Proof that listening to music really can heal you from inside out!

Whacking on your favourite Spotify playlist and prancing round the room may be helpful to unwind, if you need distracting, or if you just want to sing along.

But turns out it could actually help you heal too.

Now, we’re not quite sure if Little Mix’s Shout Out To My Ex or Wham!’s Last Christmas has the power to cure illness, but there is evidence to show how music has therapeutic benefits.

We need to take a detour back in time, towards the end of the 19th century to be precise.

[Credit: Jefferson Santos]

It was during this era that researchers discovered how music can affect the body’s physiological responses, whereby we adapt physically to the mental challenges of everyday life.

The study, carried out in Paris, examined how patients responded to live musicians playing at their bedside, specifically looking at cardiac output, respiratory rate, and blood pressure.

Remarkably, it was discovered that music does heal by lowering blood pressure and heart rate, while aiding the workings of the parasympathetic system.

This system is responsible for functions that occur with the body at rest i.e. digesting after eating.  

[Credit: Marius Masalar]

Time-travelling even further back through history, the Egyptians believed that music and the sound of vowels generating vibrations held powerful healing properties.

While they did not have the science to support their claims, they were convinced by its force and built structures to capture these vibrations to host events inside, such as religious ceremonies.

Even the almighty pyramids were created with these acoustics, with The King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza designed to reverberate, so that sound energy from chanting is increased.

Today, we see the rise in popularity of gongs, tuning forks, and singing bowls all booming in the wellbeing world, yet their origin dates back thousands of years too to 4,000 B.C.

[Credit: Mohammad Metri]

Just like the Egyptians, the ancient Greeks used music to heal and cure mental disorders, also believing that the vibrations of these instruments is what achieved a calmer state.

Now, with advanced neuroscience knowledge, we recognise that even a simple rhythmic sound such as clapping can help the brain’s frequency regulate to stabilise mood and mindset.

So, maybe those gong baths aren’t so ‘hippy dippy’ after all.

Why December 21 will spark a change to ‘flood the world in positivity’

As festive lights go up in town centres and restaurants boast new Christmas menus, there is actually a date before December 25 that is of great importance.

So, you better get marking December 21 on your calendar!

The winter solstice holds such power that it is set to flood the world with positivity.

This year, a global ceremony will take place at Uluru (a sandstone rock formation in the southern part of the Northern Territory in central Australia) to revitalise the spiritual heart of the planet.

[Credit: Photoholgic]

It follows on from last year’s service, when hopes were high that the ‘magic box’, as described in aborigine prophecy, could be turned on and kickstart a gradual ascension in earthly vibration.

Yet with the events that have unfolded since then, it has become apparent that many of us remain overwhelmed by fear and division and a new mission is required at Uluru.

Forgotten Origin co-founders, Steven and Evan Strong, have written about why this is the case and how the discovery of magical rocks has opened their eyes to the work that remains.

Below, you can read their remarkable insight from words published in their blog.

[Credit: Forgotten Origin]

“At Uluru on December 21, 2020, beginning at 7:32 pm, a global ceremony involving over 15million people was totally successful in activating the big red rock which began the process of a global cleansing of the body and soul of the planet and all its residents.

“In the simplest terms, we were told that if the ceremony did succeed Uluru would activate what the Mayans refer to as ‘two roads,’ while the Hopi refer to the recommended pathway as a ‘fast flowing river.’ Either way, a choice is on offer for each soul, and this time around there are consequences. Basically, if the right decision is made that individual is granted the right to remain, conversely, if the wrong choice is the preferred course action, then that soul must immediately vacate these earthly premises. Moreover, the time allowed to make the correct choice is not measured in decades but has a sum total of less than three years.

“Even though the timing is short, we have been assured that the time leading up to the final day will be ‘ugly’ and ‘brutal’.

“We had assumed that our role in all of this was to get the required number of souls joining together in a global meditation and dedication directed towards Uluru, which would lead to the ‘magic box’ being turned on. From that point on, we thought it was all a matter of stand back and watch in taking on the role of a passive but very interested spectator.”

However, it became clear following the discovery of new rocks and artefacts, that more was being demanded of Steven and Evan’s participation.

