other 70million children, women and men who were forcibly displaced last year and yet struggle to receive basic empathy, compassion and safety.

Yet Jaz can’t do it alone, and she needs your help!

Alongside encouraging the public to donate to support people on the ground in refugee camps, there is also a shop where you can buy hoodies and T-shirts to support the cause.

To get involved, just click here: The Worldwide Tribe.

‘We rise by lifting others’ Singer plays prank on fans to raise cash for kids

Some people are happy with socks, others want Lynx, and maybe a cheeky few ask for an Xbox, yet one musician boldly requested cash for his birthday.

However, while the demand may have been a little diva-esque, it turns out it was all a ruse to get fans to dig deep into their pockets for charity.

So deep in fact, that they helped raised a whopping NGN [Nigerian Naira] 200,000,000 (£37k) for orphanages to support abused and abandoned children have a better life.

[Credit: Davido]

It all kicked off with Davido, one of Africa’s most successful musicians, joking on social media that he wanted donations to get his Rolls Royce released from a port.

His adoring fanbase dutifully obliged, and the dollar started rolling in.

Davido then revealed to his 22million-strong army on Instagram that the cash was actually being given to orphanages across the country.

Humbled by the vast sums raised, Davido said he felt “sincere gratitude” for the “generous expressions of love” and that the “outcome exceeded expectations”.

[Credit: Davido]

Davido, who also contributed NGN 50,000,000 (£92k) from his own pocket, said: “My goal is to do this fundraising every year to celebrate my birthday and give back to people in need.”

The heartwarming act of kindness will transform many lives, as the money will be divided to caregivers by a specially selected committee to determine its fair distribution.

Davido added: “I express my sincere gratitude to friends, colleagues, fans, and everyone that made this possible. We rise by lifting others.”

In honour of his incredible philanthropy, fans flocked to the comments section on Insta to praise him, with one declaring Davido “man of the year”.

Looks like Santa just got relegated.

[Credit: Davido]

The hidden genius inside us: Condition gifts people incredible abilities

The human brain works in mysterious ways! Despite ongoing research by top neuroscientists, many questions remain unanswered, and likely always will.

It is said we will never fully understand how a person thinks, how our memories shape who we become, or how the nerve cells work together to produce voluntary movement.

This is why it is especially magical when some of us are capable of extraordinary things, like Lu Chao of China, who holds the Guinness World Record for reciting 67,890 digits of pi.

Despite his incredible feat, no one has come close to understanding why, what or how it happens.

[Credit: Jeshoots]

Similarly, there are people who can answer what day an event happened if you ask, ‘What day of the week was March 22, 1932?’ and they say ‘Tuesday’ instantaneously.

We say ‘magical’, others say ‘savant’.

Savant syndrome is a rare condition in which people with various developmental disorders, including autism, have an amazing ability that appears somewhat superhuman.

[Credit: United Artists]

If the movie Rain Man just so happens to spring to mind, it’s because Dustin Hoffman’s powerful portrayal of Raymond Babbitt was inspired by a real-life tale of savant syndrome.

Taking inspo from Kim Peek, this US native was known as a ‘megasavant’ due to his astounding mind in which he memorised over 12,000 books, including the Bible.

Incredibly, Kim could actually read two pages at once, with his left eye reading the left page and his right eye reading the right page, before he memorised both sides in eight seconds.

[Credit: Wikipedia]

While Kim, who died in 2009 aged 58, left scientists scratching their heads, they did discover he was missing the bundle of nerves that usually connects the brain’s two hemispheres.

It is believed that 10% of people with autism have some level of savant abilities, although people with brain injuries can also demonstrate bizarre talents in later life.

This is why many people do not display such skills at childhood and only after an accident or stroke, which is what happened to a teenager in Croatia.

The unnamed girl awoke from a coma and had lost her ability to speak her native language and could only communicate in German.

Other people with savant syndrome include Leslie Lemke, who could play Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No. 1 on the piano after hearing it on TV that day, and Ellen Boudreaux, who instinctively knows the exact hour, minute, and second of a day at all times without looking at a clock.

It is as beautiful as it is extraordinary.

Struggling this Christmas? Grab a free kids book for your child’s stocking

While the Black Friday rush may have been exciting for some as prices were slashed in the festive sale, for others, it’s highly stressful.

With sellers pushing their products on us, and kids wanting the latest gadgets, it is hard to say no without twisting ourselves in knots from guilt.

Though it turns out, the spirit of Christmas hasn’t been completely cannibalised by consumerism!

And we’re thrilled to report that true altruism still exists thanks to shining star, Samantha Baines.