[Credit: Forgotten Origin]

They continued: “The day after a message from behind the curtain was received and accepted… the ancient magical objects wanted to change the global setting and charge up the atmosphere through assisting those who were under stress and are suffering. But how?

“That night I delivered the group of artefacts an ultimatum, I was taking a ring, a rock and piece of bone to be placed beside my bed and during that night I wanted all the details set out step by step.

“When I woke it was all clear. Very simply, the instruction was more of the same. They wanted all of the people who joined in last year in positive meditation directed towards Uluru to do the same thing again on the same date, and hope many more will join in. Their aim is to flood the world in positivity. Surely this is not only desperately needed, but doable. It worked before and we see no reason why we cannot succeed again. Uluru is generating and accelerating every day, but to supercharge the process is not only warranted but needed right now.

“This is what they have decided is the best course of action forward and will be our primary focus leading up to December 21. It is a win-win situation, if on the exceptionally negligible chance the rock does not increase its outflow the reality of millions of people healing the world with positivity is good for the planet and every soul participating.”

[Credit: Forgotten Origin]

While there is still a month to go until the ceremony, you can get your fix of Steven and Evan at their upcoming conference as they lead their Our Alien Ancestry: Mystical Ways & Historical Days event across November 27 and 28 with a glittering panel of guest speakers.

To nab your tickets, click here: Our Alien Ancestry.

To read the full Uluru article, click here: Forgotten Origin.

The coolest cosmic clothes for souls who wear their hearts on their t-shirts

If you’re a loyal reader, then you’ll know we have a rich interest in the universe.

Usually, this love affair is saved for documentaries, conferences, books, or articles.

But now, you can show your appreciation for life in a higher frequency by wearing it!

It’s all thanks to Kosmik Beatnik, a super fun and colourful clothing brand that twins fashion with the magic of the cosmos.  

[Credit: Kosmik Beatnik]

Here, you’ll find t-shirts, hoodies and tote bags emblazoned with slogans such as ‘Find your way’, ‘Love is a frequency’, and ‘One love’.

There are also quirky phrases for those who like to deep dive into spirituality, with ‘Don’t panic, I’m Shamanic’ and ‘My third eye can see right through you baby’.

Shamanism is a practice that involves a guide who leads you to a spirit world through altered states of consciousness, such as trance.

Meanwhile, the third eye is a mystical concept of an invisible eye, which provides perception beyond ordinary sight and is often associated with intuition or, more commonly, that ‘gut feeling’.

Designer Johanna Londinium describes the range as “high-vibing”, offering items that can “reflect a little of who you are”.

[Credit: Kosmik Beatnik]

In her mission statement, she said: “I am a sovereign being and awakened soul. I live my life to the beat of my own drum and honour my place in the universe.

“Since I started to awaken to my truth and remember who I truly am, my heart has been beating in harmony with all and flows with love. I love you and love is all.”

She continued: “My service here on earth is to help others awaken to their truth, who in turn help others, who help others… shine bright and you light the way for many.

“We are on this journey together.”

[Credit: Kosmik Beatnik]

With a background in modelling, Johanna says she now hopes her clothes can encourage people to wear them with a smile.

She explained: “Smiling is contagious and a lovely way to engage with others, share your light wherever you go. Wear your T-shirt and make an upbeat, positive statement that will turn a few heads and open a few minds.

“A T-shirt alone will not raise the vibration of humanity but a Kosmik Beatnik wearing one is another story. Positive vibes T-shirts!”

Johanna, who began her transitioning journey aged 17, is also devoted to the planet.

All products are made with organic cotton and inks and are entirely vegan with no animal testing, they are also shipped in biodegradable, recyclable packaging with no plastic.

To spice up your look, click here: Kosmik Beatnik.

[Credit: Kosmik Beatnik]

Healing made easy (and fun!) as spirituality meets science

If you’ve felt ready to embark on your healing journey only to pick up a textbook or watch a documentary packed with jargon, it can put you off continuing.

Yet Dream Bold Network has arrived, your spirit in shining armour.

By taking ancient practice and translating it into modern lingo, they make wellness not only easy but also fun.

Founded by Kate Yurenda, she marries her skills as a producer with a passion for healing, showcasing how to ignite our inner superpowers to create a better world.

[Credit: Dream Bold Network]

With an impressive selection of movies, art, podcasts, coaching and coursework, they provide the stepping-stones to guide you onto the right path.  

We caught up with Kate to find out a little more about her vision, and just how it might empower humanity and reconnect us to our innate abilities.

Kate said: “Dream Bold Network consists of thought-leaders, artists, filmmakers, authors, mindset coaches, healing practitioners and bold visionaries.

“We are all dedicated to the art and science of intentional magnetism, ancient healing modalities, quantum creation and unity consciousness.”

[Credit: Dream Bold Network]

She continued: “I became interested in this because of my own healing journey and the more I learned, the more I knew the world needed someone to translate it – with a bold and innovative approach. It was a calling that I am so grateful I answered.”

Now, Kate and her team educate others so they can not only find harmony within but also make a quantum shift in the direction of world peace.

They strive to teach their wisdom in a playful and entertaining way, aware that spirituality and science can be a daunting world to dip a toe in.

Kate explained: “We are like a dynamic family that is impacting the collective field and guiding humanity out of these challenging times.

“The best part is how much feedback we get from people that have started to meditate, improve their health, learned to manifest, and mastered their mind.”

[Credit: Dream Bold Network]

She added: “People love how we are reuniting spirituality with science in a way that even children can comprehend.

“Our vision is to make all people feel more self-love and remember how innately powerful they are, how limitless they are and how magnificent this world is.”

Ultimately, Kate and her squad strive to make people feel as if we are all in this together, that we are stronger as one, and our future is brighter in unity.

Having started in 2017, Dream Bold Network snowballed into a global movement with “boosting vibration to a place that no longer holds us back” at its core.

To manifest your vision, click here: Dream Bold Network.

Magical rocks: New discovery points to life form outside of humankind

In a time long before technology, our ancestors did not have social media to document their every move.

Instead, we must rely on oral history, deciphering hieroglyphics, and analysing artefacts that offer evidence about how early humans made things and how they lived.

However, while archaeological findings have previously helped us jigsaw together how humanity evolved over time, a new discovery has been unearthed to question everything.

A collection of incredible rocks unlike anything we have seen before is casting doubt on who created the first tools used by an intelligent species and when.

[Credit: Samarah Wood]

The rocks, located across Australia, are not only different in aesthetic to previous tools but it is evident they were created differently too in a time when technology was of a high order.

We caught up with archaeological guru Steven Strong to find out more about the significance of these rocks and what they can tell us about the past or indeed the future.

Steven said: “On these rocks we see hundreds of perfectly straight lines, stunning geometry, lines that have been cut not chiselled, a thin veneer of melted rock always uniformly of the same thickness applied onto a lighter-coloured base rock, infills and overlays of exotic rock grains attached or inserted, base rocks of the hardest material cut to make totally level faces to engrave upon, needled holes, lacquered and polished rocks, and so it continues.

“Every rock is unique, and every symbol, pattern or motif is not repeated in this ensemble, and nor can anyone find a like-for-like match in any rock collection in this country.”

[Credit: Our Alien Ancestry]

Steven continued: “So too, the markings and patterns made are not like any tribal design known. They come from a time when technology of a high order was used, then deemed harmful to the land and Guardian Spirits and discarded, forever.

“Of course, that all changed when the British Invasion Fleet dropped anchors in 1788.”

Steven and his son Evan are world-renowned experts in their field, dedicating their lives to answering the questions of whether humankind is alone on this universe.

Using their expertise, they look upon ancient evidence to showcase our lineage and how alien ancestry has influenced the modern world.

[Credit: Our Alien Ancestry]

However, despite their thirst for all things archaeological, Steven admitted that he did not always have an interest in rocks or geology and his marks at school reflected this.

Steven confessed: “To begin with, I had no knowledge of rocks like these, it was only when at the Kariong Glyphs – an area in Oz known for its Aboriginal petroglyphs – that it changed.”

While exploring with fellow scholar Michael Tellinger, their colleague Ros Mulder contacted them and sent photos of a rock she had found with an unusual marking onsite.

They immediately agreed to meet Ros at the car park, where they discovered her rock was much better than the pictures.

Steven continued: “We agreed that this rock was a technological enigma and totally unique.