[Credit: Samantha Baines]

If the name rings a bell, it’s likely because she’s graced the screen in Netflix gem, The Crown.

Although this time around, she’s flexing her writing talents and gifting her children’s book free of charge to families struggling this December.

So, if you’re strapped for cash, you’re eligible for a copy of her novel, The Night The Moon Went Out, about a girl who wears a hearing aid (as does Samantha).

[Credit: Samantha Baines]

Taking to Twitter, Samantha invited people to get in touch if they wanted a pre-wrapped copy of one of her books, for little ones to open on Christmas Day.

Samantha tweeted: “If you are struggling this Christmas and aren’t sure if you can buy your child a gift, DM me your address and I’ll send you a signed copy of my book (already wrapped), so they have something to open on #Xmas day.”

She later revealed that the idea came to her after noticing the books on her shelf gathering dust and realising they would be “much better in the hands of some children”.

[Credit: Samantha Baines]

Samantha said: “I was sitting down, doing some Black Friday shopping and seeing all the deals that were coming up… And I just thought, ‘I don’t need this stuff’.

“Some families are really struggling, and I’d hate for a child to wake up on Christmas morning and have nothing to open.”

Chatting to PA news agency, she added: “I’m not a parent myself, but my children’s books are comedy books, so I love making kids laugh.”

It certainly is beginning to look A LOT like Christmas!

To grab a free book, click here: Samantha Baines.

[Credit: Samantha Baines]

Tear-jerking moment bride walks down aisle with her organ donor’s dad

In what is as beautiful a tale as it is bittersweet, a bride who received an organ transplant asked the donor’s father to walk her down the aisle.

Daniel Donnelly Jr had hoped to do this with his own daughter, Heather, on her big day. However, tragically she died in a car accident before saying ‘I do’ to her fiancé.

After the accident, in a parallel world, Diana Donnarumma was in need of a life-saving intestinal transplant due to intestinal failure from dysautonomia (which affects the nervous system).

Unknown to Heather, she was about to save Diana’s life.

[Credit: Daily Mail]

In 2018, the year following the transplant, New Yorker Diana was allowed to contact her donor’s family who could then decide whether they accepted or denied the request.

Touchingly, Daniel accepted the letter, which paved the way for his relationship with Diana to blossom, later speaking by phone and eventually meeting when she visited him in Illinois.

As they grew close, and upon learning that Daniel was unable to walk Heather down the aisle, Diana asked if he might like to do her the honours instead.

Fast-forward to 2021, and Daniel did exactly that, accompanying Diana down the aisle before passing her over to Diana’s biological father, Glen, who walked her the rest of the way.

[Credit: Daniel Donnelly Jr]

Speaking of the tear-jerking moment, Diana said: “Before I walked down the aisle with Dan, I felt butterflies in my stomach.

“When he saw me in my wedding dress he cried. Once I saw him crying, I started crying.”

She continued: “He misses Heather so much and struggles with the pain of her absence. He said he was honoured to walk me down the aisle and is so happy to have another daughter now. I told Dan that Heather’s spirit was there with us, and she was happier than ever.

“I hope people realise the power of organ donation. Without Heather’s decision, I would not be here today. Death is a tragedy, but transplant is a light of beauty in the midst of that tragedy.”

Incredibly, an organ donation can save up to nine lives.

For info on how to sign-up as a donor, click here: Organ Donation.

Kindhearted Keanu Reeves gifts crew with Rolex watches after filming

We’re all familiar with stories of Hollywood stars who smile on the red carpet then behave like total divas behind the scenes.

Fortunately, our man Keanu Reeves does not fall into that category!

Whether you’ve got nostalgia for Bill & Ted, fell for him as Officer Jack Traven in Speed, or are mad for The Matrix, Keanu is just as much of a legend off-screen as he is on.  

As he wrapped on his latest film, the Canadian actor decided to treat the four members of his stunt team to Rolex Submariners watches.

[Credit: WatchMania]

That’s a cool £30,000, with each watch retailing at approximately £7k.  

The crew had been shooting the fourth installment of the John Wick franchise in Paris, before they headed off for a meal to celebrate.

It was only by chance that Keanu’s good nature was captured on camera, as a fellow diner at Bistrot Paul Bert snapped the MTV Movie Award winner with his comrades.

[Credit: Jeremy Marinas]

Two stuntmen later confirmed what kindhearted Keanu had done, posting photos of the watches – all engraved with ‘The John Wick Five’ on the back – on Instagram.

As the actor creeps towards his 60th birthday (can you believe he’s 57?!), you might think he has been humbled by his years in showbiz.