“That was the same response the Smithsonian offered when sighting a photograph of the rock sent by a Professor in Geology who advises us. But was it unique, could there be more out there?”

[Credit: Our Alien Ancestry]

Steven and his team soon had 200 rocks in their ensemble, either bought through auctions or gifted to them by people who had found them all over the country.

Virtually the entire collection was made without a stick, stone or bone toolkit, nor with the assistance of an open fire as previously required by other ancestors to make tools.

Instead, the equipment required would have been no less than metal blades and thousands of degrees Celsius to create what Steven and his crew were witnessing.

But where did these captivating tools originate?

Steven explained that for over 95% of the rocks, the original location is never given. However, they do know that what Ros found is not sandstone (despite 50km in every direction it is solely sandstone country), and therefore can determine it never came from the place it was found.

“It may sound odd,” said Steven, “when the repatriation of artefacts is always the highest priority, but in one respect that is a blessing. As my Ramindjeri Elder, Karno Walker, stated often, these rocks are incredibly ancient and come from a time when we ‘had more genes’.”

[Credit: Our Alien Ancestry]

Now, more than half the rocks are in south Australia waiting on the completion of an original keeping place, something that Steven and Evan are continuing to explore.

Once all the buildings, security and landscaping are complete, the rocks will be set into a sacred figure-eight formation with a promise on offer.

Steven concluded: “These are the same rocks set into formation at Uluru on December 21, 2020, and will pass on that energy plus gift their insights and blessings to any who are ready.

“In these turbulent and divisive times with a seminal acceleration in earthly vibrations reoccurring as the days pass, for any soul who has dived into ‘the fast-flowing river’ and the Hopi prophecies of our elders, the rocks will enlighten, motivate and inspire.”

To delve deeper into what these rocks signify, Steven and Evan will place the rocks in formation and film them for 45 minutes in their next online conference to uncover more mysteries.

To grab your tickets, click here: Our Alien Ancestry.

London cabbies’ remarkable memories helping dementia research

If you ever hop in a London taxi, you’ll know that car will not have a satnav.

This is because unlike their Uber rivals, drivers spin through the streets on knowledge alone.

In fact, anyone who wants to get behind the wheel of a black cab needs to take a test about the map of the city (aptly named The Knowledge) – which can take four years to master!

[Credit: Charles Etoroma]

The cabbies’ incredible ability to conquer thousands of roads within a six-mile radius of Charing Cross is now being used to help research into dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

The fascinating reason is that as their hippocampus, the area of the brain that takes care of spatial awareness, appears to get bigger the more years they put into the job.

As you may have guessed, the hippocampus also just so happens to be the part of the brain that shrinks following a dementia diagnosis.

The hippocampus is embedded deep into the temporal lobe (that sits behind the ears) and plays a major role in learning and memory.

[Credit: Taxi Brains]

Now, 30 drivers will be put through their paces for a special study run by the extremely prestigious University College London and supported by Alzheimer’s Research UK.

While the experiment hopes to unearth new findings, it is a follow-up to a study dating back 20 years by UCL neuroscientist Professor Eleanor Maguire.

She discovered that cabbies boasted a large hippocampus, just as squirrels do as they require spatial awareness to bury their nuts in many different locations rather than one place.

Speaking about the upcoming research, Professor Hugo Spiers, from UCL’s department of experimental psychology, said avoiding Google Maps could even lead to improving brains.

[Credit: JJ Ying]

Spiers said: “Maybe there’s something very protective about working out your spatial knowledge on a daily basis, like these guys do.

“It may not necessarily be spatial, but just using your brain rather than Google Maps might actually help, in the same way that physical fitness is important.”

Chatting to Positive News, he revealed that research will involve taxi drivers being tested on their navigational skills while undergoing MRI scans to map their brains.

Might be time to delete that map app.

If you are a cabbie or know one, you can get involved here: Taxi Brains.

Perfect stocking fillers: High-energy stones that can help you heal

Perhaps you wear a ring with your birthstone in it or have picked up a glistening souvenir on the beach to bring home from your last holiday.

The force of these stones goes more than beauty deep though and they are said to hold powerful healing properties to help you live a life of serenity.

While each crystal is characterised by its own abilities – such as onyx providing strength and rose quartz bringing harmony – they are all thought to promote the flow of good energy and help rid the mind and body of negativity for physical and emotional benefits.

To delve a little deeper into the magic, we caught up with crystal king Cam Allen to hear about his journey with the exquisite stones he provides for people on their healing path.

[Credit: Sage of Stones]

Cam said: “After 10+ years in the tech industry and working in ‘Corporate America’, I was becoming increasingly dissatisfied and disillusioned with my career.

“There was nothing about what I was doing that spoke to my soul, that aligned with my spiritual beliefs, or my way of thinking. I no longer felt I was helping people individually and I did not feel like I was doing anything to assist humanity as a whole and carry us forward.”

He continued: “One day, after agonising over the decision for about two weeks, I decided to quit my job. I could not do it for another day as it was literally sucking my soul out of me.”

Despite a huge fear of leaving, coupled with no idea where his next mortgage payment would come from, Cam put his trust in the universe and within a week had started his business, Sage of Stones.

[Credit: Sage of Stones]

Here, he established a platform to help people use crystal medicine for their spiritual growth.

Cam explained: “My mission is to offer people an alternative to healing on all levels outside of mainstream medical and psychological modalities that rarely look to treat the root of the problem, but instead focus on covering up the symptoms.

“Crystals, with virtually unlimited metaphysical properties, are the perfect medicine even if complementary to assist with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth and trauma.”

Although Cam’s wizardry does not stop there, he also hopes to show humanity how we are innately connected and that the wisdom of crystals can help us achieve such a world.

[Credit: Sage of Stones]

Cam added: “We live in a world where most of us are slaves to a system that in so many ways is designed to keep us in debt and to keep us surviving pay cheque to pay cheque.

“My aim is for a healed planet where people are in tune with nature, with the elements, and are consciously aware that we are one with every person and everything around us.”

As well as empowering people to follow their dreams, Cam hopes his crystals can make individuals feel less alone and separate from each other too.

He concluded: “I want everyone to know love, unity, peace, abundance and bliss.”

For the perfect stocking fillers, click here: Sage of Stones.

New footprints discovery will shift long-held beliefs about humans

There’s little sweeter than seeing footprints in the sand as you run along a beach.

While they’re usually washed away by the sea in seconds, a set of footprints has been unearthed in New Mexico that will completely rewrite history.

The discovery, fossilised under multiple layers of a special soil at the infamous White Sands National Park, is believed to date back 23,000 years.

This is hugely significant as it makes them the oldest known footprints in North America.

[Credit: Shutterstock]

Back in 2009, another set of prints were discovered and recently it was determined they were between 22,800 to 21,130 years old after scientists analysed seeds stuck in them.

Now, evidence points to human existence in the Tularosa Basin – a valley between the Sacramento Mountains and San Andres Mountains – beginning at least 23,000 years ago.

This means humans were present long before the Ice Age glaciers melted, approximately 22,000 years ago, which had previously not believed to be the case.

[Credit: White Sands National Park]

When the last glacial period happened, Homo Sapiens (the primate species to which modern humans belong) began using tools comparable to ones used by now-extinct Neanderthals.

However, this could have been taking place a lot earlier given the findings of the new footprints.

A spokesperson for the United States Geographical Survey, Allison Shipp, said the latest study “illustrates the process of science, new evidence can shift long-held paradigms”.

Over at White Sands National Park, they are home to the world’s largest collection of fossilised footprints – with their prints affectionately coined ‘ghost tracks’.

[Credit: White Sands National Park]

These ghost tracks are said to reveal life and death stories of our ancestors from the Ice Age, giving a picture as to what took place and how teens interacted with younger children and adults.

In addition to showing our forefathers as functional, many of the prints also point to activity of play and of different ages coming together.

It is quite remarkable that even though hunting would have been a primary objective for them to thrive, that playtime and socialising were just as crucial to surviving.

How do I heal? Start your wellbeing journey with life-changing film  

If you were that kid at school who’d rather watch the movie than read the book, then we have the perfect wellness solution for you.

Instead of pouring over self-help books, you can tune into the Heal documentary, guaranteed to change the way you take care of yourself.