Nope! He is as generous today as he was yesteryear.

[Credit: TalesfromLordRodney]

Back in 1999, when he shot to epic levels of fame playing Neo in The Matrix, he gifted his entire team from that movie with Harley-Davidson motorbikes.

Speaking of the sci-fi favourite, Keanu is set to grace our screens again in The Matrix Resurrections, the fourth flick from the franchise, next month.

So, grab your popcorn and kick back over Crimbo to see the Mr Nice Guy OG in action.

Meanwhile, John Wick: Chapter 4 hits cinemas in May 2022.

[Credit: TalesfromLordRodney]

Male role models: Fab 2022 calendar celebrates good guys

They say everyone loves a bad boy, that is until they cheat, ‘borrow’ money they don’t pay back, or ghost you.

So, why doesn’t society applaud the nice guys instead?

One woman is determined to shift this and shine a light on the positive role models that men can be, honouring their achievements instead of just aesthetics.

[Credit: The Good Guys Calendar]

On her mission to champion the trustworthy fellas, Karen Banfield has taken a unique approach by immortalising 12 heroes into a calendar.

Coined ‘The Good Guys Calendar’, Karen pieced her creation together by interviewing men from diverse backgrounds, sharing their stories alongside photos.

Speaking about her idea, the energy healer said she was inspired to put something out into the world that is a “celebration of men living heart-centred lives”.

[Credit: The Good Guys Calendar]

Karen said: “During the pandemic, I decided to focus on the goodness around me, specifically the men who were showing up with generous spirits and open hearts.

“I focused on men because the news has been overfull of negative role models, and I believe that having positive role models is essential.”

She continued: “These men have touched many lives in small, often unnoticed ways, bringing a generous spirit that made me smile and just as often brought me to tears.”

So, it’s time to tear your eyes away from Tinder for a moment and meet Severo Lara, aka Mr September, instead.

This single dad of two girls was elected mayor of the town of Ojai, California, humbly rocking up to events on his bike while his peers often arrive in flashy, expensive cars.

[Credit: The Good Guys Calendar]

Reflecting on a moment after one of her performances, Karen said Severo came to the rescue when she needed to transport chairs from the theatre to a storage unit.

Karen said: “Severo was the one who showed up in the rain, after he had worked all day, to help load, transport and unload the chairs.”

Meanwhile, Snow Talifero, also known as Mr March, impressed Karen following the Thomas Fire, which threatened to become the state’s largest-ever wildfire in 2017.

After it nearly engulfed their small city, northwest of LA, firefighter Snow posted on a local website that he would cut down dead trees for free to help keep people safe.

[Credit: Karen Banfield]

Karen said: “I’m a person with two afflictions: one, the delusion I am still capable of cutting down a tree at my advanced age, and two, that I should do everything myself.

“So, it was with trepidation and a little shame that I contacted Snow and asked for his service. He arrived the very next day, with his entire family in tow. They were going out to dinner, and in no time at all, he had cut the tree and readied it for removal.”

Chatting to The Good News Network, she added that it’s the little things that matter and those tasks that often feel impossible for one person but easy for another.

Karen concluced: “I never forget kindness, and value those who offer it with such grace and freedom.”

To prove that nice guys don’t finish last, click here: The Good Guys Calendar.

Finding their voice: Kids in care record album set for Grammys triumph

They say where words fail music speaks, and whether you feel blue or on cloud nine, a tune on has the power to articulate what speech can’t.

Tapping into this force, one artist has taken the lifeline of music to help vulnerable kids.

Alexander Star, otherwise known as A. Star, works with young people to create original songs about world impact or explore songwriting as a therapeutic tool to share their stories.

[Credit: A. Star]

Speaking about the process, A. Star said it helps future generations find their voice.

A. Star said: “I work with kids who completely shut out adults due to what they’ve been through. With music, I cut through and I get them to open up in ways they normally don’t.

“I get them to not only tap into their creative side but also unpack heavy baggage they’ve had on their minds but didn’t quite know how to express.”

Now, A. Star has gone the extra mile to transform his students into celebs, recording an album in collaboration with teens living in foster care.

[Credit: A. Star]

Library of Us packs such a punch it is now up for Grammy consideration and been included on the nomination ballot during the first round of voting for the prestigious awards.

Reflecting on the experience, A. Star said: “It is a collection of heartfelt conversations about the fears, insecurities, goals, ambitions, and faith of teens and kids in the foster care system.

“I helped them take bullet point about their lives and spin them into lyrics and we pulled this album together.”

He added: “I humbly submit Library of Us for your consideration for the Grammys 2022, Best Children’s Album.”