Currently showing on Amazon Prime TV, you are invited to take a deep dive into the scientific and spiritual journey of how thoughts, beliefs, and emotions impact your health.

[Credit: Heal documentary]

While society is waking up to the mind-body connection, mental and physical health are still seen as two separate entities, whereas this film will transform this outdated falsehood.

Instead, director Kelly Noonan shines a light on the latest science to reveal that we are not victims of unchangeable genes and nor should we buy into a scary prognosis.

The truth is we have far more control over our health and life than we have ever been taught, and the change comes not only with food and exercise but in our mind too.

With interviews from prominent faces in the alternative medicine movement, including Deepak Chopra and Dr Joe Dispenza, this film will empower you with a new understanding of the miraculous nature of the human body and the extraordinary healer within us all.

[Credit: Kelly Noonan]

As well as tapping into the brilliant minds of scientists and spiritual teachers, the film follows three people on high-stake healing journeys to explore what works, what doesn’t, and why.

Speaking about why she created the documentary, Kelly explained that it was “a calling”.

Kelly said: “The opposite of disease is health, so health, and healing, is ease. I think we are meant to thrive and share the gifts that we came here on the planet to express.

“Once I started to learn about the power of the mind and the power of the heart, and the mind-body connection, I thought, ‘Wow, a lot of people are walking around as victims and disempowered, and if they knew how powerful their minds and bodies are, then they would no longer have to suffer. They can heal. They can improve their lives and make better choices.’”

Chatting to Organic Authority, Kelly said her top three tips for instant healing are meditation, practicing gratitude, and disconnecting with tech to connect with nature.

With autumn on the way, we can’t wait to try tip no3 and hear the leaves crunch under foot.

[Credit: Heal documentary]

Human history as we know it to crumble after handwriting discovery

If you weren’t paying attention during history lessons at school, you need not worry, as it looks like all the textbooks need to be rewritten anyway.

It’s all because of three ancient tablets that have been unearthed in Tartaria, Romania.

The reason they are so significant is because of what is inscribed on them and the fact they are said to date back to 5300BC.

[Credit: Mysteries Unsolved]

The three tablets, known as ‘the Tartaria tablets’, boast symbols that some archaeologists claim represent the earliest known form of writing in the world.

This, coupled with when they are dated, would suggest that an ancient civilisation existed a few millennia before the greatest powers in the world ­– Sumer and Egypt.

Consequently, the entire human chronology accepted by historians might be wrong!

Currently, it is widely agreed that ancient Egypt began circa 3100BCE while the Sumerian civilisation was founded in 4000 BCE with the City of Eridu.

Should experts be correct about the Tartaria tablets, this would mean not only a civilisation existing that we don’t currently know about but also that they were powerful and prosperous enough to have a handwriting in which they could communicate.  

[Credit: Mysteries Unsolved]

The tablets, discovered in 1961 by archaeologist Nicolae Vlassa, are engraved with various symbols with a message that is difficult to decipher but could be Sumerian characters.

However, due to being dated at 5300BC, this suggests they came before Sumer began.

Mysteries Unsolved – who focus on astronomy, human evolution, and other unexplained things around the world – say in this case, the theory that writing originated in Mesopotamia (historical region of Western Asia) by the Sumerians is in fact wrong.

Instead, it would have had to begin in eastern Europe.

They explain: “What appeared to be one of the greatest archaeological discoveries has become a topic of debate and discussion.

“Dating the artefacts would delay the invention of writing by more than a millennium and would also change the birthplace of writing, from Mesopotamia to the Danube basin.

“So, is it possible that a prosperous and powerful civilisation existed a few millennia before the greatest ancient powers in the world: Sumer and Egypt?”

[Credit: Mysteries Unsolved]

To add further mystery into the mix, some of the writings on the tablets are based on Sumerian dialect, for example, the name ‘Saue’ was discovered (which is the equivalent of the god Usmu known in Sumerian culture) – leaving historians baffled.

In fact, baffled is an understatement. Scholars are scratching their heads as if the inhabitants of Tartaria wrote in Sumerian, it was during a time Sumerian was not yet known.

While the tablets remain a mystery, we can only hope further evidence is discovered to deepen our understanding of the era in which they are said to have originated.

Should more discoveries be made, then history as we know it will be blown to smithereens.