[Credit: A. Star]

This is not the first time A. Star has spread his philanthropic wings.

He rose to fame in Rwanda with his song Show Me The Way, a collaboration with local superstar Andy Bumuntu promoting peace and humanity to help heal hearts in a post-genocide nation.

Chatting about the track, Star said: “I just want to spread love to folks who need good energy. Music can be powerful medicine, I write my own prescriptions that cause real positive side effects.”

Amen to that!

‘Follow your dreams’ 89-year-old smashes age stereotypes to earn PhD

We’ve become so accustomed to saying ‘I’m old’ each time a birthday rolls around, regardless of hitting 18 or 80, that we forget how young we actually are.

Not Manfred Steiner.

This chap is flying the flag for everyone who feels young at heart.

Proving life is just beginning in his 80s, the age-ain’t-nothin’-but-a-number whiz went back to school and earned his PhD – one year shy of turning 90.

[Credit: Leon Wu]

Despite a successful career as a doctor, with a focus on hematology [study of blood], he always had a love affair with physics and this niggling feeling never vanished.

And so, at 89, he finally fulfilled that dream, earning his qualification from the prestigious Brown University which counts Harry Potter’s Emma Watson amongst its alumni.

Speaking about his achievements, Manfred – who grew up in Vienna before moving to the US – casually threw in that it is his third doctorate, but it’s this one he cherishes the most.

[Credit: Shutterstock]

Manfred said: “I am really on top of the world. I always had this dream: Gee, someday I would like to become a physicist.

“When I was a medical student in the early 50s, I used to sneak into the physical institute and listen to talks because I was so interested, particularly in quantum physics, the new stuff at that time.”

Now, the grandfather hopes to inspire future generations to follow their dreams and resist the negative thinking that life is over at a certain age.

[Credit: Karlis Reimanis]

Chatting to a local radio station, Manfred said: “You know, it took a long time. There were medical problems in between that were very serious. But fortunately, I’m here now.

“All the young people, if they have a dream, follow that dream. Don’t give up on it. If it doesn’t work out, he said, they can go into something else. But first, follow your dream.”

Despite having been awarded the highest level of academic study, Manfred is far from finished and plans to continue “as long as my mind says okay”.

The everyday hero added: “I’m going to do some studies with theoretical physics. I don’t need a lab. I just need a computer, and I need paper and pencil.”

Just off to browse the local uni website for courses…

Discover the heart-warming acts of kindness transforming lives

While loaning someone cash or helping a friend move house are very generous, acts of kindness don’t always need to be so grandiose.

In fact, it’s the little things that can spark the biggest change ­– from a kids’ watch to an action figure toy – that could improve a life.

Let’s rewind a little… it all started when Jaime Thurston saw an advert on a second-hand shopping website from a woman in desperate need of a rug.

Turns out, that woman had just fled a violent relationship and needed a rug for her new home so that her kids would stop cutting their feet on the floor.

[Credit: Jaime Thurston]

Jamie was desperate to help and while she didn’t have a rug, she did have a car, so she called on her friends to donate items and drove them all to the woman.

When the stranger opened the door, she burst into tears, stunned at the kindness displayed by someone who didn’t even know her.

It was this interaction that prompted Jamie to do more and she began brainstorming ways to boost the ripple effect of kindness ­– this is when 52 Lives was born.

[Credit: Jaime Thurston]

What initially began as a Facebook page to help one family per week soon snowballed into a charity that has become Jamie’s full-time baby.

Rather than do it alone, or with her own social network, she calls on the public to help give donations in the form of messages, uniforms, or household items.

She incentivises them to gift what they can by sharing stories of those in need and, crucially, why they need the items they do.

Jamie said: “One of the things I love about what we do is that our criteria is deliberately, incredibly broad. We don’t care how old you are or whatever it is that you need. We just help people who are in need of kindness.”

As well as spreading the love with tangible items, Jamie also educates schools on altruism and how they can help their students understand the power of kindness.

[Credit: Mei Ling]

Jamie explained: “What I find challenging sometimes is dealing with people who aren’t being very nice or are being rude.

“They’re the people who normally need kindness the most and responding back with unkindness is only going to make the world worse.”

Chatting to Positive News, she added: “If people are in bad states of mind themselves, they do take it out on the people around them. I don’t know if we can prevent that from happening – it’s just human behaviour – but what we can do is rectify things. If I am rude to somebody, I will go back and apologise.”

Next time a loved one lashes out, remember they might be crying out for a hug.

To turn those kindness ripples into waves, click here: 52 Lives.